17 reasons why you should travel to Russia right now

Darya Kiyevskaya22 February 20212160 views14 min. read
17 reasons why you should travel to Russia right now
Russia is a great country, no matter what anyone says! And I'm not saying it because I was born here, but because it's what it is. It is simply impossible to imagine another such vast, beautiful, always surprising and admiring land. Russia is the largest territory in the world. Washed by 12 seas, divided into 11 natural zones with majestic mountain ranges, endless plains... The weather in Russia is sometimes too unpredictable because of the incredible variety of climatic zones. Our country has collected forests, tundras, taiga, steppes, and deserts. We have Altai, Siberia, Far East, Kamchatka. The deepest lake Baikal, the beautiful Ob, Lena, and the Yenisei. There are also the most visited places by tourists and residents and corners where people have not stepped on their feet. On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are over 100 reserves, as well as national and natural parks. The total number of the latter is about 80 parks. We are one of the most multinational countries globally - more than a hundred nationalities live here, each of which, it should be noted, preserves its unique traditions and history. It is hard even to imagine how multifaceted and incompletely studied is Russia's life, culture, and nature. Even the majority of people who have lived here for a very long time, do not know half of what is stored in Russian lands' depths and the most remote regions of our country. Are you wondering where to travel in Russia? We want to separate two cities in Russia - another incredibly places to visit in Russia - Moscow, the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg. You will find exactly what to look at, from the most famous sights to simple streets, which store a lot of history. However, it would be too wrong to talk only about these two, because every city in Russia, even every small settlement, can tell and show many unexplored. Then I will describe the reasons why it is worthwhile to come here right now and the places in Russia where it is worth visiting. Especially for those who already live here or in the nearest countries, I advise you to start your journey as a traveler by visiting and studying this great country.

1. Lake Baikal

lake baikal The deepest in the world, enormous in size, crystal clear, inviolable and sacred. It is also the oldest lake - according to some sources, it is over 25 million years old. Many people, both visitors and those who live here, dream of visiting this beautiful lake. It is surrounded by a large number of different beliefs, rumors and mystical stories. Locals say that the dead's spirits inhabit the lake; some even claim to have seen some glowing figures, although it is most likely methane emissions. Therefore, travelers should be careful and avoid places where there are extensive gas emissions and potential danger. People often call the reservoir "Father Baikal". It is revered; they are proud of it because you indeed will not find another one like it. Baikal is one reason you should travel to Russia right now, and I am sure you will come back here again and again.

2. Chara Sands

chara sands This is a sand massif in Kalarsky Raion, Zabaikalsky Krai. At first glance, it seems that this is an ordinary desert with chains of dunes and rows of dunes; here, there is the very grass of the "rolling field", typical for deserts. And sometimes there are also the most real sand and wind storms. But it is impossible to get lost or die from dehydration here. First, the desert is tiny - only 50 square kilometres. And secondly, and most amazingly, it is surrounded by larch taiga, swamps and mountain ranges. Such an incomprehensible and inexplicable existence of different natural zones at such a close distance from each other is fascinating and unique. Charlie Sands is called the seventh miracle of the seven wonders of the Transbaikal region. They were awarded a geological monument title, but many still do not know about such a gift. And those who know and even managed to visit our mini-desert, share their impressions and never cease to be amazed at how unique and useful our country can be. 

3. Orda Cave in Perm

largest underwater orda cave The extraordinarily beautiful cave is located in the Horde village of the Perm region and is one of the world's longest underwater gypsum caves. The length of surveyed passages of the cave is currently 4600 m, only 300 m of which is a dry part. And these are only the places that could be subject to underwater research. But every year, diving enthusiasts gather here to enjoy the extraordinary views and perhaps discover its new unexplored corners. However, it is not easy to do because the water is continuously cold, and its temperature is +4 degrees Celsius. But it is incredibly clean, transparent, and with a beautiful bluish tint. In winter, it gets colder but no less attractive. Ice formations appear in the cave, lakes freeze, and the place gets the impregnable ice fortress atmosphere. As if the very Russia nature warns you and says that this is its inviolable creation.

4. Krenitsyn volcano

krenitsyn volcano It is located in Sakhalin Oblast on Onekotan Island. Although only one thing is known from the history of its eruptions, it operates to this day in 1952. The top of this unusual "volcano in the volcano" is at an altitude of 1324 meters above sea level. The small inner volcano is surrounded by a lake 400 meters above sea level, and the large outer is surrounded directly by this sea. It is a mesmerizing, indescribable beauty. In the list of places from which to take the breath, Krenitsyn volcano takes its deserved place. 

5. Lena Pillars in Yakutia

lena pillars The mountains that formed these pillars began their formation 550 million years ago! This park has been given a world-wide significance. It is located near the Lena River bank and stretches along with the rocks stretched into the pillars for forty kilometers. These rocks are made of limestone, reaching a height of more than 200 meters, formed such interesting and bizarre forms under the influence of severe and unpredictable weather in Russia and Yakutia, in particular, and as a result of weathering rocks. Surprisingly, at dawn and during sunset, this place looks quite different. At first, it seems like a magic castle shining in the morning sun. In the evening, before nightfall, the beautiful court turns into a Gothic palace with terrible secrets.

6. Kungur ice cave in Perm region

ikungur ce cave A kind of business card of the Urals attracts many tourists and, unlike Ordinskaya, is more comfortable and better equipped for a kilometre and a half. There is a backlight, which adds more mysticism and spectacularity to fancy ice formations. Walking along the cave's "corridors", it is as if you walk through the underground kingdom of dwarves, where they extract various glowing crystals. There are 48 caves in this place, the largest of which is the Geographers' grotto, its volume is 50 thousand cubic meters. Walking along the famous routes, you can observe snow crystals, non-freezing transparent lakes and ice stalactites. The most exciting excursions take place in Kungur cave. Entrance fee is charged.

7. Historical and Landscape Museum-Reserve Arkaim

arkaim museum reserve During excavations in 1987, a full settlement was discovered in the Chelyabinsk region. A moat surrounded this settlement; there were a central square and earth walls. And then on its territory were carried out the reconstruction of some houses and workshops, organized museums of tools, handicrafts and everyday life. And all this in the open air. The unusual spiritual and historical atmosphere attracts pilgrims, archaeologists, historians and ordinary tourists from all countries.

8. Altai mountains

altai mountains The Golden Mountains in translation from Turkic. One of the most majestic mountain ranges. In 1998, the territory of several reserves was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are Altai and Katun reserves and natural parks "Ukok rest zone" and "Belukha". Altai mountain ridges are divided by rivers and lakes, forests and tundras. Places in Russia that are worth visiting are Altai Mountains - unbearably beautiful, with the cleanest air and unique Russia nature. Altai is unique flora and fauna with species of plants and animals, which are only here and nowhere else. It is a unique historical monument with preserved stands of ancient people, with Scythian stone pillars, with numerous tools, weapons and ornaments.

9. Peterhof in St. Petersburg

peterhof It's time to talk about the sights of the beautiful cities in Russia. Peterhof is the most beautiful Palace and park ensemble, which is one of Peter's business cards and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is also one of the seven wonders of Russia. The summer residence of Russian tsars in the Grand Palace, delightful park buildings, majestic fountains, and beautiful gardens. There is even a palace church. The interior of the interior strikes the scale of luxury and chic - everything is covered with gilt, finished with expensive silk. Peter the Great originally wanted to build a modest residence, not attracting much attention, but Catherine the Great ordered the reconstruction of this building during her reign. And then, the Palace shone with new dazzling light. 

10. VDNKh - Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy

vdnkh park This world's largest centre includes many museums and delightful expositions. An unreal number of various exhibitions, festivals, celebrations and business meetings are now held here. VDNKh is divided into seven zones - several parks, Central Alley and one of the oldest in Moscow park "Ostankino". All historically developed architectural solutions, picturesque landscapes created by nature have been preserved here and perfectly combined with new landscape design trends and architecture trends. It's just a hell of a pleasure to walk around such incredibly beautiful places. Suppose you consider that you can visit the most exciting exhibitions and concerts and enjoy the objects of cultural heritage. In that case, it immediately becomes clear that VDNKh is worth the time spent on it.

11. The Hermitage museum

building in russia The Hermitage is the largest museum of historical, cultural and artistic heritage in Russia. It is a museum that is worth visiting. There are exhibits from different epochs, from the Paleolithic Age to the present. At first, it was founded as a depository for Catherine the Great's collection, and it was opened for visitors in 1852. From the beginning of its foundation until now, the museum has undergone many changes, destructions, reconstructions, and in the end, now it shines with its elegance, surprises all the exhibits stored in it and everything else, and is a major research centre. The museum complex consists of 5 buildings, each of which keeps pieces of history of the great and mighty Russia.

12. Homeland - Mother

motherland sculpture The full name of this monument in Volgograd calls Motherland! This is a whole memorial complex, built in honour of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. Interestingly, for its construction, it organized an entire competition, but the architect, who developed the final design, did not even participate. Motherland screams and calls for people and soldiers to defend their hometown as if Russia's very nature had come to life and was ready to fight. It was the first monument in the USSR, built entirely of reinforced concrete. It is also surprising that the memorial is not fixed in anything and stands only at the expense of its weight. But don't worry, its condition is monitored by specialists, so you can walk around calmly and with pleasure and absorb the fighting spirit of your native land.

13. Tsarskoye Selo

catherine park Palace and park ensemble, which for a long time was the residence of Russian emperors. After that, it became an educational institution, a health centre, and a museum. At present, it is the State Museum-Reserve 'Tsarskoe Selo'. The best examples of architecture, interior, landscape design of different epochs - Baroque, Classicism - are collected here. For the first time, it was in Tsarskoye Selo that Art Nouveau appeared. The centre of this complex is Catherine Palace with excellent interior decoration. Restored Amber Room is Tsarskoselsky Palace's most famous pearl. Almost entirely it consists of amber and is decorated with gold and mirror pilasters. There is the Alexander Palace with the Emperor's office and hundreds of other cultural and historical monuments and architectural objects, decorated in such different styles that it will take you more than one day to explore and tour this ensemble, but you will undoubtedly be satisfied. 

14. Palace Bridge

palace bridge Diversion bridge crossing the Neva River. This bridge is one of the things that make many tourists go to St. Petersburg. I do not fully understand why, but the bridge's view with its wings in live causes a lot of emotions. And at different times of the year, to varying periods of the day, this spectacle causes completely different feelings. Against the setting sun's background, it is incredibly pleasant to watch as the wings are stretched. At night, it is illuminated by hundreds of lights and flashlights and becomes fabulously beautiful. The bridge is one of the Russian cultural heritage sites. And it can be referred to one of the most photographed sights of Peter.

15. Church of the Saviour on Blood, St. Petersburg

church of the saviour on spilled blood The extraordinary beauty of the Cathedral of the Resurrection. This is an Orthodox church, in which soon after Russian Emperor Alexander II killed its construction. Because of this event, the cathedral and began to be called on blood. And it is also considered a kind of monument to the martyr tsar. But, of course, first of all, it is a memorial of incomparable architecture and inimitable Russian style. This style attracts a vast number of tourists, most of whom are foreigners, year after year. The design and appearance of the temple were created in the likeness of the St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Marble, granite, brick, various mosaics, enamel and gilding, were used in the decoration. Inside the cathedral, the walls and ceiling are decorated with beautiful paintings made of mosaics.

16. Olympic Park in Sochi

olympic park The 22nd Olympic Games in 2014 were held, as everyone knows, in Sochi. In this regard, many sports facilities have been reconstructed or built from scratch, and in the heart of Adler thus appeared the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village. On the central Medal Plaza territory, there is the largest fountain in Russia, which at night is illuminated by multi-coloured lights and becomes even more beautiful. The Olympic Park's main attraction is the Olympic Torch Bowl, made in the form of a large white swan. Also on the territory, there is a stadium "Fisht", the Ice Palace, skating centre, training centers, and many sports arenas and other facilities. There are several fascinating museums and an impressive amusement park - everything you need for a good rest in summer and winter.

17. Kamchatka

kamchatka Kamchatka is a forgotten peninsula of Russia, which is located in the northeastern part of the country. Also, Kamchatka on the world map is washed by the Sea of Okhotsk from the west and from the east by the Bering Sea. This peninsula still remains a mystery to many travelers. Travelers who want to see wildlife and test themselves in harsh conditions can find tours to Kamchatka. Kamchatka is famous for its volcanoes and geysers. Beatuies of this place will not leave you indifferent. The view is so beautiful that it seems as if any contact of civilization with these wonders can involuntarily spoil the balance and peace that reigned here for centuries. It is impossible to choose one thing from so many beautiful places in our country and attractions. Because each business is unique - with its exceptional climate, with its landscape, history, and even with its mystical bikes, a different reason to travel to Russia would be to highlight such beautiful places as Kamchatka, Yakutia, Sakhalin. A vast number of fascinating corners of pristine nature, historical and cultural monuments will never leave you indifferent. Look at all these beautiful places to visit in Russia - fields, meadows, lakes, rivers from the tops of the vast mountains and rejoice that here not so often comes a man's foot. Each of the places described above is incredibly amazing when you visit them in person. It is at such moments comes the realization of how small a person is compared to the majestic Russia nature. And, of course, these are not the only reasons and places in Russia, where it is worth visiting. This country is like a bottomless ocean, which with each, deeper dive, makes you wonder, horror, admire more and more. And let the severe and whimsical weather in Russia not scare you away. I wish good luck to all travellers who start their journey here. Stunningly beautiful places in Russia are waiting for you!

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