10 reasons why you should travel to Saint Kitts and Nevis Right Now

10 reasons why you should travel to Saint Kitts and Nevis Right Now

Priyam Lahon20 August 20201753 views9 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Saint Kitts and Nevis Right Now

It may be a small island, but there’s a lot to love!! We are talking about Saint Kitts and Nevis - home to dormant volcanos, tropical foliage, and exotic beaches; this dual-island country is an absolute must for a spot on your travel bucket list.

With temperatures between 77 degrees to 80 degrees, Saint Kitts and Nevis measure at only 104 square miles, with Saint Kitts and Nevis' population at around 46,000. Throughout the whole year in Basseterre, the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis, even though the temperature fluctuates, it still makes the country one of the best pleasurable locations to enjoy around the year.

Where is Saint Kitts and Nevis?

saint kitts and nevis

Located to the south of the Caribbean Islands, the twin islands are a vibrant spectacle. Saint Kitts and Nevis people are very friendly and full of colour and life. If you happen to be a fan of lush greeneries and beautiful beaches, there's no better way than to pack up your bags and head off to Saint Kitts and Nevis.

We can give you 10 reasons that will make you want to travel to Saint Kitts and Nevis right now, but before that, there are a few pointers to take heed of.

Best time to visit Saint Kitts and Nevis

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The twin islands are blessed with a pleasant year throughout the entire year, but if you plan to travel to the islands as a tourist, then the months from December to May are the best time to visit Saint Kitts and Nevis, as the weather will be cool and dry. The months from July to November are best avoided as it’s the hurricane season, and the weather can be downright nasty.

What are the entry requirements for Saint Kitts and Nevis?


Passports are required for all visitors travelling to the islands. Also, onward and/or return tickets are a must-have.

Now that a few essentials are out of the way, let’s take a look at the 10 reasons why you need to travel to Saint Kitts and Nevis right now!

1. Lovers Beach

What’s the Caribbean Islands without beaches?

If you want beaches, then Saint Kitts and Nevis won’t disappoint.

Consider heading off to Lovers Beach. Even though this is a public beach, what’s interesting is that it’s quite secluded. It has stretches of sand that range from chalk white to golden brown to coal-black, and all of them are complemented by surrounding cool and turquoise waters.

2. Funky Monkey Tours

The name can be quite quirky, but it has its reasons.

Aptly named, this is a wildlife tour to a part of the island that is home to monkeys rather than people! Mischievous they can be; it can be a fun ride to interact a bit with them. You will also come across hidden waterfalls, tropical birds, wild boars, and even wild donkeys.

Of course, it’s recommended that you take the help of a local tour guide, they will treat you to the best of nature.

3. Mango Festival

Can a tropical country survive without life and colours? Obviously not! If you ever plan to visit the islands during the summer, then you will be in a treat. The twin islands are privy to several festivals, such as Mango Festival – complete with a life on its own; this festival is held annually every summer with lots of culinary treats and street fairs.

Then, there's also the Nevis Blues Festival – it's a full musical paradise for music lovers that's held on the Oualie Beach every year during April. If you are more of the artsy type, then there's Culturama, which's held in July every year on the anniversary of Emancipation Day.

4. Cottle Church

Ancient history is always fascinating, more so, of Nevis – in the town of Charlestown, there is a small museum that is dedicated to the colonial past of the island. You are also going to find museums dedicated to Admiral Horatio Nelson and Alexander Hamilton.

Then, there's the Cottle Church. Thomas Cottle built it. He finished construction in 1824, so now people could worship together with slaves, even though it was against the law at that time.

5. Montpelier Plantation Inn

Nevis is chock full of ruins of sugar mills. The good news is that they have provided many opportunities for beautiful resorts.

One such resort is the beautiful Montpelier Plantation. It’s a Relais and Chateaux resort, and then, there’s the Nisbet Plantation, the only plantation that is built on the sea; and not to forget Golden Rock Inn, also a resort moulded out of a sugar mill ruin, and which is now surrounded by exotic gardens.

6. Four Seasons’ Mango

Don’t be fooled by the name, and it’s an exotic dining venue at the Four Seasons, where you will find some of the best culinary delights that the islands have to offer. Delicacies include local cuisines such as chicken breasts and wings, grilled lobster, and the special dish of the day.

Of course, then, there's the goat water. It's actually kiddy stew and is a favourite dish of many. For drinks, you may want to hop onto the Sunshine's Beach Bar, where one of the famed cocktails is always up for grabs - Killer Bee - it's a potent rum punch, or you can also get creative with fruity cocktails at the Bananas Bistro.

7. Nevis Beaches

Nevis beaches have been a favourite of many celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey. Even after her divorce Princess Diana brought her sons to Navis and partied barefooted on the beaches.

That doesn't mean that the ordinary tourists are not valued there, all are welcome on their beaches, and the local Saint Kitts and Nevis people are some of the friendliest people that you will ever encounter.

8. St. James Raceway

Racing and running have always been a big thing in Saint Kitts and Nevis. Two annual running events are held, to which people from around the globe come to participate. Then, there's the famed St. James Raceway, which attracts participants from all corners of the Caribbean Islands.

That's not all, and there's also a horse racing event. It is held at Indian Castle and is something both tourists and locals enjoy.

9. Scuba Safaris

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a tropical island, so it makes sense to wish for water sports, right?

If you love catching up on marine life, then there are snorkelling trips to be done. Then, there's the famed scuba diving spot run by Scuba Safaris, they run excursions that come with instructions, and you can enjoy exploring sunken wrecks.

Also, there’s the Dive and Dine, which is also an excursion but one that is suited for certified divers, where they can catch their own lobsters!

10. Shell Works

Did you know that Saint Kitts and Nevis have some of the best gift shops around? They are unique and rare, and you are not going to find some of them anywhere in the world.

You will find shell jewellery and artwork created by local artisans. They are made out of materials such as tree roots, driftwood, sugarcane, and even sand! Take your time browsing through them; you are sure to find some beautiful and exclusive pieces to gift to your loved ones.

Additional information

That shouldn’t be a concern: Even though most of Saint Kitts and Nevis population at the islands speak Saint Kitts Creole, English is their official language.

How to get around Saint Kitts and Nevis?

Saint Kitts and Nevis – they are two islands and are separated by a 2-mile channel. That being said, if you reach Saint Kitts first, then you can take a short taxi ride from the airport to the ferry port and reach Nevis Island in about 40 to 45 minutes.

The islands are very small, so renting a car is not essential. You can make do it with a local taxi ride.

What currency does Saint Kitts and Nevis use?


The official currency of Saint Kitts and Nevis is Eastern Caribbean Dollar, though US Dollars are widely accepted on the islands, and the good news is that the major credit cards are accepted at various hotels and restaurants.

24-hour ATMs are also located at various venues for tourists and locals alike.

Do Saint Kitts and Nevis accept tipping?

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That depends upon you. The tipping is discretionary, and you may choose to tip as per the service you received. Though, take note that a 10% service charge is added to your bills in hotels and restaurants typically.

Do Saint Kitts and Nevis have a dress code?

dress code

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a liberal country, and it's in the tropics, so casual and cotton clothing is usually recommended.

However, if you plan to dine in a formal restaurant, then it’s better to wear a suit, and as for women, gowns are acceptable. But note that you are not allowed to wear camouflage clothing in the islands (children included), and if found, they will be seized with no chance of getting them back.

As for the swimwear, even though it’s a tropical country, it’s best to restrict them to the beach and pool venues.

What about the food culture at Saint Kitts and Nevis?

saint kitts and nevis food

Many cultures influence the islands, and they have quite a lot to offer; and as a tropical country, fresh seafood is always up on the menu. Consider trying out the Spiny Lobster – it's a renowned salt fish delicacy that is served with coconut dumplings and spicy plantains. There's also the jerk chicken and roti to try out at the street stalls.

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