10 reasons why you should travel to Salem

10 reasons why you should travel to Salem

Kanan Isazade16 November 20201420 views9 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Salem

The United States is the 3rd largest country in the world, and that is why there are many exciting destinations that probably you have never heard of before. One of those places is Salem. Where is Salem? Salem is a historic coastal city in Massachusetts, in the North Shore region. From 1626, Europeans began to settle in this city, and Salem became one of the most significant seaports in early American history. Today more than 45,000 people live in Salem, Massachusetts. and the entire area of the city is 47.40 square km. The town of Salem attracts more than 1 million people per year, and this performance is much better than 35 countries in the world. After getting some basics about the city, let's learn ten reasons why you should travel to Salem. In this blog, you will learn about Salem weather, Salem public library, Salem state university, and more. But in order to get a USA visa, please check the "Services" page on our website.

1. Learn about witches

salem witch museum

You will wonder why there are so many spots about witches in Salem. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a funny background. In the past, a lot of women were judged because of being devils in Salem Massachusetts. Despite that terrible background, now the witch theme makes Salem well-known around the world. There are many museums, markets, and so on with witch themes, for example, Salem Wax Museum of Witches & Seafarer, Salem Witch Museum, Salem Witch Village, The Witch House, Witch Dungeon Museum, Witch History Museum, Witch Trials Memorial. In Salem Witch Museum, you will get through knowledge about the dark antecedents of the town of Salem. Also, you will learn how the word witch occurred. What to do in Salem? Another activity about witches is participating in a tour of witch villages. It has a guided tour, and you will learn plenty of facts, mysterious information. Additionally, you can buy various presents, crafts, souvenirs, etc.

2. Streets full of history

old burying point cemetery

As we said above, the town of Salem is one of the first settlements of Europeans, that is why this city is rich with historical destinations. We can't thoroughly mention all of them here but will try to talk about the well-known ones. The first one is the oldest cemetery in Salem, Charter Street Cemetery. It has more than 380 years, and plenty of notable citizens of Salem Massachusetts rest here. It is essential to mention that there will be restoration works between June 1-October 2020s, so consider it before traveling to Salem Charter Street Cemetery. Also, next to the cemetery, you will see the Witch Trials Memorial. Another historical destination that is worth mentioning is the Peabody Essex Museum. The Peabody Essex Museum has been opening its gates to visitors since 1799, and it is the oldest continuously operating museum in the whole of the United States. Also, in recent years PEM showed many improvements, and it affected the number of visitors. There are many artifacts from various places and periods, and you will learn about them on tours. One of the most famous spots of the trips is Yin Yu Tang, a 200-year-old Chinese House. It doesn't have any look like in other parts of the United States. Other ancient places that we recommend visiting are Pioneer Village, Old Town Hall, Hamilton Hall, Historic New England's Phillips House, and Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

3. Camping experience


What to do in Salem? One of the best outdoor activities in Salem is camping. Is it free to camp everywhere in Salem? Salem is in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts doesn't have strict rules against wild camping, so we think that you may find free camping destinations. Just before setting your camp, be sure that there is not any sign that forbids it. Some of the camping sites that we offer are Winter Island Park, Waikiki Beach, Forest River Park. You should bring a tent or rent one to camp in these destinations because none of them is a vehicle camping spot. Of course, while traveling in your car, you can find plenty of places with excellent views for camping. We should say that Winter Island Park has special hours for camping: 7 am-7 pm Monday-Friday, and 6 am-7 pm – Weekends and Holidays

4. Peaceful parks

spring pink cherry trees

Parks are one of the best places to rest and relax. Luckily, Salem has many such spots, for instance, Salem Woods, Forest River Park, Winter Island Park, Charlotte Forten Park, Salem Common, etc. Residents and tourists go to these places for hiking, jogging, cycling, etc. Also, if the weather is fine, you may have a picnic with your friends or family. How is Salem weather? Of course, it depends on the season. Salem weather is dry and hot in summer (summers are short) and winters are so cold. So if you want to have a picnic, travel to Salem in the summer. Even though all of these parks are charming, Charlotte Forten Park has a special meaning for residents. Charlotte Forten was the first African-American graduate of Salem State University, writer, poet, abolitionist, and women's rights activist. Throughout her life, she faced troubles because of gender and race, but she never stopped fighting. Also, she was the first northern African-American teacher that went to the south to teach former slaves. Today, people remember her with respect. 

5. Beaches

stramski beach

Summers are particularly beautiful in Salem. If you want to travel to Salem in summer, take the names of these beaches. Dead Horse Beach, Salem Willows, Waikiki Beach, Winter Island Park. We have already mentioned some of them in the park section, and it is the most uncommon side of Salem beaches. Here you can enjoy all the outdoor activities in the same place. Dead Horse Beach is in front of Beverly harbour, and it is one of the most magnificent sandy beaches at The Willows. The beach offers plenty of activities to make your vacation unforgettable. The most attractive one among activities is kayaking trips. Another destination, Salem Willows, combines beach and park. You may swim, play volleyball with friends and end that with a picnic. In conclusion, both beaches are year-round public, and additional Dead Horse Beach has free parking. 

6. Festivals

oregon state fair

What to do in Salem to enjoy and learn the local culture? Festivals are one of the effective ways of discovering the local culture and lifestyle. In your Salem vacation, you will be lucky in this matter because they have festivals almost every month. Unfortunately, most of them were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is no doubt that after getting rid of the epidemic, Salem will return with fascinating festivals. Firstly we will mention the festival that is not canceled by organizers: Salem Comedy & Spirits Festival, Salem's So Sweet, Salem Restaurant Week, Salem Arts Festival, Salem Farmers' Market, Salem Ancestry Days, Salem Heritage Days, Salem Spice Festival, Salem Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival, and 38th Annual Salem Haunted Happenings. The cancelled ones are: Salem Film Fest, Women's History Day, Salem Celebrates the 4th, Salem Celebrates the 4th, Salem Jazz & Soul Festival, and Antique & Classic Boat Festival (most of them were in summer). As you see, there are festivals for everyone. 

7. 131 years old Salem Public Library

library building

Salem is a historical place. All buildings that you will see there have witnessed hundreds of historical events. One of those places is the public library in Salem. Originally the library building was the house of Captain John Bertram, but after his death, her family gave it for public use, and in 1889, the library opened its gates to visitors. Of course, since that day, the library has changed a lot and improved. It keeps ancient beauty and also has the strength of today's technology. Here you will find many books, journals, documents about the city, culture, and more. Also, there are many ebooks and audiobooks for online use. Also, owners of the library organize various events weekly, keep in mind to check it out on the official website. Where is Salem, Salem Public Library? The address is 821 E State St, Salem, OH 44460.

8. Salem State University

salem state university campus

Maybe, you may want to study at Salem State University. It was established in 1854, and the name of the university was Salem Normal School. Today 7,664 undergraduate and 1,637 graduate students study here. Also, there are international students from more than 50 various countries. University comprises six academic sub-units: Bertolon School of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, Maguire Meservey College of Health and Human Services, School of Education, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and School of Graduate Studies. Where is Salem University? The address is 352 Lafayette St, Salem, MA 01970.

9. Creative souvenirs and gifts

exterior view of famous house

If you have a collection of creative souvenirs, you should visit Salem. There are many shops where you can purchase unique souvenirs. Some of those places are Artists' Row, Bewitched in Salem, Coon's Card & Gift Shop/Penelope's Pet Boutique, Emporium 32, House of the Seven Gables Museum Store, and Marble Faun Books & Gifts. As you know, Salem is famous for witches, so maybe the best gift for you or someone would be which crafts. 

10. Harbour tours

salem harbour

The last but maybe, the most influential reason for some people to visit Salem city is harbor tours. While you explore the harbor, you will see plenty of ships in various designs and sizes. You may get on one of them and have a boat trip to Baker Islands and other destinations. Some of the available tours are boat tours to Bakers Island Light Station, Mahi Harbor Cruises & Private Events, and Schooner FAME of Salem.

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