10 reasons why you should travel to San Lorenzo instead of Asuncion

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10 reasons why you should travel to San Lorenzo instead of Asuncion
South America that is well known for its picturesque nature, unique culture, entertaining festivals, historical architecture, etc. Asuncion, which is the capital city, is the most visited region of Paraguay. However, Asuncion can be overcrowded, noisy, and expensive during summer when the city receives the most amount of visitors. Therefore, many tourists look for other cities in Paraguay, where they can explore Latin American culture and enjoy a subtropical vacation at its best. In this blog, we will talk about another great city of Paraguay, that is San Lorenzo. Where is San Lorenzo? Being a suburb of Asuncion, San Lorenzo is located in the southwestern part of Paraguay. San Lorenzo is a great tourist destination, thanks to its rich culture, ancient architecture, delicious cuisine, and modern infrastructure. The best time to visit San Lorenzo is summer when the weather is hot, dry, and calm. In this blog, we will talk about travel to San Lorenzo and elaborate on its sightseeing attractions.

1. Pinedo Shopping

Pinedo shopping is a must-have experience during your travel to San Lorenzo. Pinedo Mall is a huge shopping place that offers many things. Many travelers say that the parking area in the mall is much greater than the parking areas in Asuncion malls. In Asuncion, the parking spaces are limited and expensive. However, San Lorenzo is a suburb area that has many available and affordable parking spots. Cheap parking areas in Pinedo will save you a lot of money. Moreover, Pinedo Mall is home to many local and global luxurious brands. The stores and shops in Pinedo Mall are quite pocket-friendly, as well. The mall has a huge walking area where you can wander around for several hours. Also, Pinedo Mall has many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy fast food, coffee, national cuisine, etc.

2. San Lorenzo Del Escorial monastery

Travel to San Lorenzo Del Escorial monastery is the dream of many travel enthusiasts. The Del Escorial monastery is a sacred place where the monks and other dedicated religious people of Paraguay have lived for thousands of years. This monastery has been home to many traditional and religious events and rituals. Travel to San Lorenzo Del Escorial monastery is a must-have because you will have a chance to learn a lot about the culture and traditions of local Paraguayans. The monastery has ancient architecture with old-style ornaments and design elements. You can capture fascinating videos and moments while wandering around the monastery area. Also, the monastery community organizes weekly religious rituals and worshipping ceremonies where you can attend. You can hardly find historical monasteries in other cities of Paraguay. Overall, travel to San Lorenzo Del Escorial monastery will make your vacation in Paraguay unforgettable.

3. Best casinos in the country

San Lorenzo is home to the best casinos in Paraguay. In order to boost the performance of the tourism sector, the Paraguayan government has invested a lot in the casinos of San Lorenzo. You can find casinos in several spots in the city. The casinos in San Lorenzo are like a palace filled with shiny doors, furniture, jewelry, and aristocratic game tables. The atmosphere is amazing in casinos where you will enjoy betting and winning at its best. Also, there are huge bright screens that show the results of the games in the modern style. Many travellers say San Lorenzo casinos resemble the legendary Las Vegas casinos. In addition, slot machines, screens, and other technical stuff in casinos are pretty modern, featuring the latest technology.

4. Biblioteca Central

Biblioteca Central is the biggest San Lorenzo library. Biblioteca Central is home to dozens of study rooms, reading halls, historical monuments, unique books, old newspapers, scientific journals, etc. The Paraguayan government has renovated and restored the San Lorenzo library in order to make it more tourist-friendly. The local scientific community and the government brings new books and journals to the library every month. The unique book collection of the library is growing every day. While wandering around and exploring the library, the historical architecture and design of its interior will amaze you. San Lorenzo Library is a must-visit if you are on vacation in Paraguay.

5. Rainforest hiking

Thanks to its subtropical climate, San Lorenzo is home to wild rainforests with unique flora and fauna. When San Lorenzo weather is hot, wet, and muggy, it is the best time for hiking in rainforests. Rainforest hiking will be the best activity during your summer vacation in Paraguay. You need to get durable and strong hiking shoes as the forests can be pretty wild and muddy. Local tourism agencies and hotels organize daily hiking tours with a group of other tourists. While hiking, you will have a chance to see and explore the wild endemic flora and unique jungle animals. The exotic colours and unusual shapes of San Lorenzo rainforest animals will amaze you. The best time of the day for hiking is sunrise when the air is fresh, and San Lorenzo weather is pleasingly cool.

6. Exciting kayaking experience

Kayaking in a subtropical San Lorenzo river is a pretty alluring activity. In subtropical Paraguay, the water flows so intensely that you feel pleasingly excited while kayaking in the river. You can attend short kayaking courses and learn some techniques that will help you a lot. Local agencies organize kayaking tours where many travellers enjoy the activity together. You can get kayaking equipment from local stores for very affordable prices. Kayaking in San Lorenzo is spectacular because the unique climate of this region makes the water flow more intensely. When the San Lorenzo weather is rainy, the kayaking becomes much more exciting and entertaining. Kayaking in San Lorenzo is perfectly safe with proper guidance.

7. National forest reserves

Forests are the best wildlife destinations where you can leave the hustle and bustle of the dynamic city behind. The Paraguayan government has preserved the subtropical rainforests of San Lorenzo and opened them for tourists. The visitors of the forest reserves should follow several rules such as not harming endemic animals and plants. You can observe and explore a myriad of endemic trees, flowers, and bushes in the forest reserves. Wild forest reserves have been the national treasure of San Lorenzo for ages. After a nice travel to San Lorenzo city centre, you can take a short break from urban attractions and join a wildlife journey. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere of forest reserves will make your vacation much more enjoyable.

8. Scuba diving

Where is San Lorenzo? It is the place where you can enjoy water sports at its best! San Lorenzo rivers are wild, alluring, and fascinating, featuring extremely pure water. The rivers are safe for various activities such as scuba diving. You should learn a few scuba diving instructions from the trip organizers and get diving dresses. Scuba diving can be challenging when the water is intense. However, the guidance will solve all the problems, and you will have a smooth diving experience. While diving, you will admire the colourful fish, unusual stones, and countless river plants. Scuba diving is pretty affordable which makes it a pocket-friendly tourist attraction.

9. Night boat tour

Nightlife in San Lorenzo is amazing with adventurous boat tours. Every summer night, hotels located near rivers organize boat trips with a group of local and foreign tourists. Night boat tours can be a little expensive because it requires more preparation due to night conditions. While enjoying the boat tour, you will admire the panoramic view of the San Lorenzo city lights. At night, the city lights will amaze you with their bright colours. The peaceful quietness of the night will let you enjoy the boat tour at its best. The sound of the water will bring peace to your mind and soul and make your summer vacation unforgettable.

10. Yoga classes

San Lorenzo is the best place where you can get yoga classes in Paraguay. Well-trained yoga instructors have chosen San Lorenzo as a destination where they can build yoga schools. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere in San Lorenzo is perfect for effective yoga. The San Lorenzo yoga classes are designed for tourists who usually visit Paraguay for several days. Despite the time limitations, you will have a chance to experience and learn the best yoga techniques. Yoga classes are pretty affordable and pocket-friendly.

A quick recap of this article

In this blog, we have answered the following questions: Where is San Lorenzo? When is the best time to visit San Lorenzo? What are the best tourist attractions? Where to travel in San Lorenzo? We mainly elaborated on the reasons why San Lorenzo can be a better tourist destination than other Paraguayan cities. Overall, San Lorenzo is a fascinating place featuring cultural centres, historical architecture, old buildings, modern infrastructure, and natural treasures. The wildlife, forests, rivers, and exciting water sport activities will make your vacation extremely entertaining. Therefore, you should choose San Lorenzo as your next subtropical vacation destination located in the heart of Latin America.

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