10 reasons why you should travel to Seychelles right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Seychelles right now
Seychelles is one of the best places in the world in every tourist's eye. Everyone wants to travel to Seychelles, and visitors want to visit this place because Seychelles is found so much beautiful place, you may find there, beautiful beaches and more. Now the question is, where is Seychelles? So, we would like to inform you that Seychelles is one of the countries which is located in East Africa. Seychelles is a famous archipelago of One Hundred and fifteen Islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Travel to Seychelles, this place is found as a base of various beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and natural reserves. At this place, you may find the animals that are rarely found in the world, and these are Giant Aldabra Tortoises. In Mahe which comes in Victoria in Seychelles is a hub of various Islands. At this location, you may also find mountain rainforests of More Seychellois National Park. At this place, you may find different types of delicious foods and drink options as your desire. It has too much exotic and effective place as well in everyone's eye, which complete your all trip requirement for which you are planning. Travel to Seychelles is very safe somehow and trouble-free as well. However, you may find there some robberies, break-ins, burglaries, and opportunist thefts against expatriates, residents, and tourists. There somehow, you may find some criminal activities as well, such as cars were broken into snatched and tourist robbed while walking at night. So, because of safety, you must be aware of these things if you are at this place. This beautiful country has beautiful blue water, white sandy Seychelles beaches, and with more exotic sea life. seychelles beach In April and May, October and November, you may visit Seychelles. And during these months, every visitor wants to see this place because they find a place much more beautiful there. Besides fish, you may find a lot of variety there in terms of food such as vegetables food and other options as well. The price range may be somehow costly because some foods are imported from another country to Seychelles. If you are planning to visit Seychelles, then you can make a plan to stay there for seven days such as four days to see Mahe & three days to see La Digue. Seychelles is a country where you do not require Visa for travel, but a passport is mandatory for travelling to Seychelles. Seychelles is coming now in a top rich country because this place has been found as a hub for all types of visitors. The Seychelles weather temperature, you may find between 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. From November to March, you may find a rainy season there and a hot season for the whole year. If you have the plan to visit Seychelles Islands, then you may also plan to visit Mahe Island, Praslin Island, La Digue Island, and Silhouette Island there. Now the question is what to do in Seychelles? So, we are sharing below the top 10 reasons which will let you know why you should make your plan to travel to Seychelles.

1. Best beaches in the world

seychelles beachfront Seychelles is one of the best places where you may find a lot of beaches and islands as well. At this place, the sand is blindingly white and so clear as well. The seawater you will find so clean and blue. So, there are some of the most popular beaches in the world at this travel destination, that’s the main reason that you may find more of the crowd of visitors at this place. If you want to avoid this crowd, then you cannot do this. Here there are many of the beaches which are untouched and so natural with palm trees and lush vegetation which will provide you with a welcome shade for the full day and so this will welcome you at this place.

2. Seychelles weather

sailing All around the year, the Seychelles weather, you will find there very well in Seychelles and so much beauty too. In most of the season, you may find heavy rain as well in this location. Most of the time, you may find warm weather there, and the rainwater is enough there to wash the complete day. The temperature you may find there is approximately 30°C which makes the somehow hot but not very much hot. Few people like to travel to this place in the rainy season only to enjoy the rain in their holiday plan in Seychelles.

3. Hiking Trails

hiking trail In Seychelles, you can find a famous hike place in the world. There are so many fantastic and outstanding hikes in this country across the Islands and very spectacular views. These hikes are too much adventure, and so hiking is one of the best tourist activities in Seychelles and this is because of rocky terrain, and endemic diversity makes it too much beautiful. If you are not sure about a place there, then you should take the information from Google about the places in this country.

4. Tasty Authentic Creole Food

creole food In Seychelles, you can taste various types of tasty Seychelles ocean food there such as octopus curry, and the fresh grilled fish, you can also enjoy sweet coconut nougat there. You can enjoy multiple kinds of seafood there with options too. You can find many varieties in street food there in Seychelles. 

5. Witness Endangered Species

falcon Seychelles is based on all types of endangered species which are rarely found on the earth. You will see hawksbill and green turtles, Seychelles paradise flycatchers and Aldabra giant tortoises among the natural animals. There is a total of 65 species on the IUCN Red List, which are known as Seychelles home.

6. Naughty Nut

coco de mer In Seychelles, you may find nut of the endemic Coco de Mer too much. This is known as the biggest but of the world. These nuts only grow in Cureiuse and Praslin Islands but some of them you may find in some other Islands in Seychelles. The weight of these nuts is usually founded with 50 Lbs; these are big in size and attractive too.

7. Carnival

carnival In Seychelles, Carnival is one of the famous Seychelles events which become much popular there globally. From all over the world, visitors come and participate in this event, and it becomes a great crowd of visitors at this place in the Carnival. It has been now decided that in the current year, the Carnival will move from April to October with an annual Creole Festival. There you may find fantastic party organising for all the visitors, and so that time you may find a great time to learn about the Seychelles culture and its people. For more, you will able to gather the information related to the history of Seychelles.

8. Private Islands

private island In Seychelles, you may entertain a lot there because you may find a lot of Private Island as well there. You can enjoy from luxury experience at the private islands here. There are various private Islands with several rooms available there which will make you feel fantastic at this place. There is a Fregate Islands which is much famous there because this offers both Villa and the whole Islands on a rent basis. For your luxury holiday plan, this place is a perfect option for your family or friends.

9. Fantastic Dive Site

diving Seychelles country is one of the famous countries for diving destinations. Most of the visitors from all around the world come to this place to visit the dive sites and enjoy here. You can enjoy here marine life. You can even find here an uncrowned spot as well. People who are passionate about the diving and marine environment here at this place, they can make their conversation efforts to enjoy thoroughly. In Mahe Islands, there are some Seychelles hotels in which Four Seasons is somehow famous there. Most of the couples visit these places, and they find this place comfortable for them for their purposes. 

10. Real Island Rum

rum In Seychelles country, people who are interested in Rum then they can taste Seychelles Islands Rum. Real Island Rum is broadly available at this place and so much delicious as well there. You may find a good service of Rum available in Seychelles. If you are there and visit Takamaka Rum Distillery in Mahe, then you find perfectly complete your requirements there. There at this place, you may find a lot of restaurants as well. You may find different types of cocktails and a lot of options for Rum. Hence, what to do in Seychelles? We have described above in a better way. Seychelles has been proved a hub where you can find all types of Islands there. In your travel itinerary, you should choose some of the Islands to travel, which you think are much suitable for your visit purpose there. Before visiting this place, you need to confirm your complete trip as well, including Seychelles hotels too. You need to fix your number to stay on these Islands, but you need to avoid staying for many days. On the Seychelles Islands, you may find all types of foods, amazing people, great and wonderful things as well. You may plan to visit this place with your family, friends and with your partner as well.

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