15 reasons why you should travel to Thailand right now

Devraj Lahiri 08 August 2020 931 views 6 min. read

Beaches that touch the sky, the seashores which exist alongside the azure of the sky, a land of plenty, and yet where one can look within, Thailand is a paradise custom built by nature. It is cacophonous, teeming with its garrulous tribe, yet the warmth it exudes is soothing to the soul. The sights and smells of Thailand make it one of the most visited destinations in the world. The country has plenty to offer. From fun and frolic to beaches that mesmerize, monuments withstood the onslaught of time to food that would force to beg for more, Thailand beckons all. Here are 15 reasons why one should travel to Thailand, the land of the white elephant.

1. The capital city

king powerWhat is the capital of Thailand

? Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. This is one piece of information that most of us already have. Bangkok is one of the most vibrant capital cities in the world. It is a densely populated megapolis with all the trappings of modernity. It has a light rail system, wide roads, and glitzy steel and glass structures that can shock and awe even travelers' most intrepid. The city is also the country's cultural capital, with numerous hotspots for the culture conscious. It is worth to be noted that the idea of gender has a different connotation in Thai customs. It has a place for every sex, and that is what makes it one of the most tolerant societies in the world. The city is laced with historical monuments and monasteries. It is also an accepting city that helps communities easily blend within its boundaries. And that accompanied by gorgeous food is simply an unbeatable proposition. So the next time when someone asks what is the capital of Thailand, don't just say Bangkok, say a city of infinite opportunities.

2. Shopping

rod fai night market

Thailand is a shopper's haven. It has always topped on the "what to do in Thailand" bucket list. There is a variety for every visitor. From the most expensive to the replicas, Thailand is a minefield for consumers. The quality of the products is reliable, and these become some of the everlasting memories that one will return with. Every city is a shopping paradise, and for the worldly traveler, it is worth every cent of his or her time to discover these hidden gems. The capital is replete with emporiums, so do the other cities too. Places like the Siam Centre and the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, the art and craft emporiums dotting Phuket, and the Jim Thompson chain of stores selling authentic Thai silk across the country are some of the places to visit in Thailand.

3. Affordable country

shilin night marketIs Thailand expensive

? There is a misconception that Thailand is expensive since it is a highly developed country. This can never be farther away from the truth. The country is affordable for everyone. Moreover, it has something both for the spendthrift as well as the penny-pinching individual. Some accommodations range from dormitory-style living to plush suites bearing in mind the visitor's budget. This is also true for the shopper. Every mall and marketplace is stacked with items that have their price ranges. A bit of research is necessary before you begin stacking up your gift bag. But surprisingly, Thailand visa fees are relatively cheap, but for the most accurate answer, you can check the services page on our website.

4. Thai people

group of happy college students

A country is not just its scenic landscape but is built mostly by its people. Thai people are genuinely warm and inviting by nature. They are also culture conscious and religiously inclined. However, like every other foreign land, one should never be naïve let their guards down. There will be bad apples who would want to rip you off, so negotiating prices is the best way forward.

5. Safety first

khao san road night

Thailand is one of the safest countries that we have traveled to. Certain European countries may be a bit less safe. The country respects its women and also protects its visitors. Walk around at night and explore the nightlife in Bangkok, Pattaya, or Krabi, and not a scratch will be there on you.

6. Far away from city life

phi-phi island

Thailand is so much more than just Bangkok. You have Pattaya, Thailand's fun place, and Krabi, Thailand's answer to all the beaches in the world. Phuket is dotted with beaches and is a must-visit for the eternal romantic. Kho Samui is a beach resort that, too, should be the high one on everyone's list of "places to visit in Thailand".

7. History

royal flora ratchaphruek park

Thailand has a rich history. It has been the staging ground for many an empire. Some centuries-old ruins and monuments dot the landscape. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are two of the most popular destinations for the history of hunting aficionados. Thailand has a long past with the Khmer and Burmese kingdoms, and they have left a rich legacy that is there to be seen.

8. The weather

doi hua mae khamWhat is the weather in Thailand

? Thailand seldom experiences cold. It is a warm country, not just because of the people but also because of the weather. The average temperature of South Thailand is never under 30 degrees Centigrade, while the mountainous north may see temperatures drop to 20 degrees Centigrade or even 15 degrees Centigrade. The hot and humid temperature is one of the reasons why Thailand is home to numerous tropical fruits.

9. Nature

thailand forest

Thailand is primarily in three regions. The high city life, the umpteen beaches, and the lush jungles. Northern Thailand is an ideal world for jungle safaris. It is straight out of the storybooks, replete with vines hanging across rivers and fast-moving streams. In the silence of the night, the jungles come alive. Surrounded by mountains, the jungles of Thailand need to be part of the "what to do in Thailand" list.

10. Nightlife

tourist walking light and bustle of the night

The discussion about Thailand cannot be devoid of its nightlife. Every city that is worth visiting in Thailand has a nightlife worth being a part of. The capital of Thailand is a different city at night, with its sky bars and night markets. Koh Samui, Pattaya Thailand, Phuket, and Krabi have their attractions, which have enticed visitors for a long time. However, if all you want is some peace of mind, the beaches are the best places to visit in Thailand that will help you revel in the womb of silence and tranquillity.

11. Exploring Thailand

bangkok railway stationHow to travel in Thailand

? It is easy to travel between cities and towns in Thailand. They have a well-connected highway system, and there are many options for traveling. There are the Thai Railways that connect most places within the country and a few adjoining countries. There are regional airports that cater to largely foreign guests. One can also book private cabs to travel up and down the country. Tips for the first-time visitor, do visit the bus terminal instead of booking tickets online. There will be a marked difference in the price.

12. Mind, body, and soul

woman doing aromatic painkiller massage

Thailand is also known for its exotic massage industry. There are traditional massage parlors that cater to holistic massages, complete with vintage herbs and oils. These massage parlors are manned by expert masseurs who understand the intricacies of energy points on a body. Take some time out to be a part of this sensuous drive. Suddenly heaven would feel so near.

13. Things to do

This is a traveler's paradise. It is chock-full with numerous distractions. As suggested in the points above, there is never a moment that will make you feel deprived of pleasure and romp. And it is not just limited to Bangkok but even in Krabi, Thailand's haven for beaches and amorousness, and Pattaya, Thailand's sin city. Suppose urban life doesn't beckon you, head for the mountains and the jungles up north or the more sedate beaches down south. Every moment is precious while your travel to Thailand.

14. Adventure sports galore

This is one of the burgeoning industries in Thailand. The country's long coast gives rise to a host of adventure games that attract a lot of visitors around the year. From scuba diving to underwater walks, para-sailing to water skiing, Thailand offers plenty of scopes. Those 1500 miles of serene coastlines have some of the best deep diving sites, and none of them goes empty. Backed by great weather, these spots are oft-visited and find mention in many traveling reports. Of course, safety being one of prime concern, every adventure sports company has trained personals amongst its staff, and they take care of every guest on their rolls. The Surin Islands is one of the sought-after diving spots in the country.

15. Buddhist temples

yee peng festival

Thailand has an estimated 40000 Buddhist temples across its length and breadth. These temples in Thailand have been built over a long period of time, some dating back to many centuries. The temples come in different styles and architecture. This can be attributed to the various dynasties that have ruled the land. Buddhist temples are a must-visit for everyone. Thailand is a land of paradoxes. It is land rich with culture, festivals, and biodiversity. Its people are warm and inviting and yet guarded in their history. The beaches and the mountains, the markets, and the nightlife, the food, and the massage parlors all create a colorful collage of human endeavor perfectly blended with pristine nature.

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