12 Instagrammable places in Phuket

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12 Instagrammable places in Phuket
Instagram feed, you might notice some trends when you talk about travel snaps. Selfies are backed by shinning oceans, and the backgrounds of the pictures are full of flowers, lovely colours, and gardens abound. You must have seen such wonderful places in the world on your Instagram posts quite often. One such beautiful city is Phuket. Every year a lot of people get their Thailand visa and experience this themselves. Phuket is home to various Instagrammable places. Everyone loves to post-tropical beach snaps for family and friends bored at their offices or those who are freezing in the snow. Obviously, it will make them very jealous, just like they did it to you the previous year and you did the same the year before, so it is fair and square. Anyway, to enable you to get the perfect holiday pictures, we have made a wonderful collection of places to see in Phuket where people get the best Instagrammable pictures. Where is Phuket? It is in Thailand, Asia. Taking photos and having drinks can be some things to do in Phuket. So, travel to Phuket, go through these places to visit in Phuket and see how you get at least one photo that will become your most liked Instagram photo. 

1. Big Buddha Phuket

big buddha statue At the top of a steep Nakkerd Hill, you will find a 45-meter-high statue build with white marble called The Big Buddha Phuket, one of the best places to see in Phuket. The statue is one of the most vital landmarks in Phuket. It is included in the list of marvellous places to go in Phuket. Its construction started back in the year 2000 and was completed in 2014. People like to take Instagram pictures in front of this statue and also at Nakkerd Hill’s bird view. Here you will definitely get a picture that will become your most liked Instagram photo after uploading it. On one side of the statue, you can admire the breathtaking bird view of Kata Beach. And on the left side of the statue, you will find the great sea caves of Chalong Bay. If you want to capture some Instagrammable pictures of Karon Beach, then you can stop on your way down at panoramic bars. The timings of this astonishing place are 6 am to 7 pm daily, and you can reach it by turning west onto Soi Chaofa 51 off Chaofa Tawan Aok road that is near Chalong. Travel to Phuket and enjoy taking shots with this magnificent piece of art. 

2. Soi Romanee

sino portuguese style If you are looking for some extraordinary snaps of Phuket having no beach sunsets or palm trees in the background, then you can head for a side soi of the main street of Old Phuket Town. At the Thalang road, there is a small alley known as Soi Romanee. This old town’s street is close to the island’s centre. It is an ideal example of the charm of this old town of Phuket that is lined with century-old Sino Portuguese Shophouses, most of them painted with pink colour. The presence of various gigantic street arts on Soi’s corner has boosted the Instagrammability of this place enormously. Stand in front of lively colourful walls, including numerous pink shades on boutiques and cafes to be snap-happy and capture gorgeous photos. Soi Romance is surely one of the best places in Phuket.

3. Karon View Point

soi khoktanod karon It is a renowned spot for spectacular picturesque views of the lush island surroundings and glittering ocean beaches and is one of the places to go in Phuket. Kata viewpoint or Karon viewpoint is a place where tourists love to take short breaks for capturing its astonishing view. From up here, you can witness legendry views, and visitors take pictures of three bays that go by the names of Karon, Kata Noi and Kata Beach in the far. The view is very striking with a light blue coloured sky, but mostly it is beautiful at all times of the year. In the evening, people stop here for dinner or drinks at lovely restaurants, but in the morning, people don’t stay here for a long time as there is nothing much to do around. Eating delicious food from these restaurants, enjoy music and having drinks can be some of the things to do in Phuket.

4. Wat Chalong

prayers of wat chalong The temple called Wat Chalong is the most revered, visited and largest temple in the city of Phuket. The must-see temple became a favourite spot naturally for Instagram pictures as it is very gorgeously crafted and is a splendid landmark. The temple is very close to Big Buddha Phuket, so you can visit both impressive places at the same time. The temple has three revered statues of greatly respected monks and abbots of the temple, including Luang Por Chuang, Luang Pro Chaem and Luang Por Gluam. But be careful as it is a Buddhist temple, so you should behave respectfully and quietly. And yes, don’t wear too short pants or too short skirts while going to the temple. 

5. Bangla Road, Patong

bangla road To witness the most outrageous and colourful nightlife scenes in Southeast Asia, you should visit Bangla Road in Patong. What to do in Phuket? Well, you can come to this street and have some amazing street food. The road is a bustling street that is home to many nightlife options that provide a next-level nightlife experience that you can find nowhere else. But the opinions about this busy place are mix and strange. Some tourists love this place, while others are not a fan of this spot. Fantastic clubs, live music bars and many famous beer bars can be spotted where you can enjoy drinks with friends. Take a selfie at this place with the renowned sign ‘Welcome to Patong Beach’ or ‘Bangla Walking Street’ in the background and post it on Instagram right away!

6. James Bond Island

james bond island ‘The Man with Golden Gun’ is an old James Bond movie in which a standing rock is featured, and that is why the island is named James Bond Island. That same rock is present in this island which is a subject of Instagrammable pictures of tourists that strongly reminds us of Italy’s Pisa Tower. Visitors pretend to push it, lean against it and hold it in their hand’s palm and many more cool poses and take snaps. It is an eye-catching location and a wonderful touristic place. The island is quite thin, 20-meter tall stupor that looks to balance above the island’s water precariously. Taking a speedboat instead of a traditional long-tail boat would be better for comfort as the island is located some distance from Phuket. If you want to take a much shorter boat journey, you can opt for driving to Phang Nga pier.

7. Maya Bay

aerial view of maya bay Maya Bay was the filming location for the movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, in 1999. That is why this breathtaking attraction of Phuket made quite a splash. In the movie, the island was shown as an isolated one, having no person whatsoever, but in reality, it is filled with speedboats, tourists and ferries. Maya Bay is included in the long list of best places in Phuket. The Phi Phi viewpoint is an impressive spot for memory or a selfie. Visit the area early in the morning or after 5 pm to avoid rush and crowd and to get some good Instagram photos. Find a friendly crew and rent a long tail boat and roam around in the waters. There is an unavoidable but small entry fee on the island. 

8. Koh Panyee

koh panyee Koh Panyee is a majestic original subject and one of the great places to see in Phuket. If you are able to find the perfect angle, the multi-coloured stilted boats and houses with magnificent colours of karsts in the pictures’ background help to make a splendid landscape. If you are looking for gathering a large number of followers and likes, then throw in a floating soccer field as an original Instagram post. If you don’t get enough following, A few portrait snaps of smiling locals will do the job. Join a full-day tour or hire a longboat to roam around this outstanding location. If you are wondering that what are the best places to visit in Phuket then, Koh Panyee is the answer to your question. 

9. Laem Singh Beach

laem singh beach Laem Singh Beach has been hidden from the rest of the world for the past few years. It is one of the best places in Phuket that you can visit. It was not a hidden gem; people love to go there and would try to walk up and down the steps to visit it and enjoy views from there. The addition of a scenic viewpoint along with a convenient parking area made it a must shoot and must stop spot. The land around the beach was private, and so it was closed to the public, but now it is available for tourists to come to visit it and take some cool Instagrammable shots. 

10. Railay Beach

railay beach Railay Beach is a must-visit place for taking impressive photos. It might look like a long way (around 52 km from Phuket) if you are in Phuket, but there is a ferry that regularly goes there. Probably you must have seen the pictures of this magical area all over your feed of Instagram. The area has serious Castaway vibes and is immensely famous with day-trippers from nearby Krabi and Ao-Nang. The area is very cool, and tourists here feel like an island due to the limited access to it. There are different unique accommodations up in the hills and numerous neat viewpoints in the area. The area is very popular because of the chilled out hippy vibes, but a lot of changes have been made to it over the course of a few years. 

11. Promthep Cape

promthep cape Promthep Cape is the best place for coming and seeing the sunset on Phuket. You have to come early and find your spot as it gets busy with fellow tourists.

12. Windmill Viewpoint

view of beautiful sea It is an ideal spot to get a great picture along the coastline that is an excellent Phuket picture. It is worth visiting as it is a much quieter spot as compared to other spots. The viewpoint is a part of the list of Instagrammable places of Phuket. This place is an answer to the question of tourists that what are the best places to visit in Phuket? 

Where is Phuket?

phuket If you have decided to go to Phuket, then you must be wondering where is Phuket. It is the largest island in the country of Thailand. The island is in the Andaman Sea in the Southern part of the country. There are numerous superb places to visit in Phuket. There are many glorious places to go to Phuket. Do make sure to visit all of them!

What to do in Phuket?

kata noi beach People, while planning their trip to Phuket, usually ask what to do in Phuket? You can go to the beaches, roam around and walk near the beaches and go to various Instagrammable places. You can go on boats and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Or you can go to various restaurants and bars to have dinner or drinks with friends. And yes, taking pictures can be one of the things to do in Phuket.  While planning your trip, if you think that what are the best places to visit in Phuket, then go through this list of places, great nightlife, friendly locals, plenty of beaches and endless sunshine; finding places as exciting as Phuket is not so easy. People travel to Phuket to have the time of their life and get shots on these 10 places that will make their trip a memorable one. Click away photos to get a picture that will be your most liked Instagram photo. 

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