21 reasons why you should travel to Uzbekistan right now

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21 reasons why you should travel to Uzbekistan right now
how to apply Uzbekistan visa" on the web? Well, the Republic of Uzbekistan is a stunning eastern country, the beauty of which is fascinating, and the atmosphere is close to the fairy tales of Scheherazade. The country's official Uzbekistan religion is Islam, which means that the number of mosques and minarets is simply incalculable. They are a huge layer of architectural attractions. The most important cities in Uzbekistan are Tashkent (the capital of the country), Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. In addition to architectural Uzbekistan tourist attractions, you will also enjoy the natural beauty. Do you know which city is the capital of Uzbekistan? Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan.

Heads and Tails in Uzbekistan

tashkent A beautiful video story about Uzbekistan was filmed by the program "Heads and Tails", which showed this country as a paradise for a budget traveller. The Eagle and Tails reporters in Uzbekistan, making their story, focused on the local population's friendliness and hospitality. Besides low prices, Uzbekistan is attractive for Uzbekistan people, who meet everyone in the characteristic manner of oriental hospitality. And, of course, Uzbek cuisine will not leave any tourists indifferent. However, let's talk about everything in order.

1. Tashkent

tashkent I recommend starting your trip from the capital of Uzbekistan– the city of Tashkent. The city is more than 2000 years old, but after gaining independence in 1991, it began to develop in a new way but preserving its history. The attraction that you will not be able to avoid is the Tashkent metro. Each station has its interior, which reflects the local flavour and oriental richness. In the Soviet Union, the Tashkent metro was considered the most beautiful. One of the central metro stations is Independence Square, which was built in 1991, and before that, it was both Lenin Square and the place for the residence of the Russian Governor-General.

2. Tamerlan

tamerlan One of the revered historical heroes of the republic is AmirTemur or Tamerlane; it was under him that Uzbekistan was a huge country. In his honour, a whole square with fountains and lawns is laid out in Tashkent, and in the very centre, there is a monument to the ancient conqueror. The Timurid museum, opened in 1996, is dedicated to him and his family, where the entire genealogy of this great khan is presented.

3. Hazret Imam

hazrat imam Hazret Imam is one of the best sightseeing places in Uzbekistan. I want to start the top religious Uzbekistan tourist attractions with the Hazret Imam complex, named after Islam's first preacher. The complex has been under construction since the 16th century and is still being completed. The oldest building is the Barakhan Madrasah, dating back to 1532. The Sheikhantaur complex is more of a memorial than a place for daily prayers. In the complex are the tombs of the fifteenth century.

4. Kukeldash Madrasah

kukeldash madrasah The leading religious educational institution is considered the Kukeldash Madrasah, which has not stopped its work since the 16th century. The stunning architectural ensemble will impress with its overall beauty and attention to detail. The Khoja Ahrar Wali mosque was founded in the 9th century, but it was built only by the 15th century, and the difficult fate of this Friday mosque did not end there, groundwaters continuously eroded the foundation, and during the Soviet Union, it was completely destroyed and restored only by 2003. During the time under the protection of the Russian Empire, Orthodox shrines were also built in Tashkent. One of these buildings was the Assumption Cathedral, built in 1978. And Catholicism in the capital of Uzbekistan is represented by the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The construction was started in 1912; the architect was the Polish master Panchakevich, but the cathedral was completed only by 1992.

5. Museum of the History of Uzbekistan

museum For art lovers, Tashkent offers the Museum of Applied Arts, where the works of Uzbek masters are collected and the Museum of Art of Uzbekistan, the basis of the collection of this museum the exhibits confiscated from local aristocrats during the revolution of 1917. The oldest and largest museum in Tashkent and Uzbekistan as a whole was, of course, the "Museum of the History of Uzbekistan". More than 200 thousand exhibits are carefully stored here, thanks to which you can fully enjoy this beautiful country's history.

6. Prince Romanov's Palace

prince romanovs palace An interesting tourist attraction is the Palace of Prince Romanov, built for Nicholas's grandson, the first Romanov N. K. He was exiled to this palace to steal the family jewels and sell them. He was a card player but not very successful, so the accumulated debts pushed him to quickly solve the crime. It was about the fragment of the history when Uzbekistan was under the protectorate of the Russian Empire. Then the Soviet Union is reflected in the Shahidlar Khotirasi memorial complex. The expositions follow one another in chronological order, and the moment of political repression, repression based on ethnicity, is singled out separately. The complex was created in 2001.

7. The Monument Courage

monument courage Also, Tashkent's life in 1966 was overshadowed by an earthquake that destroyed almost half of the city, and this tragic moment was captured in the monument "Courage". This monument of stunning beauty and sensuality is a must-see for every tourist who comes to Tashkent. The monument has become the most visited attraction of the capital. Residents and guests of the republic flock here every day. Young Uzbekistan people gather here, arrange meetings and dates, bring flowers to the townspeople, and conduct excursions. The surrounding area is a city park, where you can relax in the trees' shade and enjoy nature.

8. Koinot Restaurant

koinot restaurant Koinot Restaurant is one of the popular sightseeing places in Uzbekistan. A bird's-eye view of the city is possible with a visit to the Koinot restaurant. The amazing thing about this restaurant is that it is located on two levels of the Tashkent TV Tower and at an altitude of 100 meters above the ground. The panoramic halls of the restaurant are always in motion, rotating around the trunk of the tower. The stunning view of the city will not leave anyone indifferent. The Eagle and Tails' reporters conveyed the storm of emotions from visiting this place and the incredible views in their program about Uzbekistan.

9. Chorsu Bazaar

chorsu bazaar The Chorsu bazaar, the oldest in Central Asia, is a must-visit for lovers of local colour. It stands on the very spot where the Great Silk Road passed thousands of years ago; it was founded under Tamerlane. Chorsu Bazaar is located in the old part of the capital called "Eski Shahar". The bazaar is a magnificent structure with unusual technical solutions. Its ceiling is covered with national ornaments, and in its central part, there is a monumental structure in the form of a dome. Its size is about 350 meters in diameter. This dome is a three-tiered winter bazaar building with an elevator system. The shopping malls are divided by types of goods: oriental sweets, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

10. Samarkand

samarkand The next city to visit for tourists will be Samarkand – this is one of the oldest cities in Uzbekistan. It was during the time of Tamerlane that this city reached its peak of grandeur. Then Samarkand was the capital of his vast empire. The value of this city as a historical monument was appreciated even by UNESCO. You can get to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, by train, plane, and, of course, by car.

11. Afrasiab

afrasiab In the north of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, you can visit the ruins of the ancient settlement of Afrasiab, which today is a hill covering an area of about 200 hectares. Since Samarkand was the capital of Uzbekistan under Tamerlane, it is here that his tomb is located – the Gur-Emir mausoleum (the grave of the king), the building itself is almost unadorned. Still, the tombstone of Tamerlane is made of a single piece of jade. Nearby there is a whole complex of mausoleums of the royal family Shahi-Zinda; each subsequent tomb was built close to the previous one, forming the "street of the dead". There are only eleven main mausoleums in this complex.

12. The Bibi-Khanum Mosque

bibi-khanum mosque In honour of his beloved wife from the harem, Tamerlan built the Bibi-Khanum Mosque. One of the most grandiose mosques in the entire Muslim world, the largest mosque in Central Asia, a huge complex that inspires awe and at the same time mysterious fear with the grandiose height of the walls and at the same time makes you tremble with its splendour - all this is about the architectural monument of Bibi-Khanim. The courtyard is paved with marble, the exterior decoration is striking in its richness, there are stucco, mosaic, stone carving and much more. The Bibi-Khanum mausoleum is also located here, outwardly much more modest but with brilliant interior decoration.

13. Siab Bazaar

siab bazaar Today, as many years ago, the Siab Bazaar does not leave indifferent visitors or indigenous residents of Samarkand. The abundance of agricultural goods and the rows of craftsmen with their handmade goods testify to Uzbekistan's natural wealth and the hard work of the Uzbekistan people. The bazaar covers an area of more than seven hectares. Since its foundation, the bazaar has not changed, it sells everything from oriental sweets to souvenirs and national clothing on foot from the Registan can be reached in 10 minutes.

14. The Mausoleums Of Uzbekistan

samanid mausoleum Among the mausoleums, one can also distinguish the mausoleum of Khoja-Donier, built in honour of the prophet Daniel or Daniyar (he is revered in three Uzbekistan religions once-Judaism, Christianity and Islam). The mausoleum of Rukhabad is another creation of the times of Tamerlane, built in honour of Sheikh Burkheneddin Klych Sagarji, who was both a scientist, a preacher and a theologian. And concludes a series of mausoleums complex, built in honour of the famous interpreter of the Koran Abu Mansur Maturidi.

15. The birthplace of carpets

carpet Uzbekistan is famous for its carpets, and it is in Samarkand that the oldest carpet factory is located, where carpets are still hand-woven. Here tourists can not only see the production process but also buy their products. Heads and Tails were at this factory and focused on the fact that one carpet's production takes about a year.

16. Observatory Ogulbey

samarkand The ancient Ulugbek Observatory stands out from the scientific buildings. Since childhood, Ulugbek, Amir Timur's grandson, showed a special interest in the exact sciences. At a fairly young age, becoming the ruler of Samarkand, he realised his dream of building an observatory in reality. Construction began in 1420 and lasted for three years. Even though Ulugbek was a humane ruler and an outstanding scientist, unfortunately, some people were not satisfied with the state's political system. According to some, Ulugbek devoted too much time to science. In 1449, as a result of an insidious conspiracy, Ulugbek was killed. Despite this tragic event, the observatory continued to exist for the next 20 years. And soon, the persecution of scientists began in Uzbekistan. The observatory building remained abandoned for a long time. Only a part of the glorious instrument of the Ulugbek Observatory with a radius of 40.2 m - a sextant oriented from north to south-has come down to us. This unique protractor was used to measure the height of the celestial bodies above the horizon.

17. Bukhara

old fortress The next significant point of the tourist route will be Bukhara, which also has a history of many thousands. Trade routes ran through the city, making it strategically important in any war. Even though all the architectural landmarks were built at different times, they look like a single whole. In the centre of Bukhara is the Poi-Kalyan ensemble, built in the twelfth century, on an even older mosque site. Now the architectural ensemble accommodates twelve thousand Muslims praying at the same time.

18. The Ark Citadel

fortress The Citadel of Ark is a beautiful personification of ancient architecture. It is an earthen structure; it reaches a height of 20 meters. Inside the fortress walls, the Honako Mosque, the throne hall, and the Emir's baths are preserved. The citadel was built in the tenth century. According to legends, it was made by Siyavush-the, the hero of the local epic. Omar Khayyam himself lived in this citadel for some time. At the moment, the building of the citadel is a museum.

19. Bukhara Market

bukhara market Since the city is located on the Silk Trade Route, there will always be an ancient market. The Bukhara market's uniqueness is that it is formed by a whole complex of dome markets and is divided by the type of goods sold in each dome. Especially noteworthy are the books that you can buy here.

20. The Mausoleums Of Bukhara

bukhara As in any ancient city, there were also Mausoleums in Bukhara. The first mausoleum is the Samanid mausoleum, built in the ninth century, were theologians who became the Samanid dynasty's initiators rest. The Chashma Ayub Mausoleum is now a water museum and a carpet exhibition. It was built by the prophet Job on the site of a spring. The architectural ensemble of the Chor-Bakr Necropolis looks amazing. The descendants of Muhammad himself, the Juybar Sayyids, were buried here. The last of them were buried in 1905.

21. Khoja Nasreddin

bukhara The Republic of Uzbekistan's special attraction is the monument to Khoja Nasreddin - the national hero of Uzbekistan. We honour this hero for his simplicity and intelligence at the same time. Walking around the city, we will repeatedly come across various madrasas. As the name implies, Chor Minor has four towers, each of which represents the world religion. The madrasah of Ulugbek and Abdulaziz Khan is a whole complex that was created over two hundred years. The next Madrasa is the Kosh, which consists of two madrasas facing each other. Each of these madrasas is an educational institution. bukhara architecture You can travel to Uzbekistan by plane on a direct flight from Moscow or any other city where air communication is open. Friendly and hospitable Uzbekistan people will leave the most favourable impression on any tourist. Prices in cafes and restaurants will pleasantly surprise you, but the level of service will also please you. When visiting the country, do not forget that the main religion is Islam, so you need to respect the customs and local rules, then the rest will not be overshadowed by comments from residents. Have a great holiday.

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