10 reasons why you should travel to Vanuatu right now

Shamil Hasanli02 November 20201141 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Vanuatu right now

If you say to your friends I want to travel to Vanuatu, the first reactions probably are: Where is Vanuatu? Why and how to travel to Vanuatu? Is it safe to travel to Vanuatu? Vanuatu is a country with more than 80 islands, located about 1,750 km northeast of Australia, a three-hour flight from Brisbane, in the middle of the South Pacific. Efate is the main island, and the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila, and the airport of entry and exit of this small country is there. A trip to the Republic of Vanuatu is the best way to know and enjoy paradise and the forces of nature, due to Tanna's island, and the most accessible active volcano in the world, Yasur, etc. Vanuatu is the ideal destination for those who seek contact with wild nature as well as idyllic sunsets, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a friendly Vanuatu population who welcome you with a smile and open arms. All is to have a good time in Vanuatu.

Why and how to travel to Vanuatu?

vanuatu flag

There are several reasons for traveling to Vanuatu. Its nature, people, travel destinations, beaches, etc. In this article, I collect the ten most important reasons for traveling to Vanuatu. Additionally, you will find answers to your questions, such as where is Vanuatu, how to travel to Vanuatu, what is the Vanuatu language, how friendly is Vanuatu population, what does the Vanuatu flag look like, what is the capital of Vanuatu, is it safe to travel to Vanuatu, what are the best sightseeings in the Republic of Vanuatu, etc. Traveling to the Republic of Vanuatu is as easy as traveling to other countries. There is Bauerfield International Airport in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. You can also reach the country using a ferry, sailing under the Vanuatu flag, from neighboring islands.

1. Where is Vanuatu?


This small country is in the middle of the triangle formed by the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, and Fiji. With more than 83 islands of all sizes, you can decide to head first to Efate, where Port Vila, the capital, is located. As soon as you land, you realize that you have entered another reality, where everything is on a smaller scale, closer, and with the tranquility that helps to connect with other people. When you leave the airport in a Van towards the center between streets, you can see low houses made of all materials surrounded by fruit trees and flowery patios. Despite being the country's capital, Port Vila continues to be a small city facing the sea inhabited by just over 40,000 people at a slow pace, where the government administration and an important part of the tourism sector are.

2. Some facts about Vanuatu

vila bay

It is an archipelago of 83 islands in the north of New Caledonia, formerly called New Hebrides. During your trip to Vanuatu, you will approach the only country in the world to have been jointly administered by the French and the English until 1980. This double gives it that unique atmosphere in the Pacific that you will discover during your stay. In Vanuatu, French cafes and restaurants rub shoulders with English pubs and shops. At the time, English and French even had trouble getting together for driving; imagine some driving on the right and others on the left. The Vanuatu population is nearly 300 thousand. You will see both natives and migrants on the islands. The official Vanuatu language is English, French, and Bislama. The local Vanuatu language is Bislama, it has many vocabularies from both English and French, but it is quite hard to differentiate them. The Vanuatu flag is a Y-shaped flag of red, green, and black with yellow stripes. Is it safe to travel to Vanuatu? Yes, Vanuatu is a pretty safe country to visit with low crime rates.

3. Naghol festival

naghol festival

On the south of Pentecost's island, the inhabitants of a few villages perform each year a most impressive ritual called Naghol, a nice festival to spend your time in Vanuatu more interestingly. To carry out this incredible show, the locals build huge wooden towers up to 30 meters high from which they will launch into the void tied using lianas. This festival takes place during April, May, and June, generally on Saturdays. However, there is no very strict rule since the lianas are more elastic after having left the rainy season behind.

4. Yasur Volcano

yasur volcano

On the island of Tanna, an unforgettable experience awaits you. You can walk on the crater rim of Mount Yasur volcano and admire the color and splashes of molten lava. At 361 m above sea level, its gushing lava, and its colors, are even more impressive in the evening. This very active volcano is, however, considered the least dangerous in the world. It is truly a unique experience to live in Vanuatu. During your trip to Vanuatu, you can learn a little bit about local languages, such as Bislama.

5. Nambas tribes

nambas tribe

Vanuatu is a unique country with its different people. The island of Malekula is suitable for hiking for nature lovers. But it is best known for the two tribes of Big Nambas and Smol Nambas, which live there. There are a few ceremonies celebrated by men wearing earth masks, costumes with ferns, as well as bells at their ankles. This island remains the wildest; some say that a small part of its inhabitants are still cannibals.

6. Diving in Vanuatu

diving in vanuatu

Diving is for those who want to spend an adventurous time in Vanuatu. You can dive on the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, beached in 1942. It is one of the largest and easiest wrecks globally, starting at 20 meters depth directly from the beach. There is also, in Espiritu Santo, the site of Million Dollar Point. There are trucks, boats, 4x4 vehicles, coke bottles, etc. You can also dive into blue holes. The blue holes of Espiritu Santo are a geological wonder. You will be able to board a kayak to explore the Riri River, and suddenly you will come across a blue hole, which plunges 30 meters below you, and you can appreciate the colors above. I suggest that you climb on the banks, you will certainly find a rope that will allow you to jump into the blue hole!

7. Jumping in Vanuatu


Also, you will discover the impressive gallop jump on Pentecost Island, a sort of bungee jump, every Saturday between April and May. The men and boys of the local tribes jump from towers of branches 20 meters high, with only lianas attached to their ankles. This represents a kind of ceremony for the local people of Vanuatu.

8. Honeymoon destinations

vaunatu beach

You can choose Vanuatu for the trip of a lifetime, too. If you are looking for a secluded spot on the edge of a dream beach and turquoise sea, Vanuatu has it. If you are looking for adventures such as hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, scuba diving, or volcanic watching, come to Vanuatu! If you are thirsty for culture and want to approach an ancient and authentic civilization, again, Vanuatu has what you need. Finally, if you want to make a unique trip where you do not risk meeting your next-door neighbours, Vanuatu is the ideal destination.

9. Vanuatu Cuisine

sweets market

You will appreciate the freshness of the products that you can find at the Port Vila market. Local farmers come here to sell their produce. In the islands, on the roadsides, you can also buy fresh fruit. Do not miss the Laplap, a typical dish made with scraped roots and coconut, cooked in the ground embers. In Port Vila and Luganville, you can enjoy cosmopolitan cuisine and French and Asian influences in the dishes served in cafes and restaurants.

10. Chief Roi Mata and an old Condominium

bay on efate island

Vanuatu has had a property inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2008. It is the chief Roi Mata's domain, this chief representing an important symbol for the Ni Vanuatu. The estate comprises three sites, the home of Chief Roi Mata, the site of his death, and the collective burial site, all located on Eretoka Island (also known as Hat Island) in Efate. The estate represents the customs and moral values that the former king, full of powers, claimed. He was appreciated by everyone except his brother, who murdered him. Upon his death, the Ni Vanuatu decided that he could not be buried alone and therefore killed both men and women. This explains the presence of a collective funeral site. Vanuatu is the only country in our contemporary era to have been administered as a Condominium by two countries. To avoid a war, French and English agreed to share the management of the country until 1980. Unique situation because Vanuatu people spoke two languages, two police forces were in place, the two nationalities coexisted, and even drove two sides of the road. The Vanuatu people were the only people who did not have true nationality at the time.

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