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14 reasons why you should travel to Zimbabwe right now

Kamran Abbasov Kamran Abbasov 26 September 2020
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Zimbabwe is one of the most underrated countries in the world that can offer a myriad of adventures and natural places to explore. As obvious per Zimbabwe news, the country is infamous for political turmoil and economic instability. However, this exotic country has more to offer to visitors than one can expect. A lot of people wonder: where is Zimbabwe? What is Great Zimbabwe? Is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is located in Southern Africa, surrounded by the Limpopo River in the south and the Zambezi River in the north. Zimbabwe borders Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zambia. Also, today it is easy to get to the country as they offer Zimbabwe E-visa to many nationalities. In this article, I will try to answer these questions and tell you why it is a good idea to travel to Zimbabwe.

1. Affordability

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Zimbabwe currency is Zimbabwean Dollar. Due to the low value of Zimbabwe currency, you can get a high-quality service at relatively low prices in Zimbabwe. Compared to its neighbouring states, Zimbabwe is a much more affordable option that offers a similar type of amazing African experience. But you should hurry in your decision to travel to Zimbabwe because it is getting more and more tourists every year. This process may result in increased prices in the country.

2. National Parks

national park in zimbabwe

If you are a fan of the “Madagascar” movie, then you will enjoy the national parks in Zimbabwe. These parks showcase Zimbabwe’s exotic wildlife, which is one of the finest in Africa. In Hwange National Park, you will get a chance to watch zebras running, elephants chilling, and many other animals. Being located in the northwest of Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park has a Belgium-sized area and is home to lions, cheetah, elephants, sable, etc. Other well-known national parks are Mana Pools National Park and South Gonarezhou National Park.

3. Amazing Wildlife


Zimbabwe is home to one of the best wildlife in Africa. It encompasses various types of bird, mammal, and reptile species. Zimbabwe bears a habitat for various carnivores, such as lions and cheetahs. The country also boasts large herds of rhinoceros, buffalos, giraffes, and zebras. There are more than 670 bird species recorded in Zimbabwe’s savannas and wilderness. Bird symbols and carvings were discovered on the walls of ancient buildings when the ruins of Great Zimbabwe were found. Due to that discovery, the Zimbabwe Bird became the emblem of this country rich with exotic nature. The area is also known for its colourful chameleon and geckos populations.

4. Beautiful Nature

waterfall of zimbabwe

Another reason why you should travel to Zimbabwe is the chance to enjoy beautiful nature. The country has beautiful rivers, savannas, and highlands. First, you can enjoy the amazing savannas of the country by visiting national parks. Then, you may enjoy the amazing scenery in the Eastern Highlands, aka the Manica Highlands. In Matobo National Park, the erosion processes have created fascinating formations, the most famous one being the Matobo Hills. Zimbabwe also features the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Kariba. It was created on the Zambezi River and spans over a distance of 40 kilometres (about 25 miles) at the widest point. Visitors can enjoy sailing and motorboating on the lake.

5. Victoria Falls

amazing view of victoria falls

Another push to travel to Zimbabwe is getting a chance to see one of the world’s largest waterfalls, Victoria Falls. Being located on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and being one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls is one of the most marvellous places in the world. It is twice as wide and deep as Niagara Falls. The local people of Zambia and Zimbabwe call Victoria Falls “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, which means the smoke that thunders. You can visit the Victoria Falls National Park in the northwest of Zimbabwe and find many types of accommodation for different prices.

6. Exclusive Safari Experience

safari experience in zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s tourism industry has recently been growing in popularity. But unlike other surrounding countries in the region, Zimbabwe has opted for preserving the exclusivity of its safari trips. It favours quality rather than quantity. As a visitor, you will not encounter a mass number of tourists during your trip to savannas. You will share an unforgettable safari experience just with a handful of other visitors in Hwange National Park. This exclusivity makes your safari trips more tailored and personalized, allowing you to experience the marvels of the savannas to their best.

7. Friendly People

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Apart from being attractive in terms of its wildlife, national parks, and nature, Zimbabwe is home to one of the friendliest people in Africa. A lot of visitors give excellent reviews to Zimbabweans and their highly positive attitude toward tourists. A Zimbabwean smile is a joy you will get wherever you go within the country. It is like in every Zimbabwean community that they have a great urge to smile at the visitors, shake their hands, and make sure that they get the best out of their trip.

8. High-quality Guides

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Get ready to meet arguably the best guides in Africa. A trip cannot fully be complete and unforgettable, with high-quality guiding. Zimbabwean guides undergo comprehensive training before they are allowed to jump into guiding tourists. That is why Zimbabwe has a high reputation for its knowledgeable guides. They can tell the names of every species in the area, as well as the related history.

9. Rich History

ruins of khami

The country is also well known for its history and heritage. A lot of tourists wonder not only about the country’s wildlife, but also its rich history, with rock art and ancient ruins. Many people wonder: what is Great Zimbabwe? It was a great medieval African city surrounded by a massive tower and high circular walls. As mentioned earlier, there were bird carvings, which become the emblem of the country, on the walls surrounding Great Zimbabwe. The city was controlled by the elite of the Zimbabwe empire. Today, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe is a historical place and national monument open for tourists. Tourists admire the old preserved rock paintings at the Matobo Hills, which serves as evidence of the existence of ancient civilizations in the country. Those who want to explore the country’s history more can visit Khami Ruins, Danamombe Ruins, and The BaTonga Community Museum.

10. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Where is Zimbabwe? It is located in an area full of natural wonders, history, and heritage sites. Heritage sites that are listed by UNESCO are Matobo Hills, Victoria Falls, National Monuments of Khami Ruins, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, and Mana Pools National Park. Victoria Falls and Mana Pools National Park are listed as natural sites, and the rest are cultural sites.

11. Delicious Food

zimbabwean dish

Due to its colonization history, Britain left its mark on Zimbabwean cuisine. One typical meal is Sadza. Zimbabweans also make a drink called Maheu from the leftovers of Sadza or porridge. Other traditional delicacies from Zimbabwe include Mabhonzo Emombe, Nyama (beef stew), Kapenta, Muriwo na Nyama, etc. Meat in Zimbabwe is delicious. Other than traditional meat, such as beef, tourists can also taste extraordinary crocodile meat and warthog meat.

12. High-quality Accommodation

high-quality hotel

Just like in other matters, Zimbabwe does not fail to satisfy visitors regarding its wide range of accommodation. Tourists can choose from a wide spectrum of accommodation options, including safari camps, hostels, private houses, B&Bs, and large luxury hotels. In any of these options, you will get picturesque scenery, mostly ideal locations, and close proximity to wilderness.

13. Value For Money

kruger national park

Value for money is something that we always pursue. No one would want to overpay for things he or she buys or being overcharged for a tour. Of course, having a safari trip is more expensive than hostel hopping in Asia or visiting some Eastern European countries. However, you should bear in mind that having a safari trip in Zimbabwe sometimes may be three-fifths of the price in Botswana or Zambia. Some safari camping tours in Zimbabwe are also all-inclusive at an affordable price. As the country is gradually gaining economic stability, it is a good idea to travel to Zimbabwe these days.

14. Safe To Visit


As you can see from Zimbabwe news, the country has experienced political turmoil and economic instability. These events may worry some people regarding safety matters in Zimbabwe. But, after all, is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe now? The answer is, in general, yes. You can feel very safe while chilling in your hotel and during your visit to one of the national parks. Some petty crimes may still happen, though if you happen to be alone in the street at night.

A Quick Recap

zimbabwe river

Zimbabwe is not one of the obvious choices you can make when thinking about your next travelling adventure. The reason for most travellers’ hesitation to visit Zimbabwe boils down to the high possibility of crimes. However, the country is definitely worth visiting, with its beautiful nature, wildlife, culture, and cuisine. In this article, I tried to touch upon Zimbabwe news and Zimbabwe currency, as well as answering the following questions: Where is Zimbabwe? What is Great Zimbabwe? Is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe?

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