10 reasons to visit Jersey

10 reasons to visit Jersey

Shamil Hasanli16 December 2020986 views7 min. read
10 reasons to visit Jersey
Jersey? A wonderful island between France and England, a self-governing part of the United Kingdom. The capital of Jersey is Saint Helier. Please do not confuse it with the movie Jersey Boys or Jersey Boys musical. There are a lot of reasons why you should visit the capital of Jersey. On this island, you can find beautiful beaches, Jersey gardens, a mixed culture, Jersey Gardens Mall, Hotel Revere Saint Helier Jersey, etc. If you look at the map of Saint Helier Jersey, about which islands I am talking. In this blog, you will find out about the main reasons to visit Jersey. You will also get answers to such questions as which country is Saint Helier the capital of, what should you know about the map of Jersey, where to travel in Jersey, are Jersey Boys related to the island, etc.

1. Landscapes of Incredible Diversity

landscape of diverse nature You already know that it is the islands' main characteristic, but there is an astonishing number of landscapes in Jersey. There you can see small pebble coves, deserted white sand beaches, etc. In the north, there are high cliffs and caves that the sea has formed over time, and in the south, villages with colorful houses stand in the middle of a beautiful expanse. Shortly, while you wander around the island without a second thought, you can discover landscapes reminiscent of those of Scotland, Normandy, but also Ireland and Madeira. You will like it. Here is this diverse vegetation, again entirely unexpected. Sometimes you cross magnificent and very dense forests. Just imagine what the mythical forest of Scissy could have been like, a forest which stretched between the Channel Islands, the Cotentin peninsula, and as far as Mont Saint Michel. Forest engulfed 1,500 years ago, of which only a few traces remain in the writings and some fossilized wood now in museums. However, that is not all. There are huge fields, plains, and cliffs, as you see from the map of Saint Helier Jersey.

2. Superb Roads

suburb road Hitting the road in Jersey is a great experience. You can never drive very fast; the streets will not allow you; moreover, you will drive from the left side. Even if you have driven well in places like Ireland or Scotland, it is always a little funny how easily you can find yourself in dangerous situations, just because you did not pay too much attention for a moment. You will see such nice vegetation tunnels that are typical for the island. You can also find a bit of the Normandy bocage landscape, that is, small fields surrounded by tall hedges and trees. Between these small fields, take some very narrow hedgerow roads that intersect at the top to form a beautiful vegetation tunnel. Since photos speak better than 1000 words, you can take many pictures to show your friends.

3. Saint Helier

jersey The lovely little town of Saint-Helier and its many 19th century houses, which are real gems, is worth a visit. At the port on a rocky islet lies one of the Channel Islands' most significant and impressive fortresses, Elizabeth Castle. The simple circuit around the port and the pedestrian zone with its covered markets already allows you to get an idea of the small town. Discover the colorful animation that reigns among the stalls of fruits, vegetables, meat, cheeses, and pastries coming out of the oven. Also, here you will find the best hotel on the island, Hotel Revere Saint Helier Jersey. 

4. Cream Tea 

cream tea Jersey cream is enormously appreciated for its high-fat content and its yellow color. No islander would renounce the inimitable taste of their black tea enhanced with its incomparable 'cream.' The best time to enjoy cream tea is in the afternoon. It is served with a piece of cake or a "scone," covered with "clotted cream" and jam. Delicious! You walk to the bay of Saint-Brelade, on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. At Crab Shack, you can feast on a lunch of freshly caught fish and seafood. The proximity of the islands to France is not only geographical: the French influence is also present in gastronomy, so you will eat very well there. Gourmet restaurants and British pubs come together to delight your taste buds. Typical dishes are in the spotlight everywhere. One of the island's specialties is the Jersey potato, with its distinctive flavor. The milk also tastes different, as it comes from a Jersey breed of cows. A must-try: Jersey black butter, a black butter with an added apple, licorice, spices, and cider, whose unique taste is also found in local shortbreads. In Guernsey, you will also find a delicacy that is worth the detour: "Guernsey cream fudge," a caramel made on the island and available in different flavors.

5. Beaches

beach Sandy and pebble beaches can be found almost everywhere in Jersey. You will discover wide beaches of golden sand permanently shaped by the tides, especially in the south and west of the island. Moving away from the main roads, one discovers beautiful rural landscapes inside the island, which one would not suspect on an island with such a dense population: "Green Lanes" lead to quiet hamlets, old mills, and splendid gardens. Nature is great here!

6. Corbiere and St-Aubin

st-aubin One more must-visit place is the Corbiere Lighthouse, a symbol of Jersey. At low tide, the point is accessible on foot. A bus line also serves the coast of this small island. However, you can opt for the traditional hike on the Corbiere path, which begins in Saint-Aubin. It will take about one hour thirty minutes to walk through the woods, the opportunity to discover exceptional flora, and to surprise some European rabbits in splendid weather. You will have a fantastic view of the small lighthouse that dominates the point and a cold drink at the Corbiere restaurant. The view from the cape to the southwestern tip is impressive. On one of the small islands not far from the coast, there is a lighthouse built in 1873, to which a path carved into the rock leads at low tide. Equally impressive are the waves, which have the most significant amplitude here in Europe. From the small port, you can climb along cobbled streets to reach the hills behind. The harbor promenade is the center of pubs and restaurants. St-Aubin is often considered the prettiest little town in Jersey. A city, in any case, is essential for visitors to the island.

7. Samares Manor

samaros manor The beauty of the garden at Samares Manor is undoubtedly exceptional. But the mansion still completes the picture of this typical estate. Do not miss seeing the traditional green of spices as well as the Japanese garden and the dovecote.

8. Jersey War Tunnels

war tunnel The ownership of these Channel Islands once attached to Normandy has been bitterly disputed between France and Great Britain and has changed hands on several occasions. World War II left an indelible mark there. Great Britain then lifted the protection enjoyed by these independent islands. Soon after, the islands were taken by the Germans. The vital trace left by these events is still visible today. We discover old bomb shelters and ancient fortifications, and each island has a dedicated museum. The most impressive visit remains the "Jersey War Tunnels," galleries that detail the five years of Nazi occupation. This museum is at the top of the island's attractions, and it's not for nothing. The richness of the exhibition and the numerous testimonies illustrate with realism the precarious situation of the time and touch us to the heart. The underground, due to the madness of National Socialism, is worth all horror films. During World War II, this tunnel system installed by the Germans, which was also used as a hospital, is the island's most visited attraction. Be sure also to see the Jersey War Tunnels.

9. Judith Queree's Garden

garden Judith Queree's Garden is a beautiful private cottage garden away from the flower trade, through which Judith, the owner, will enthusiastically guide you. You discover many rare and unusual plants there.

10. Mont Orgueil Castle

castle The Mont Orgueil Castle belongs, with Gorey's small port town of the most photographed subjects in Jersey. From the pier, you will have to climb 300 steps to reach the roof of the dungeon, from where you will enjoy a magnificent panorama and where you can follow the history of the fortress through reconstructions of historical scenes with life-size mannequins.

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