Saint Lucia Non-immigrant Visas

Saint Lucia Non-immigrant Visas

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Saint Lucia Non-immigrant Visas

This little holiday paradise island is situated in the eastern Caribbean sea. Not so many people know about the existence of such an island, as its fame is a bit overshadowed by other Caribbean islands. Traces of the first settlements date back to 200-400 bc. It is believed that the first indigenous people were Arawaks. However, now it is difficult to trace back Arawak traditions. Like many other countries in the Americas, European influence remains strong. Having said that, it does not mean that the country fully transformed into European settlements. In fact, it remains to be more of a native American rather than European.

As a part of the Caribbean islands, Saint Lucia is well-known for its year-round holiday favorable climate, pristine white beaches, picturesque view, well-maintained tourism facilities. It is safe to say that Saint Lucia is a perfect tourist destination. Aside from its amazing beaches, hotels, nature is another thing worth seeing. By nature, I do not only mention life above ground but also underwater. An island is an ideal place for snorkeling. Saint Lucia is blessed with rich coral reefs, meaning that it is a paradise for many species that live underwater.

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One of the wonders of Saint Lucia is a pair of jagged volcanic peaks called "The Pitons," which are situated southwest of the island. It is especially alluring for photographers. It also sounds like a good idea to take a picture of yourself with "The Pitons" as results are extraordinarily positive in most cases. These mountains are not as high as those that alpinists climb up. Most of them are under 1000 meters; therefore, it is an interesting activity to hike up these peaks. Be aware; it will be enough to tire you out for a day.

As you can see, there are many things, activities you can enjoy. You have enough reasons to travel to Saint Lucia, but how? Will I need a visa for Saint Lucia? These are some questions that should be asked prior to a decision to travel to Saint Lucia. Reckoning that, for this article, we will look at non-immigrant visas and Saint Lucia non immigrant visa application. We will start with identifying who needs a visa and who does not.

Visa Policy of Saint Lucia

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This is one of the main things that you should take into consideration. The visa policy of Saint Lucia defines countries as Saint Lucia visa free countries and visa-required countries regarding their visa status towards Saint Lucia. To learn about these countries, you will need to go to the "visa policy" on our website. There find Saint Lucia and click on it. It will open a page that depicts lists of countries that are visa-free and visas required. If you are from a country that is necessary to get a visa to Saint Lucia, you might be asking how to apply Saint Lucia visa? We will further discuss this issue after looking at the visa types and requirements of these visas.

Saint Lucia Non Immigrant Visas

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What are the non-immigrant visas exactly? These visas are in another term short-term visas which include tourist, business, and short-term study visas. According to the visa policy of Saint Lucia, nationals of visa required countries need to visa for Saint Lucia to enter the country. However, passengers of cruise can stay in the country for a day without a visa. To get a visa, one needs to meet Saint Lucia visa requirements. What are they? You will find your answer in the next paragraph.

Saint Lucia Visa Requirements

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To get a non-immigrant visa to Saint Lucia, you will need to present the following documents:

• Saint Lucia non immigrant visa application form, which should be filled out, signed and dated by the applicant.

• Two photos should be in passport format (3.5x4.5 colored), in which the applicant's eye line of the applicant should meet the camera, and the background is light-colored. Your passport should also possess two blank pages for processing visas.

• The applicant should present a passport alongside a copy of the main page of the passport.

• A copy of your national ID card.

• If you apply from a country different from your country, then you will need to present a residence permit or a visa that allows you to enter that country.

• Round trip flights.

• Proof of your accommodation in Saint Lucia. It can be a hotel reservation.

• Proof of financial sufficiency. You should prove that you have enough financial sufficiency for your travel. You can present a bank statement reflecting the last two month's financial activity.

• For business-related travels, you will need an invitation letter from a company or an organization in Saint Lucia. You should also note whether your travel expenses are covered by that organization or not.

• For study-related travels, you will need an acceptance letter provided by an educational institute in Saint Lucia.

There might be additional documents required.

How to Apply Saint Lucia Visa?

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Saint Lucia is a visa-friendly country meaning that the process of getting a visa to Saint Lucia is relatively easy. There are three options that you can choose from. Having said that, it should not be taken as everyone can have three options. For example, only nationals of limited countries can apply for a visa on arrival. If you want to have a peek at the list of these countries, you can check our "visa policy" section. Again, you find Saint Lucie, and there you will see the list.

Supposedly, you are not eligible to apply for a visa on arrival. Still, you have two options at your disposal. The first of them is getting a visa through foreign representatives of Saint Lucia. You will start locating foreign representatives of Saint Lucia in your country or neighboring countries. There you will make an appointment to start your application. By the time it is your application date, you will need to present the required documents and make the payments. Regarding these visa fees, they can differ. The major factor, in this case, is the entry type. If it is a single entry, then the visa fee will be 50 USD. If it is multiple entries, then it will cost 75 USD. Your application will be processed within 5 and 7 days.

Saint Lucia Non Immigrant Visa Online


You can acquire your visa online as well. There is a web portal of the Government of Saint Lucia which gives important information regarding visas. You will download the visa application form from the portal and fill it out. You will send the required documents and application form to the corresponding address. You will also make payments online. Visa fees for a single entry are equal to 50 USD, while for multiple entries, it is 75 USD. The average processing time is five days. Obviously, getting a visa online sounds alluring. It can both save time and effort. However still, you will need to be precise and careful about your application. When applying for a visa, it is important to get the most precise information. Therefore, you might need a professional to help you to complete your application. Pickvisa can be a great partner, making sure that your application is successful. You can rely on Pickvisa to handle visa-related issues easily.

Saint Lucia Visa on Arrival


Although it is considered to be one of the most convenient ways to get a visa, it has some downs. The procedure is pretty straightforward; you get your visa processed in Saint Lucia. The important thing is that you should check whether you have enough information about the required documents. Your application will get processed at Hewanorra International Airport. Visa fees remain the same for this type. For a single entry, it is 50 USD, but for multiple entries, it is equal to 75 USD.

Saint Lucia Non Immigrant Visa Extension

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After seeing the country for a brief time, you might feel like you need extra time to explore it completely. You might wonder about Saint Lucia non immigrant visa extension and ask yourself, is it possible? Yes, there is a way to do that. You will need to present your application to the immigration department in Saint Lucia. Bear in mind that you need to present your application before your visa expires. For the first time applications, you will be asked to present the followings:

• One photo with a size equal to 2x1.5 inches

• Valid passport

• Return ticket

• Proof of accommodation. It can be a host who has a Saint Lucia identity card or passport. Or you can just rent an apartment.

To conclude, Saint Lucia is a perfect travel destination whether you are looking for a romantic break or just want to get away from it all. With few clicks, Pickvisa can get you the visa needed to Saint Lucia.

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