Slovakia work visa

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Slovakia work visa

Often overlooked as a travel destination, Slovakia is nevertheless a steady and great country to settle down. The central European location, the cheap living, and the amazing culture and nature to relax after a long week of work. There is just one obvious obstacle that might affect your chances of finding a job there, and it is the language. Not very well known, or not particularly easy to learn. Then again - the modern job market is full of opportunities for foreigners as many companies are going international. Even in Slovakia, the development of the Internet has opened a whole new world of opportunities for anyone willing to live there and work in their preferred language. If you are here reading this article, then the chances are that you already know it and are exploring Slovakia work visa requirements and all the other aspects that would help to successfully plan a smooth process of moving there. You are in the right place, buddy!

I will introduce you to the most important information to ensure you are ready and apply for a Slovakia visa. Let's be honest - who wants to go through a lengthy bureaucratic procedure with countless variables and nerve-racking formalities? Nobody, am I right? Unfortunately, only a few countries can get employed without obtaining a Slovakia work visa, but being prepared will make the process way simpler and maybe even save some time. Additionally, you will be able to understand an answer to the question "how can I get work permit in Slovakia," as the document somewhat overlaps with the visa we will take a look at. So, let's start with the basics. A short introduction to Slovakia visa!

What should I know about the Slovakia visa policy?


Okay, if you are a novice in visa-related topics, then I will tell you the most important thing in just about any visa policy in the world. Before you decide to apply for Slovakia visa (or any other visa for what it matters), the main two aspects you need to understand are the duration of your stay and the purpose of your travel. It will allow an understanding of which type of visa you should apply for. These are the two main aspects that form the categories created under the official Slovak visa policy.

The first category is the airport transit visa. Then there are short-stay visas (including a Slovakia Schengen visa) for visits up to 90 days, and long-stay visas for anyone who intends to stay for more than 90 days. The latter two categories are then subdivided based on the purpose of your travel. They both offer an option for a work visa, but we will talk less about the one intended for short-term seasonal employment in this article. Instead, the information will be most relevant for anyone seeking more details about the long-stay Slovakia work visa. It is often called temporary residence for the purpose of employment, or the "the single permit" because you apply for a visa and the work permit simultaneously.

Which are Slovakia visa free countries?

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Before we even talk about anything else, it is smart to clarify if you even need a visa to enter Slovakia. Technically the list of Slovakia visa free countries contains about half of the world's nations, but the situation is slightly different with the work visas. The travellers visiting Slovakia for tourism or other reasons of up to 90 days will have less strict conditions, and therefore can be exempt from visas. Working in a country abroad contains a fair amount of bureaucracy, including the payment of taxes, which is why anyone besides the potential employees from the EU/EEA will need to obtain a work visa when moving to Slovakia. If you are still not sure, it is always best to ask your future employer or the embassy to specify what requirements apply to you in particular.

What is Slovakia work visa requirements?

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This answer will contain some intricate details. Before you apply for a Slovakia visa that will grant you a permit to work on their soil, the employee must undergo a particular procedure. No sooner than 20 days before you submit your application and all the necessary documents, the company that would hire you should report the vacancy to the competent Office of Labour, Social Affairs, and Family. Only if no candidates from the local pool of the unemployed can be found to fill it, then the employer can issue a written promise for employment or conclude an employment contract with you. And when you have it, you can start the application procedures in the closes diplomatic mission.

To apply for Slovakia visa you will have to collect quite some information. The Slovakia work visa requirements at a minimum will contain:

  • filled and signs application form;
  • a valid passport and to colored photos;
  • a written promise of employment/employment contract and for some professions documents that prove your education and experience that corresponds to the vacancy;
  • criminal record from your country and all the others where you resided for more than 90 days in the last 3 years;
  • proof of financial stability that can be either a document from the employer stating the agreed salary or a current bank statement;
  • proof of accommodation for at least 6 months after arriving in Slovakia;
  • a document that states your fee payment (170 EUR if you submitted the application in the Embassy of Slovakia);
  • an administrative fee of 4.50 EUR for issuing the residence document.

Another few things to keep in mind - all the documents should contain notarized translations into Slovak, and be no older than 90 days before submitting. After your residency permit is granted you should enter Slovak territory within 180 days.

What is Slovakia work visa processing time?

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Standard Slovakia work visa processing time is around 10-30 calendar days. It might take a bit longer if additional information is necessary, which is why never leave this application to the last moment if the conditions allow.

What is the fee for Slovakia's long-stay (employment) visa?


Let me tell you - getting a work visa for Slovakia is quite an investment. As I mentioned beforehand, if you apply for a Slovak diplomatic mission abroad then you will pay 170 EUR. But let's look at it from the bright side - it will ensure a job that will get you those spent bucks back in no time.

How can I get work permit in Slovakia?

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As we talked about before already, a Slovakia work visa is often called a single permit, and therefore automatically allows you to perform remunerated activities within the country within the whole duration of your visa. But, there are nevertheless a few cases when a work permit would be necessary and should be obtained separately. Just one of the many examples is the case if you are a national from outside the EU/EEA zone and have a long-term residency permit in another EU country. If you would want to move to Slovakia for work, then obtaining a work permit is obligatory. So what are the main aspects you should know before arranging it?

Slovakia work permit is usually granted for 2-5 years and is not transferable. It means that it's bound to a particular workplace and job position. The application should be submitted no sooner than 10 days after the vacancy is posted and processed in around 20 business days. The application can be submitted in person, by post, or by your future employer at a competent Labor Office. And the most important thing - the application and the rest of the documents should be in the Slovak language, which means that you might need to arrange some translations. The smartest move would be to ask for some help from your employer to make the process a bit easier.

I hope that all the information I gathered here in the article will be a great base for your application. And subsequently - will help to secure an extremely successful job position that wouldn't be possible without this Slovakia work visa. Even if this was just a blind shot and you were curious if you could ever consider moving to Central Europe. My slogan is "always be prepared", and this will surely have given you some ideas about the procedures that go into arranging a job in a European country. And it doesn't seem so bad, does it? Patience, research, and determination will get you everywhere.

With that said, the world is your oyster. You are considering moving to another country and why not Slovakia, right? The perfect place for anyone in love with the mountains, nature, and delicious hearty food. An amazing and very well connected central destination for anyone working with companies within the EU. And last, but not least - a place that will surprise just about anyone, because the public media does not cultivate a widely recognized image of life in Slovakia. With that said, good luck wherever your path brings you next!

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