Switzerland Airport Transit Visa process

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A Transit visa is one of the visa types that are useful for a very short time. Depending on your citizenship and the nation you are going to, a transit visa is needed to move from one foreign country to another. There are two types of transit visas: short-term and airport. With an airport transit visa, you can reach another country by passing through the transnational region without entering the parts of a country. However, this may range depending on your nationality. For this, you can get detailed information by contacting the embassy. A short-term transit visa is required for a non-Schengen citizen to be able to travel back to another non-Schengen country by using the route of the Schengen associate country. This type of transit visa is valid for one or more transits. Transit visas are sometimes a problem for tourists. For this, we recommend that you get more details about this topic before you travel or ask for help by contacting the embassy.

Switzerland transit visa / Do I need an airport transit visa for Switzerland?

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Do I need an airport transit visa for Switzerland? We can give different answers to this question, but generally yes. If you want to transit to this country, you must get a Switzerland transit visa. The airport transit visa will allow you to change planes at the Swiss airport to travel to any country other than the Schengen Area. This type of visa is also known as the “A visa”. However, this type of visa will not be able to help you enter Schengen Area countries. If you intend to travel to any Schengen Area country through Switzerland, you will need to get a Schengen visa for a short time. If you are traveling to any country that is not part of the Schengen Area and will also be traveling through two different Schengen Area countries, you must still get a Schengen visa.

You can find out from the authorities whether it requires you to have a transit visa. Here they will explain whether you need a transit visa according to some criteria. You can apply to the Swiss Official Visa Advisor about this. Obtaining a transit visa to Switzerland is not as easy as one might think. Because even if you pass all the procedures successfully, there is still a possibility that you will not be boarded. Because the airline company can cancel your flight ticket when there is any non-compliance. Therefore, it is useful to review a few times that all your documents are without any problems.

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An important question that interests us is “how to get visa to Switzerland”. At the same time, who has the right to travel here? You may be exempt from getting a transit visa to Switzerland according to specific criteria. If you are a citizen of the Schengen Area country or have a Schengen visa, you can easily transit to Switzerland. You can still travel to Switzerland if you have a valid visa for the USA, Canada, and Japan. If you have a return-guaranteed visa type for the USA, Canada, Japan, San Marino, and Andorra, this will also remove your travel barrier to Switzerland. Another way to travel to Switzerland is if you are a family member of a European Union citizen. For this, you will need to pass this procedure, that is, prove it. Another means by which you can travel or transit to Switzerland is to have political reasons. So if you have an official diplomatic passport, you can go to Switzerland without any problems. And finally, if you are a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization, you can take advantage of this to travel to Switzerland. According to the government's new decisions, some citizens have the right to travel to Switzerland without obtaining a transit visa. According to the law passed in 2020, convenience for travel will be provided if you have an official residence permit for Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao, Saba, and Saint-Eustatius.

Visa requirement for Switzerland / What documents need for a Switzerland visa?

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To travel to this country, we must be knowledgeable about the visa requirement for Switzerland. Therefore, we need to look for an answer to the question “what documents need for Switzerland visa”. First of all, we should know what documents we need to get a transit visa to Switzerland. You will need to collect the documents shown below:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Two New Photos (32-26 mm)
  • ID Card Copy
  • Residence Permit
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Proof of Occupation
  • Proof of Financial Means
  • Medical Insurance
  • Letter from Local Employer

Apart from these documents, you may be asked for more documents and extensive information. For more information, you can visit our official website (https://pickvisa.com/services).

In order to get a transit visa to Switzerland, you must submit the necessary documents to the embassy or consulate. The process of this process can be approximately 5-20 days. However, this process may vary depending on your nationality. One of the important issues is the fee for the visa you will receive. According to the law adopted in 2020, the visa fee is 80 euros. This fee may vary for other services. For example, preparation of additional documents, carrying out administrative work, courier service, etc. Depending on the services, an additional fee other than 80 euro may be requested. According to the agreement signed between the European Union and some countries, wage reductions are made. Countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kosovo, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia are included in this list. These countries can obtain a visa to Switzerland and EU countries in general for 35 euros. In addition to this fee, you may have to pay more for additional documents.

Travel to Switzerland

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When you get a transit visa to Switzerland, you have the chance to stay in this country for a short time. After obtaining your visa, you can visit the mysterious places of this country and add new colors to your life. Famous for its unique mountain landscapes and cute villages, Switzerland is one of the beautiful countries that have gained the attention of tourists with its beautiful cities and tourist places. Glittering blue lakes, emerald valleys, lakeside hamlets, and glaciers are among the most significant features that make this country magical. Home to many tourist activities you can think of, Switzerland has many beautiful places to visit. Here are a few places you can visit:

Matterhorn and Zermatt Village

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One of the most attractive and famous mountains in the Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn is located on the Italian border. Thousands of proficient mountaineers come to this 4478-meter-high mountain every summer. However, the touristic side of the mountain is at the ground of this mountain. In other words, it is essential to be a good mountaineer to go up. At the foot of the peak of this mountain, there is the village of Zermatt, famous for its horse-drawn carriage rides, with different chalets and quality cafeterias and hotels. This village is among the most picturesque places in Switzerland and the use of motor vehicles is forbidden in the village. That’s why if you go everywhere with horse carriages. The reason for the prohibition on motor vehicles is that they do not want to pollute the atmosphere.


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Bern, the capital of Switzerland and one of the most beautiful cities, is a medieval city dating back to the 12th century. Bern’s most prominent landmark is absolutely the Zytglogge, an antique clock tower with moving instruments. Of course, places to visit in Bern are not just about this clock tower. Bern Cathedral and the Town Hall with its Gothic architecture are also historical buildings that can be seen in this city. The city is located on a peninsula of the Aare River, and the old town district, including its 6 km long coastline, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the must-see locations in Switzerland.


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Many visitors come to Geneva first for a gorgeous Swiss sightseeing way. However, it is not possible to make a good program for a trip to Switzerland without an auto. Of course, there are also many cities, towns, and villages in the country that you can easily go to in Geneva. In addition, you can even go to cities of other countries on daily tours. If you want to choose a place for the starting pinpoint, you can also consider beginning your trip from Geneva. Known as a city of global influence, Geneva is famous for hosting the International Committee of the Red Cross, the European office of the United Nations, and 20 other international associations. In Geneva, which is a “green” city, you can find beautiful activities to do and the necessary points to visit. St. Pierre’s Cathedral and the United Nations Headquarters are just a few of them. You can also explore the beauties of nature by taking a ship ride on Lake Geneva and capturing memorable photo frames. This city is a magnificent city where every tourist can spend 1-2 days without getting bored.

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