Tajikistan e visa vs embassy visa

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Tajikistan e visa vs embassy visa

If you are here, reading these lines, then chances are you are trying to research all the possible information to know what you will need when you finally get to travel to Tajikistan. Did I guess right? Even if not, I wholeheartedly hope that the information about the Tajikistan visa policy in this article will be most beneficial for you. Just as the title states, I will try to clarify the differences between an e-Visa and a visa obtained in the embassy. But more than that, I will give a lot of information on how to apply for Tajikistan visa and other aspects that you might find helpful in the Tajikistan visa application process. Including some numbers like Tajikistan e Visa cost and processing time. But before everything else, let me give you a short insight into online visas.

What is the difference between an e-Visa and an embassy visa?

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Historically most countries would require you to visit Tajikistan embassy to obtain a travel document that permits crossing their borders. A travel document we all know as a visa. Nowadays the travel industry has developed very much. Do you remember the time when flying was an option that only rich people could afford? Means of transportation have become cheaper, faster, and it has pushed the rest of the industry to adapt, too. With no exception, changes had to happen within the immigration services in many countries as well. And, since the development of the internet, one of the greatest services invented is the online or e-Visa.

Nowadays, many would still need to pay a visit to the Tajikistan embassy to confirm their identity or get the visa sticker attached to the passport, but more and more countries have switched to a full online mode for this service. So what is the difference between these two? Besides the obvious ease of access on the e-Visa part, technically, they both should have the same strength and permit you to enter the country on the conditions you applied for.

But it is not always that easy - each country may decide on their visa policy that might apply the most liberal approach (e-Visa for everyone, without distinctions), or less liberal options (e-Visa offered only to nationals of very few countries as a privilege). And believe it or not, many countries still don't offer an e-Visa at all. If we are talking about the hero of this article, it is a relief to know that a visa for Tajikistan can be obtained online, too. In the following paragraphs, I will reveal how to do that and why you should opt for this type, but there is one thing I can reveal now: you should do it because you can! But let's get on to unravelling all there is to know...

What are the types of visa for Tajikistan?

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According to Tajikistan visa policy, their visas can be subcategorized into three types. The e-Visa (or online visa), the visa obtained in the embassy, and an on-arrival visa. Today we will talk about the first two, as the on-arrival visa procedure will apply to much fewer people. Let's start with a short description of the differences between these two. First of all, online applications are possible for most but not all travel. For example, if you would want to travel to Tajikistan for a job or to stay there permanently, you are required to visit the embassy to obtain your visa. It applies to the ones who intend to study or are eager to do some investments, too. E-Visa would, in most cases, be possible for short-term visitors and never for a stay longer than 60 days.

What are the benefits of a Tajikistan visa application online vs in an embassy?

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Even if you are travelling for short-term purposes, it is possible to obtain your visa in an embassy. So why would you forgo a nice visit to the embassy and submit your application online? That is if your travel reasons allow this. First and foremost, that is just so much easier. You don't need to leave the comfort of your house to do this, and you will get an answer in the same place, too. It means saving time and effort that might be used, for example, researching the most tempting landmarks in Tajikistan.

Another reason for applying online is the automation of the whole process. For example, Tajikistan e Visa status checking will be just a few clicks away. No need to call any officials or bother too much - everything will appear right there on your screen. And don't forget the Tajikistan e Visa processing time. Instead of waiting for 5-10 days like you would if you apply in a diplomatic mission, applying online, you would have to wait just two days to get your answer. Having all the formalities online makes the communication within the immigration system visibly faster, and Tajikistan e Visa processing time is a serious benefit if you want to travel as soon as possible.

If you go for an e-Visa, Tajikistan visa requirements are slightly easier than applying in the embassy, too (you will hear more about this in the next paragraphs). The only downside could be the case if you are on a tight budget and get worried about how much is Tajikistan visa going to empty your pockets. Because if you are travelling for tourism, submitting your application to the embassy does not require paying any fees, but an online application will.

So which one should you choose? First, consider the purpose of your trip. If it fits the eligibility for e-Visa and you can afford it, just make it easier on yourself and apply online. And I say this from the bottom of my heart. No need to complicate things! So what else should you know about this worthy document?

How to apply for Tajikistan visa online?

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That is another super easy thing. Just open the website of the Tajikistan e-Visa service. The process should be rather painless, and even the website boldly states, "Just three steps to Tajikistan". That is, apply, pay and get it. I am usually easily confused with the websites that offer too much information and options to select from. And let me relieve you, this website is nothing like that. Easy breezy!

When applying, you will have to fulfil some simple Tajikistan visa requirements - hand in a filled application form and passport photocopies, and if you travel for other reasons than tourism, then also some proof for the legitimacy of the reason mentioned in your application. The rest will follow upon the arrival when you will be asked to present a printed e-Visa and proof of your travel arrangements. Usually, they would be a round-trip ticket and a confirmed accommodation booking. Not too complicated, is it?

How much is Tajikistan visa?


As I mentioned before, applying to the embassy will cost you nothing, but Tajikistan e Visa cost is 30 USD for a single-entry visa and 50 USD for a multiple-entry one. You will pay it after submitting the necessary documents, and only then will the processing of your request start. Comparing to visa fees in other countries, this is a relatively low visa fee, by the way.

So that is it from me today. I hope this basic information will allow you to travel to Tajikistan very soon, as it is an exciting idea overall. Jumping into new adventures and exploration of another country. The beautiful landscapes, the vibrant culture, and the amazing food... Tajikistan is an undervalued destination, and you might as well go and use the opportunity to travel off the beaten track. With that said, I wish you an amazing trip wherever your heart and mind are set to. And take my advice - don't do too much of Tajikistan e Visa status checking if you do decide to go for an online application, because the answer will surely come soon, and you might as well save the time for more fun activities. Good luck and safe travels!

Bonus: I just want to remind you that in many countries, different travel restrictions are still in place, and even if they are lifted momentarily, the situation with the scary virus is changing day by day. This article informs about the standard procedures and requirements, but in reality, at the moment, you might be required to present additional formalities. They might include a negative PCR test, a vaccination certificate, or other proof that you are no danger to society. Meanwhile, incoming travel might be temporarily suspended or limited to nationals of a few selected countries. With all of this, I just want to turn your attention to the fact that planning and checking the latest information with the officials is an obligation nowadays if you don't want to get unwelcome surprises. Better safe than sorry, right? And the best places to check the latest Covid-related travel information will usually be either on the webpage of your country's emigration website or on the website of an airline you will use to fly to your destination.

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