Explanation of Sri Lanka e-visa process

Explanation of Sri Lanka e-visa process

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Explanation of Sri Lanka e-visa process

Sri Lanka, what a beautiful country! We guess you were searching about the Sri Lanka tourist e-visa application, and you ended up here. You are in the right place, and here you will get complete knowledge about the Sri Lanka visa process. Keep on reading to know about an e visa application for Sri Lanka, if I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka visa requirements, and Sri Lanka visa requirements!

Just like any other country, Sri Lanka is also quite famous as a tourism place. Sri Lanka has always welcomed its tourists with warm hugs. Tourists from various parts of the globe visit Sri Lanka and ask What is e visa application for Sri Lanka? Yes, Sri Lanka encourages tourism, but at the same time, their main concern is the security of the country. People visit Sri Lanka for academic programs, meetings, conferences, sightseeing, and medical treatments. A variety of people can bring various kinds of problems to the country. To reduce fraudulent activity, the government implements a Levy on all the tourists. Even this Levy is implemented on the tourist who has visited the country for a short period.

If visiting the “Pearl of Indian Ocean” is present in your bucket list, or the country is a fascination to you, then you can quickly fulfil your dream with the help of a more Secured ETA. Now, what is ETA? Well, ETA is an abbreviation used for Electronic Travel Authorizations. If you constantly worry about a Sri Lanka visa cost, Sri Lanka visa requirements, cost of Sri Lanka visa, and if I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka, you can leave all your worry. ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization has made the process of Visa application way too easy and hassle-free. Anyone who owns a valid passport can easily apply for an E- Visa.

What is e visa or ETA Sri Lanka?

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 ETA is an electronic variant of the Sri Lanka Visa, which has been termed as e visa. ETA is authorized by the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo. Almost all tourists visiting Sri Lanka will need to apply for the e visa of Sri Lanka. However, there is a special rule for travellers if you think what is e visa application for Sri Lanka, then who holds the legal passport issued by Singapore, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, or the Maldives.

ETA /e visa Sri Lanka has made the application process simple, faster, and secure. Using ETA means you don’t have to walk through the complicated visa Procedure via the embassy of Sri Lanka. While travelling Sri Lanka with ETA, you must Know who ETA is meant for? Here is the list of the tourists who are eligible for ETA.

What is ETA eligible for?

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While planning for your tour in Sri Lanka, the first question that has struck your mind is, do I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka? Yes, you will need a Visa. You can use ETA Sri Lanka; you can easily see the beautiful country. The real question is, are you eligible for ETA Sri Lanka? Go through the list to know about the Sri Lanka visa process, requirements for Sri Lanka visa, cost of Sri Lanka visa, and check whether you are the one.

1. Suppose the person is visiting under the tag of tourism. Tourism in a sense – people want to stay sightseeing, participate in cultural or sports events, or visit family friends.

2. People were visiting Sri Lanka for business purposes. This business purpose includes negotiations and meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, short training, religious events, etc.

3. People who want to visit the country for medical reasons.

On the other hand, ETA is available for Journalists or media productions; Persons already present in Sri Lanka, and many more. There are also some loopholes in the Sri Lanka tourist e-visa application and some special rules for travellers. But, if you belong to any of the three, you will require e visa of Sri Lanka. If the person doesn’t want ETA, then he or she can apply for the Physical Visa to the Physical consulate.

What is e visa application for Sri Lanka?

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Now that you have answered your question of do I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka? You must make sure that you know all about the application process for a Sri Lankan visa.

Sri Lanka is a fun-filled and exotic Holiday destination for travel enthusiasts. Its Flora fauna and golden beach grab the attention of a significant number of tourists. You can get the best ayurvedic treatments, as well as indulge yourself in the shopping theory. In the first of the article, you have come across the visa application from Sri Lanka, and now we will have a quick discussion on the e visa or ETA process that you need to complete before you start planning your tour in Sri Lanka. While planning a time, Budgeting the Expense is very crucial. From beginning to end, all kinds of expenses need to be enumerated. You must be concerned about how much does a Sri Lanka visa costs? Right? Don’t worry. We will discuss the price of a Sri Lanka visa, how much does a Sri Lanka visa cost and fees for Sri Lanka visa. There are four main steps to complete the Sri Lanka e visa Process.

Four Steps to complete the Sri Lanka e visa process and requirements

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  • Apply for Sri Lanka e Visa/ ETA through an online form. To apply for ETA. You can visit the website of Sri Lanka’s Government or any other legitimate sites. You will have to fill the Sri Lanka Visa Application form with all the personal details. Your name, age, address, nationality, passport number, flight information, and hotel information are some of the personal information you will need to fill up. Don’t give any false information, and it can lead to some legal problems. You may have to upload some documents along with your passport.
  • Once you complete filling the online form, pay the fees for the Sri Lanka visa. You can pay the proceed fee by using a credit or debit card. The cost of Sri Lanka visa and fees for Sri Lanka visa depends on the duration of the stay and the type of visa you are taking. Don’t forget to check and calculate the exact amount.
  • Once you finish payments for the visa, you will get a reference number that you will need to pen down in a book. Your application process has gone right if you received the reference link, and you will Get Your Sri Lanka e visa/ ETA.
  • At last, Receive the Visa stamp on your passport, and you are ready to go to Sri Lanka and spend the most memorable time of your life.

What are the requirements for Sri Lanka visa?

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Visiting Sri Lanka, you will need an e visa or ETA and also the fees for Sri Lanka the e visa. The requirements for a Sri Lanka visa are as follows:

  • To apply for ETA, you will require a passport with at least six-month validity from the date you leave Sri Lanka.
  • As you know, you have to fill up all your details from your name to the hotel’s details in the form of an e visa. Hence, you have to complete all the Itineraries, which must have all your tour details, stay, flight tickets, etc.
  • It would be best if you had sufficient balance in your Bank Account.
  • It is advised to apply for the ETA a month in advance. 
  • You will need two latest passport size-coloured photographs, and they should have clear images.
  • Estimated time of arrival is substantial for a very long time and gives for the twofold section of as long as 30 days for every visit. On the off chance that somebody needs to broaden the short visit past 30 days, it tends to be done twice for 90 days from the date of appearance in each occurrence. Application for augmentation should be submitted to the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration.
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However, with increasing tourism, the risk of fraudulent acts is also growing. To reduce such activity, the government of Sri Lanka has adopted the Sri Lanka tourist e-visa application. If you want to visit Sri Lanka, you will need visa. Here a complete explanation is provided about the ETA. ETA has made the Visa process easy, less tiring, and hassle-free. ETA is an entirely electronic process that is easy and completes the process faster. While applying for ETA, you will need to give every detail of your visit. This information helps the government to keep an eye on you and other tourists. The cost of Sri Lanka visa depends upon your duration and the purpose of the visit. The Sri Lanka tourist e-visa application has now become a straightforward process. All you need to do is follow the simple steps and have all the required documents in hand to be eligible for the e visa.

1. How to check the status of your visa application in Sri Lanka?

You can check the status of your visa through the website you have applied for ETA. While applying for a visa, you must have received a reference number, which you have to jot down in a notebook. You can use it to check the status. While receiving the information on ETA, you should check it thoroughly. Then take the printout of the visa.

2. Do I need the tickets before I apply for ETA?

Yes, you will need the ticket in your hand before applying for the ETA Sri Lanka. Eta requires every sort of personal detail.


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Sri Lanka has always been the favourite place for Tourists. Sri Lanka is also referred to as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The cost of a Sri Lanka visa is not significantly less. The golden beach has made Sri Lanka an exotic holiday destination with its scenic beauty, rich flora, and fauna. It is also known for its ayurvedic treatment and historical information. People are travelling to Sri Lanka for their Shopping therapy and need to know how much a Sri Lanka visa cost, Sri Lanka visa requirements, and an e visa application for Sri Lanka. The country has a great collection of the Gems and Jewels, fine wood carving porcelain, pottery, spice, and tea. Although the cost of the Sri Lanka visa process can rise a little, the Sri Lanka visa process is feasible.

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