Tanzania e-visa key details

Tanzania e-visa key details

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Tanzania e-visa key details

Tanzania is a place where there's something for every traveler. Beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife, there's no reason why Tanzania shouldn't be on your list to spend your next holidays.

However, you can't just land in Tanzania on a whim. There are basics to go through - we are talking about visas, obviously.

What is the Tanzania visa policy?

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The Tanzania visa policy explains who can enter the country and what types of visas are available for that purpose. Based on the traveler's nationality, he may or may not require a visa to enter Tanzania. The purpose and duration of stay of the traveler also fall under the above purview.

As of now, citizens from over 40 nations are not required a Tanzania visa to enter the country for short trips, and they can stay in the country for 3 months.

All the other foreign citizens need a Tanzania visa to enter the country, be it a Tanzania on arrival visa (also known as Tanzania visa on arrival) at a border entry point, an e Visa through online application, or a Tanzania Embassy visa from a Tanzanian diplomatic mission.

Citizens who want to visit Tanzania can apply for Tanzania on arrival visa, but note that the process is quite a lengthy one - you will have to stand in queue for the application to get processed at the immigration checkpoint. Plus, you also need to pay Tanzania on arrival visa fees in US currency.

More than 150 nations allow citizens to opt for Tanzania e Visa - the citizens can submit an application for an e Visa online and pay the Tanzania visa fees online. This eliminates the need for the citizens to visit a government diplomatic office or, worse, wait in a queue at the border to apply for Tanzania visa.

Those foreign citizens who are not eligible for Tanzania e Visa can choose to apply for the Tanzania Embassy visa in person at the nearest Tanzania Embassy or Consulate. You need to make your appointment in advance. Also, it's a must to indicate the travel document type the applicant needs for their stay, whether it be a study visa, work visa, student visa, or tourist visa.

Currently, there are no Tanzania visa bans for any foreign citizens.

Note that the Tanzania visa policy is the same as that of Zanzibar, so most travel permits are the same as each other.

How to get a Tanzania visa?

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To get a Tanzania visa, there are three ways to go about it:

- Applying for a Tanzania e Visa online 

- Applying for a Tanzania on arrival visa (also known as Tanzania visa on arrival) at the immigration checkpoint

- Applying for Tanzania Embassy visa at the Tanzania Consulate or Embassy

What are the requirements for Tanzania visa?


To meet the requirements for the Tanzania visa, it's a must that you take note of the following:

- Passport (valid for 6 months) with at least 1 blank page

- An image of the passport information page

- A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant

- Copy of flight tickets (onward or return)

- Cash to pay the Tanzania visa fees, or credit/debit card, if you are applying for a Tanzania e Visa

- A valid eMail address to receive the approved application letter and visa grant notice, if you have applied for Tanzania e Visa

If you have applied for Tanzania e Visa, then you must take a printout of the copy of the visa grant notice and approved visa application letter. You need to present it at the border control of Tanzania - it will allow you expedited entry to the country.

How to apply for Tanzania visa?


As mentioned above, there are three ways by which you can apply for Tanzania visa.

- By online application (also known as e Visa)

- At the immigration checkpoint (better known as Tanzania visa on arrival)

- At Tanzania Consulate or Embassy (also known as Tanzania Embassy visa)

For the sake of the article, we will focus on the first process - that is, applying for Tanzania visa online.

What isTanzania e Visa?

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Introduced in November 2018, Tanzania e Visa is an electronic visa that allows eligible citizens to enter Tanzania.

Note that the visa can be obtained online exclusively; thus, it is called e Visa. With obtaining the e Visa online, you don't need to visit Tanzania's diplomatic mission in person to submit your visa application or even wait in line at the immigration centers at the Tanzanian border.

As of now, citizens from over 150 nations can apply for Tanzania e Visa online.

Tanzania e Visa can be issued for either a single-entry Tanzania e Visa or a multiple-entry Tanzania e Visa. A single-entry Tanzania e Visa can be issued for 30 days. Its total validity is 3 months from the arrival date.

The multiple-entry Tanzania e Visa allows a citizen to stay in the country for 3 months with a gap of 180-days period. The total validity of the multiple-entry Tanzania visa is 12 months from the arrival date.

Applying for Tanzania e Visa is a simple process and can be completed in only a few minutes. Once the application is processed, take a printout of the visa application notification letter and the approved visa grant notice you will receive in your eMail that you will provide during your visa application process online.

What is Tanzania e Visa processing time?

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The Tanzania e Visa processing time is not much - it only takes 5 to 10 business days for the visa application to get processed.

It's best to apply for the Tanzania e Visa a few days before your departure to the country. That way, you will get your Tanzania e Visa in advance, plus, you won't have to wait in line at the immigration centers at the Tanzanian border.

What does Tanzania e Visa cost?


Note that the Tanzania e Visa allows for a 'multiple entry' e Visa and 'single entry' e Visa.

The Tanzania e Visa cost for a multiple entry visa is USD 100, and for a single entry visa, it's about USD 50.

How to track the Tanzania e Visa status?

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It's a given - after you have submitted your visa application online, you will want to track the Tanzania e Visa status.

For best results (that is, without the fear of cyber theft and cybercrime), experts have recommended that you apply for your visa application online on such sites that are trustworthy.

Check out their reviews and ratings - if all looks good, then you may proceed ahead. Often, there will be a feature in such websites where you can track your Tanzanian e Visa status online and keep yourself updated.

Do you need a Tanzania visa if you transit through Tanzania?


The citizens who require a visa, if they transit through Tanzania to another destination and plan to stay there for 7 days by leaving the airport - they are required to apply for a Tanzania transit visa.

The citizens who submit a Tanzania transit visa - they may be asked to provide proof of flight ticket (onward). They may also be asked for proof of a valid visa of the country where the final destination is located.

Note that the application for Tanzania transit visa, when approved, will be valid only for transit purposes through Tanzania. Under no conditions will the transit visa act as a Tanzania tourist visa.

Who doesn't need a Tanzania visa?


As of now, there are 50 nations from where the citizens are not needed to go for a Tanzania visa. They can stay visa free in the country for about 3 months.

Of the above-mentioned 50 nations, there are also a few nations that fall in Africa's eastern and southern parts. Citizens from these nations only need a passport (valid for 6 months) from the entry date for them to gain entry to Tanzania without a Tanzania visa.

If the traveler plans to stay in Tanzania for over 3 months, they will then have to apply for a visitor visa or any other type of visa, based on the purpose of travel at the nearest Tanzanian diplomatic office.

Citizens from Turkey, China, Brazil, and India also don't need a Tanzania visa to enter the nation if they hold a diplomatic, special, or official passport.

Certain citizens from foreign nations can apply for a Visa Exemption Certificate that will let them enter Tanzania without a visa. These citizens have to be diplomats and their spouses and children who are dependent on them, or foreign expatriates who are involved in government projects; also included are students from EAC member states, better known as the East African Community.

For the application of Visa Exemption Certificate, supporting documents such as the applicant's status are needed - it may include a cover letter, copies of birth certificate, a copy of a work permit.

Where is Tanzania e Visa accepted?


For the holders of Tanzania e Visa, that's good news. They can enter Tanzania through any seaport, and since Zanzibar also follows the same travel permits as Tanzania, the same Tanzania e Visa will do.

As for the holders of Tanzania e Visa who can enter Tanzania, their points of entry are listed as follows:

By land

- Tunduma Border Crossing

- Namanga Border Crossing

By air

- Abeid Amani Karume International Airport

- Julius Nyere International Airport

- Kilmanjaro International Airport

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