Why I can't bring water into airport?

Nargiz Mammadzade 20 March 2021 6424 views 5 min. read

Soaring through the clouds, seeing huge buildings up to a point, reaching where you want to go in a short time… Traveling by plane is a truly wonderful experience. However, some rules make this experience safe, such as having items not taken in the luggage on the plane. These prohibitions, imposed according to international rules, may vary according to different countries and airlines. If you have items that do not comply with the country's rules or the airline company during the airport check, they take them out of your luggage.

If you have some items in your luggage or hand luggage, you cannot get on the plane, and you will have to say goodbye to them. Separation is a difficult situation under any circumstances. To avoid this pain, we wanted you to know the prohibited items on airplane:

Prohibited items on airplane in hand luggage on board:

• Cutters and sharp objects

• Razor blades

• Pocket knife, scissors, scalpel

• Knitting needles, crochet

• Needle and syringe

• Kitchen knife, corkscrew

• Pointed umbrella

• Food and beverages

Can food be taken on board? You can take your snacks such as cakes, wafers, and biscuits with you. Alcohol and other liquids (more than 100 ml) that are not purchased from duty-free stores are prohibited.

What are the Under-Air Baggage Rules?

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We've seen some of the things that are prohibited in hand luggage on the plane. Well, can you put everything in your suitcase that will float with you under the plane? No, but the borders are wider under the plane. Fireworks, grenades, sparklers, acids, alkalis, compressed gases, all kinds of explosive-flammable substances are prohibited in the under-plane baggage, also called registered luggage. Apart from these, you can take your belongings under the plane wherever you want. Have a nice safety flight!

Let's concentrate more on the airport rules about drinks, to be exact, on liquids' rules.

Have you ever been stuck in airport security because someone at the airport violated almost all existing liquid substance rules? What is so dangerous about a bottle of water or your favorite perfume? Why I can't bring water into the airport? What size of water can you bring in to the airport? What do we know about the rules of water bottles in airport security?

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Does this have something to do with the pressure in the cabin? Could these fluids somehow damage the aircraft's navigation system? So, they ask you to put their cell phone on airplane mode - maybe there is some relationship between the two? I'm sure you understand what I've written so far; it's all about airport security.

We live in a different time now, and believe it or not. Some bad people put explosives into water bottles and even toothpaste tubes! And that is why some airport rules were imposed on air travel, "liquids, sprays, and gels."

However, airports and airlines may also have their own rules. For example, you may remember, in 2016, most airlines banned the potentially explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones from taking on airplanes!

The 100 ml Rule on Liquids and Medicine

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You can carry the liquids you buy from duty-free stores in their sealed bags and with their invoices. However, on connecting flights to EU countries or the USA, they may be prohibited even if they are in locked bags. Food products such as yogurt, pudding, and cream are also allowed up to 100 ml.

More details about buying Duty-Free in carry-on baggage


You can carry items in your hand luggage, including bottles of drinks purchased from Duty-Free shops in the airport's clean area. Purchases must be properly packed with a receipt enclosed.

Please note that Duty-Free bottles can only be carried on board once. If you are flying with a dock and at the next airport, you will again have security control - liquids from the "foreign" Duty-Free will, in most cases, be taken away and thrown away.

What size of water can you bring in to airport? We are not free to use any water bottles in airport security. There are some strict rules that everyone must follow. If you can pack perfumes and deodorants in a 20×20 transparent bag, you can take them with you. Know the following limit for liquids you can carry onboard and make your calculation: They must be in transparent bags with sealed mouths, each in containers of maximum 100 ml, not exceeding 1 liter in total.

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Generally, your hand luggage may contain liquids, gels, and sprays in containers of no more than 100 ml in volume. So, you can't take a bottle of shampoo with you, but you can split it all into smaller containers.

Also, don't assume that liquids are just about drinking things. Toothpaste, sunscreen, deodorant, beverage, or gel makeup are all toiletries that must follow the rules.

When it comes to children's food, you can take with you as much food or food as a young child (usually up to 2 years old) might need. Food for the babies over two years old (provided that the baby is also traveling on the plane and only the amount that may be needed for the duration of the journey) - At the checkpoint, airport security guards may request you to document the exception or taste the medicine/food/liquid.

What is included in the restrictions?

If we summarize, we can make a list:

• Any liquid including water, syrup, drink

• Creams, lotions, oils (including cosmetic oils), perfumes, all kinds of makeup, including mascara (except for solid lipsticks)

• Shaving foams, deodorants

• All kinds of pasty materials, including toothpaste

• Foods that are not solid such as jam, honey, yogurt, molasses, and tomato paste

• Contact lens fluids

• Shampoos

• Other substances similar to those listed above


Is it forbidden to carry medicine on the plane? The answer to the question is no up to 100 ml. Medication should be transported with a prescription stating the identity of the passenger or a medical report/document stating that the passenger should use these medicines, provided that they are in their original packaging. If you are taking any medication, you should get a certificate from your doctor showing the total amount you need during the flight.

But why is it possible to carry liquids with a volume of no more than 100 ml in hand luggage? Why exactly 100 ml? You can think, "Why I can't bring water into airport as much as I want?" Read on. We have found the answers to everything!

It turns out that the "100 ml" rule has been in effect at European airports for almost 15 years. This rule first appeared in Europe after an incident at one of the UK airports - the police detained a group of criminals with liquid bombs. It was then that it was considered that liquids in containers up to 100 ml and a total volume of up to 1 liter did not pose a threat - "roughly speaking, having such a volume of flammable liquid on board, dangerous ignition is unlikely." As you can see, when we talked about "bad people," we were pretty serious. It is the reason why they do not allow water bottles in airport security yet since this incident. Airport employees are not yet able to distinguish between highly hazardous substances and household liquids and medicines. Although some US airports, for example, are testing new scanners, which may soon solve this problem and make the flight more convenient.


Of course, all kinds of weapons, explosive-flammable materials are strictly prohibited on the aircraft. What about the lighter? You are only allowed to carry one lighter in your cabin baggage.

If you have any prohibited items in your bag before check-in, you can either give them to your escort to the airport or put them in your car in the parking lot waiting for you when you return.

In any case, if the item needs to be confiscated, but if it is, for example, of moral value, explain the situation to the airport security staff. There is probably some way they can preserve that item. Confiscated items are kept at the airport until they are returned to their owners. Only get some document from the airport that gives you the right to retrieve this item, not to be confiscated forever.

In conclusion, we learned that the answer to our question "Why I can't bring water into airport?" is a horrible experience people have experienced. I believe that people who read this article will be more aware of the answer to the question "What size water can you bring in to airport?"

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