The 10 magnificent architectures of Zaha Hadid

The 10 magnificent architectures of Zaha Hadid

Vusala Senem Mikail17 December 20193197 views7 min. read
The 10 magnificent architectures of Zaha Hadid

Who is Zaha Hadid? She was called the Queen of the Arcs. The Iraqi-born Zaha Hadid created neo-futuristic architectural samples, was able to develop original architectural designs in her projects by opposing the principle of wholeness in the designs and destroying traditional architectural stereotypes. While speaking of Zaha Hadid and architecture, sharp-edged, deconstructive, and new structures dominated by metal structures, free from accustomed geometric figures, come to mind. It would not be right to refer her projects to a particular style. Creative combinations of several styles provide striking examples of architecture. These examples of craftsmanship, which are the product of her imagination, appeal to the future. If you wonder where is most of Zaha Hadid architecture, Zaha Hadid works were constructed in many countries around the world. Here are the 10 best works of Zaha Hadid

1. Morpheus Hotel

morpheus hotel

The view of this Zaha Hadid architecture - a 40-story hotel officially opened on June 15, 2018, in Macau, is quite attractive. The building is rated as "the world's first free-form high-rise exoskeleton." Due to the geometric networks decorating the facade, a more aesthetic interior is created without the need for interior walls and columns. Gaps in the rectangular hotel add a unique individuality. The hotel, which is part of Dream City Macau, has 750 rooms, suites, spa centres, restaurants, and showrooms.

2. Galaxy Soho

galaxy soho

The Galaxy Soho is the Business Center, which was built in 2009-2012 in Beijing, China. The complex consists of four main domed structures fused by bridges. Zaha Hadid's most significant source of inspiration has always been nature. This design also features avant-garde creativity inspired by a traditional Chinese courtyard. There are entertainment venues, offices, restaurants, and famous brand boutiques in the Center.

3. Riverside Museum

riverside museum

One of Zaha Hadid most famous buildings examples is in Scotland. On the bank of the Clyde River, the Riverside Museum of Transport pleases the eyes with an awe-inspiring view. The facade of a zigzag-shaped roof is completely covered with glass panels. The roof and sidewalls of the 36-meter-high structure are made of zinc panels. More than 3000 exhibits are on display in the museum. All kinds of retro cars and locomotives are introduced to visitors. Waving view from the sky creates a whole landscape pattern, uniting with the Clyde River. One of the main advantages of Zaha Hadid's projects is their adaptation to their existing locations. This example is loyal to the same style.

4. Heydar Aliyev Center

heydar aliyev centre

One of the most popular Zaha Hadid architecture is located in Baku, without going too far. Construction of the Center was completed in 2012. Hadid remained true to her creativity in this project, leaving the sharp geometric shapes and designed the building in a wavy form as a symbol of endlessness. The Heydar Aliyev Center combines futuristic and postmodernist elements. The synthesis of the dynamic structure with white symbolizes the bright future. Zaha Hadid was awarded the Designer of the Year in 2014 for the design of the Center in the 15.93-hectare area.

winton gallery

Among the construction goals of a gallery in London is to display the role of mathematics in human life. There is Handley Page, a 1929 production aircraft, hanging from the ceiling in the centre of the gallery. The airflow concept is used in the design of the magnificent building, and the three-dimensional curves surround the aircraft as the airflow. The combination of these white colour curves with purple lights makes them even more noticeable. There are over 100 exhibits in science, engineering, technology, and math in the gallery. The importance of the mathematical knowledge that is changing and influencing the world in all fields is displayed here. The introduction of the scientific achievements over the past 400 years in Zaha Hadid's design in Zaha Hadid buildings can be considered as the mathematical embodiment of aesthetics.

6. Beijing Daxing Airport

When did Zaha Hadid die? Although Iraqi-born Zaha Hadid died in 2016, her projects are still under construction. There was the opening ceremony of the world's largest international airport designed by Zaha Hadid on the 70th anniversary of China on September 25, 2019. The airport with an area of 27 km2 or 98 football pitches can accommodate 268 aircraft. It will also operate as the largest terminal. The annual passenger capacity is projected to be 72 million by 2025. New generation technologies are used in the airport. The magnificent Zaha Hadid project, with radio frequencies, facial recognition systems, and a particular train line that combines the airport with the city centre, is built in the form of a five-lane building. It is possible to see the harmony of wavy and curly elements instead of the sharp lines.

7. Bach Pavilion

bach pavilion

The music salon, which opened in 2009 as part of the Manchester Art Gallery, has a beautiful look. The gallery scene extends from the ceiling of the stage in the form of snakes or gymnast ribbon curls. At the same time, these curves provide better quality acoustic capabilities. The use of lycra material cut into large panels is regarded as a creative design solution. This elastic image relieves the heavy burden of classical music aesthetically.

8. Dongdaemun Design Plaza

dongdaemun design plaza

Dongdaeum's Plaza, Seoul, which has excellent functionality with a specific design solution, is built in a neo-futuristic style. The Center, covered with 45,000 aluminium panels, hosts fashion shows and exhibitions. There are also libraries and business centres here. The 30,000m2 parking area demonstrates traditional Korean gardening design. Layers stretching horizontally and vertically provide a breathtaking description of the ever-changing aspects of nature. Today, the plaza is a symbol of Korean youth. This one of the famous Zaha Hadid buildings, equipped with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient geothermal facilities, is known as the first architectural example of the country, incorporating the latest technological and innovative engineering achievements, both in terms of interior and exterior.

serpentine sackler gallery

Another Zaha Hadid architecture example in London is presented as a synthesis of history and modernism. The two parts, i.e., a classical 19th-century brick structure and the part designed by Hadid, are combined professionally. The architect has designed the curves covering the 200-year-old Gunpowder Store using fibrous materials in the form of a free-flowing coating. Hadid's earlier project, the MAXXI 21st Century Museum of Art, which combines history with modernity in Rome, was met with interest, and the gallery is in the spotlight as a continuation of this trend. The modern section with 5-steel columns is designed for cafes and events. As in other projects, a large part of the facade is covered with glass panels to increase the use of natural light effects.

10. Guangzhou Opera House

guangzhou opera house

The Opera House, with 1800-seat located near dual financial towers in downtown Guangzhou, China, is equipped with the latest acoustic innovations. Another 400-seat hall is for exhibitions. The design of the building was inspired by natural shapes: forms that emerged during erosion and geological impacts. Wavy shapes define interconnected boundaries within the building. Fluctuating waves rescue the building from the chaotic landscape. The moulded glass and fibre-reinforced plaster sections, as well as concrete slabs, were used in the construction. The appearance of the great Zaha Hadid project - Opera House is interpreted as "an architectural example combining traditional values, optimism, and ambitions." Also known as the "double pebble" project.

Of course, this best works of Zaha Hadid list can be extended further with other examples of Zaha Hadid most famous buildings, both built and not yet delivered. The London Watersports Center, Sheikh Zayed Bridge in the UAE, the Dominion Office in Russia, the Hong Kong Innovation Tower, and several projects in Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and the United States. Projects for brands like Chanel, Roco, BMW, and Beko, as well as installations in various locations, can be added to the list as well. The woman who adorns the world will undoubtedly remain in the limelight for many years as the Queen of Architecture with these magnificent designs.

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