The best hiking trails in Denmark

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You will be given information about long distance hiking trails in Denmark throughout this article. Let's firstly begin with imperative info that you can use when you travel to Denmark. Denmark is a country in northern Europe that consists of the peninsula of Jutland and an archipelago of over 400 islands to the east of the peninsula; that is the first information you should know when you get your Denmark visa from Pickvisa! The island of Vendsyssel-Thy (4,685 square kilometres), separated from the mainland by the Lim Fjord, makes up more than two-thirds of Jutland's total land area. Zealand (Sjlland; 7,031 square km), Vendsyssel-Thy, and Funen are the country's three largest islands (Fyn; 2,984 square km). Denmark, along with Norway and Sweden, is part of the Scandinavian region of northern Europe. Copenhagen, the country's capital, is primarily located in Zealand, the country's second-largest city and Jutland's major urban centre, and one of the best spots for hiking in Denmark near Copenhagen. Despite its small size and population, Denmark has had a significant impact on European history. Danes and other Scandinavians reshaped European society when the Vikings embarked on marauding, trading, and colonizing expeditions in prehistoric times. Through the power of the Kalmar Union, the Danish crown dominated northwestern Europe during the Middle Ages. Denmark established trading alliances throughout northern and western Europe and beyond in later centuries, shaped by geographic conditions favouring maritime industries, particularly the United Kingdom and the United States. Denmark also developed humane governmental institutions and cooperative, nonviolent approaches to problem-solving, making a significant contribution to world culture. Now, you know some basic information about Denmark, it is time to ask deeper questions like "Where to buy hiking backpacks in Denmark?" and we are already there!

Long distance hiking trails in Denmark

boserup skov roskilde

Denmark is an underappreciated trekking destination; despite the lack of high peaks, the beautiful and changing landscape offers many delightful hiking routes Denmark is just waiting to be discovered.


stepping stones

Haervejen, also known as the Ox Road in English, is perhaps the best hiking place in Denmark. It stretches the length of Jutland from the German border to Hirtshals, with parts dating back more than 4,000 years. Pilgrims, armies, and merchants have used the 500-kilometer trail throughout history, but it is now a well-organized hiking and cycling trail that passes through heathland, forests, dunes, and farmland. You have the option of taking a 14-day, seven-day, or one-day walk. If you choose the longer hiking routes Denmark, you can spend the night at one of the 12 hostels along Haervejen, which provide hikers with simple food and lodging.


camonoen hiking route

For hiking in Denmark near Copenhagen, we have to first approach CamOnoen. Camnoen is Denmark's friendliest hiking trail, stretching 175 kilometers around the towns of Mn, Nyord, and Bog. Mns Museum is a good place to start because you can learn more about what to see, book lodging, and print a personalized hiking map there. Mns Klint, a 100-meter-high white limestone cliff with a sheer drop into the sea, is one of the area's highlights. An experience centre with interactive exhibits, a state-of-the-art 3D movie theatre, and guided tours along the cliffs is also located here. Camnoen is part of the Sjllandsleden trail, which spans Zealand's entire island.


vejle in southern jutland

For hiking in Denmark, Bindeballestien is among the best choices. Bindeballestein at Vejle is a 36-kilometer walking and cycling trail that winds through the beautiful Vejle dal valley, providing views of ever-changing but always spectacular nature as well as numerous cultural heritage sites. Heather-covered hills and dunes, Ice Age slopes, gorges, and forests, as well as an Iron Age sacrificial bog, make up the landscape. Other sights to see include reconstructed Iron Age farms, 13th Century frescoes, the historic Haraldskr Hovedgrd Hotel, Iron Age museum, and the nature centre. Allow a couple of days for your walk to get the most out of it. The trail comes to a close in Billund, home to an airport, the Lalandia holiday resort, and the world-famous LEGOLAND.



A historical coastal path winds along the Bornholm coast, passing through a diverse landscape of cliffs, sandy beaches, and unspoiled nature. The trail also passes through a number of small fishing villages and charming towns where you can find a place to stay as well as a good meal. In other words, this is the perfect trail for anyone looking to get a taste of Danish hygge. If you want long distance hiking trails in Denmark, this palace is for you! The total distance travelled is close to 120 kilometres. It can be completed in three days, but a week is recommended if you want to see everything and take your time. The Bornholm Rundt March is held from June 30 to July 2 and covers the entire route for three days.


ohavsstienCopyright: @visitfaaborg

Ohavsstien on southern Funen is one of long distance hiking trails in Denmark at 220 kilometres. It winds its way through a lovely cultural landscape of poppy fields and country estates, never far from the sea. The trail is divided into seven stages, which can be broken down into shorter day hikes. The Sydfynske includes descriptions of all the stages and suggestions for what to see along the way. Parts of Ohavsstien are on the Fjallraven Classic Denmark route, a major hiking event this year at the end of June. Why not combine your hike on Funen with a visit to one of Denmark's castles, such as Valdemar's Castle, which dates from the 17th century?

Coast to Coast trail

wadden sea national park

You'll see some of Denmark's most beautiful nature on this walking trail across Jutland. The Wadden Sea National Park's tidal waters and the wild North Sea at Blvandshuk give way to gentle river valleys, forests, heaths, and hills. The trail hiking in Denmark for this region is 130 kilometres long, and you can stay at basic camping sites with water, toilets, and campfires along the way. Along the way, you'll see lighthouses, nature centres, Medieval churches, and German bunkers, as well as plenty of tempting stores to stock up on supplies where you find the answer to your question about where to buy hiking backpacks in Denmark. If you purchase a fishing license, you can also catch your evening meal in the River Varde, which is known for having some of Denmark's best salmon waters.

Hiking in Odense Denmark

colored traditional houses

The city is densely forested, with trees flanking major thoroughfares and the Odense River running straight through the heart and is considered the best hiking place in Denmark. We believe that all of the greenery contributes to Odense's pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Fyn is known as Denmark's garden, and Odense is frequently referred to as Fyn's capital. The city is densely forested, with trees flanking major thoroughfares and the Odense River winding its way through the city's heart. We believe that all greenery contributes to Odense's calm and relaxed atmosphere - green is good for the soul.

Munkemose Park

open air theatre in the park munkemose

We continue our hiking in Odense Denmark tour with Munkemose Park. Odense Municipality purchased the land from Munke Mlle's factories in 1881 to keep it free of buildings. It was a low-lying bog and meadow area that was used for grazing and hay production in part. During the winter, it was frequently flooded by the creek and used for skating. Chr. Dhnfeldt, a seed wholesaler, offered to pay 2/3 of the park's construction costs in 1912 and contacted the landscape architect. Except for regular traditions like May Day events and the last day of school, Munkemose is now primarily used for spontaneous outdoor life.

Klosterhaven, Medicinal Herbs

denmark monastery gardens

An antique wrought iron gate just down the street from the cathedral directs you to Klosterhaven (The Monastery Garden). Many people consider this one of the city's most beautiful gardens, as it was designed to look and feel authentic and timeless. This monastic garden is a geometrically structured landscape with many interesting details. Relax in it or explore it. It consists of a tiny atrium garden, Fratergrden, with spring bulbs and perennials, designed by architect I. P. Sorensen in the 1920s.

The Fairy Tale Garden

fairy tale garden

When you get your Denmark visa from Pickvisa, you should visit the fairy tale garden. The fairytale garden is located near Odense, just behind Odense Cathedral and Odense City Hall. You can cross the river to the rotunda, a small circular island in the garden, via a lovely wooden bridge. The beds here are bursting with spring bulbs, dahlias, and perennials depending on the season, and you can sit on the benches and enjoy the view. The quaint wooden staircase that runs alongside the water invites you to sit and watch the ducks and water. The H.C. Andersen statue, designed by Louis Hasselris, was installed in the garden in 1949. Erik Heide's 1985 sculpture The Paper Boat floats down the river, and there are several additional sculptures throughout the park. The rotunda pergola, garden bridges, and Chinese wall were designed and built with high-quality materials, befitting a town hall garden. The original pergola featured a lovely diamond-shaped bed design.

Kongens Have (King's Garden) in Odense

kings garden

On the basis of a plan by Johann Cornelius Krieger, Kongens Have was laid out as a Baroque garden in the 1720s. Although much has changed since then, remnants of the original garden can still be found. Today, the garden is frequently used as a backdrop for outdoor cultural events such as open-air concerts and carnivals.

Botanical Garden

culture botanical garden

The Cultural Botanical Garden is a green park in Odense, but it has a distinct personality. The municipality wants to use the garden for a variety of purposes, including as a common green space, an inspiration garden for garden lovers, and a training location for kindergartens and schools.

What inspired the creation of the Cultural Botanical Garden?

different sorts of hostaArne Emdal

, a teacher, founded the garden in 1948. Odense School Systems used to own the garden, formerly known as the Botanical Garden for Schools. You might obtain botany training and plants to take home here. The garden was then given over to the park department of Odense Municipality.

What plants can you find in the garden today?

rhododendron luteum

Many interesting trees and shrubs can be found in the garden-like section. Buckthorn, yew, and hornbeam are examples of Danish species. Among the foreign species are Chinese water fir, linden, and a Hungarian chestnut species.

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