12 Instagrammable places in Copenhagen

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12 Instagrammable places in Copenhagen
capital of Denmark and the healthiest city on the planet. A city for lovers of cycling and a healthy lifestyle. The most visited city in Scandinavia, which welcomes guests at any time of the year. This city with a high standard of living is ready to boast of its centuries-old history because it is one of the oldest in Europe. Of course, he is always ready to let in fans of modern social networks and, in particular, Instagram. Below we will describe what to see in Copenhagen and twelve places to visit in Copenhagen that perfectly fit this social network.

1. S-trains

s-trains Many of the most common routes to Copenhagen are via the railway. Already there, at the train station, there is a great opportunity, without making long routes, to go to explore the city. Copenhagen's public transport system is one of the best in Europe. Especially popular among all public transport in the city, both for tourists and for local residents, is the high-speed urban rail transport system S-trains. Especially if you have no idea where is Copenhagen and what you will do in it. S-trains is an open urban transport system, similar to the metro, but not related to the metro. Here, in the trains that cut through the historic center of Copenhagen and even its suburbs, you can enjoy the city you just arrived in. While sitting on the train, you can open your notebook at the same time as the camera, write the title "Copenhagen attractions" and start writing a list of what you see in order to visit Instagrammable places in the near future. Even if you do not, we will help you with this in this article.

2. Streets of Copenhagen

copenhagen street What to see in Copenhagen? The first step in the list of "Copenhagen attractions" is best to add its streets. Just the central streets of the city. After all, it is rare that any city in the world can boast that its ordinary streets are excellent Instagrammable places in themselves. Especially if you look from the side of tourists coming for a few days. Copenhagen is the city of Hans Christian Andersen. It is worth a short walk through the small streets that have existed for several centuries, as soon as there is a feeling that this city has descended from the pages of fairy tales. Multi-colored houses that carry the Andersen flavor, smoothly flowing into the reservoirs that tell you where is Copenhagen located - on three islands. Copenhagen's central streets are something special. On them, you can feel like a hero of a fairy tale and take most liked Instagram photos that will remain for a long time not only in the vast world wide web, but also in your head.

3. City Hall Square

city hall square In this case, we are talking not only about the square itself but also about everything that surrounds it. The high-rise brick building in the "Art Nouveau" style, which once housed the city hall – is just the beginning of a long journey. A curious fact. On one of the towers of the City Hall, residents of Copenhagen can monitor the weather. The tower is always dominated by the figure of a girl. By the way, she is dressed, people can judge how to dress themselves. Where the Town Hall ends, the Stroget begins. The most popular Danish pedestrian area, highly popular with both tourists and locals. The pedestrian zone, filled, like many of its world counterparts, with numerous cafes, Instagrammable views, and souvenir shops, stretches for one and a half kilometers and is considered one of the main places in the city according to the criterion of "Copenhagen Attractions". Curiously enough, even at night, life on Stroget does not subside, and local artists and musicians continue to delight passers-by with their creativity. If on one side of the zone is the City Hall, then on the other side it rests on a round tower-a brick building of the university observatory, built back in the XVII century.

4. Orestad area

skyscraper There is always an Orestad for each Plot. This is the "city of the future", the buildings of which amaze any modern person. For 15-20 years of its existence, the district has managed to acquire its own attractions, each of which is a miracle of the architecture of the XXI century. The most remarkable miracle of architecture in this area is the "House-eight", aka "8TALLET". Denmark's largest residential complex with an area of 62,000 square meters. At one time, the residential complex managed to receive several awards for architectural achievements, and in 2011, at the World Architecture Festival, it was dubbed the best home for life. This remarkable place for photos is so successful that it is even open to tourists. People regularly come here to touch the wonder of modern architecture, but we should not forget, as the local administration constantly reminds us, that "8TALLET" is private property.

5. Monument to the Little Mermaid

monument to the little mermaid Copenhagen what to see. People sometimes call Copenhagen the city of Hans Christian Andersen. Of course, there are many tourist attractions dedicated to the greatest storyteller in Denmark and not only. That's just the monument to the Little Mermaid does not apply to them. The sculpture was conceived by the son of a local "beer king", and it is not dedicated to the heroine of a famous fairy tale, but to a ballerina, whose image the rich son wanted to perpetuate. He paid all the expenses for the creation of the sculpture, which later became associated with Hans Christian Anderson because of the similarity to the image and position on the stones in the middle of the sea. No Hans Christian Anderson city tour is complete without a visit to the sculpture known as the Little Mermaid Monument. If you score in the search for "Copenhagen attractions", then, most likely, this girl will be in the first place. It is one of the main symbols of the city, and it is worth looking at it and taking a picturesque photo. Then go to less obvious, but no less interesting Instagrammable places to visit in Copenhagen.

6. Agnete and the Merman

agnete and the merman Continuing the theme of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales, it is impossible not to mention another sculpture. An underwater sculpture based on the same fairy tale. That is, again, not really. The story of the unfortunate love of a sea creature for a man is an old Danish legend, which was interpreted in its own way by the great storyteller. A young peasant woman was walking along the shore until she accidentally stumbled upon the water. "Come with me," said the sea creature. The girl immediately fell in love with him, began to live in the depths of the sea and gave birth to seven sons. However, as time went on, the peasant woman became homesick. She begged her husband to go ashore, to which, after much thought, he agreed, but with a few conditions: do not see your mother, do not kneel, and do not let your hair down. Of course, the girl did not fulfill any of these conditions and did not return to the sea. Since then, the Merman and his sons have been waiting for her. So you can see the sea creatures waiting under the water, albeit as a sculpture.

7. Blue Planet Aquarium

blue planet aquarium Again, the water attractions of Copenhagen. Technically, the aquarium is located in the suburbs of the Danish capital, but it is easily accessible by public transport, so this does not count. The aquarium begins to impress with its appearance even before you look inside. Located on the shore of the Oresund Bay, the building of the aquarium seems to continue. A large building in the shape of a sea wave by its appearance alone hints that miracles are happening inside. As soon as you are distracted from the huge sculpture of the sea wave, it's time to go to the aquarium. Several aquariums located inside will introduce you to the great variety of marine life that lives there. The aquarium "Ocean" will introduce you to ferocious sharks, "Evolution" - with such ancient inhabitants of the seas and oceans as turtles and alligators, "Coral Reef" - with bright sea fish living among corals, and the inhabitants of "Cold Water" - sturgeon, flounder and others. This aquarium can also be considered a continuation of the fairy tales of Andersen because here you will see a truly magnificent fairy-tale underwater world.

8. Tivoli Gardens

tivoli gardens Tivoli Gardens is one of the best places to visit in Copenhagen. According to statistics, the park is visited by about 5 million visitors annually. This is the most visited place where is Copenhagen located. Since 1841, when King Christian VIII founded the park in order to "provide the masses with suitable entertainment and fun", the park has grown increasingly and has become one of the most interesting sights in Copenhagen. Tivoli Copenhagen Park is one of the most Instagrammable places for city residents, and they constantly come here to enjoy the beauty of nature and attractions. It is no wonder that the park is very popular among children. The vegetation of the park is bright flower beds, lush trees, under the crowns of which there are convenient paths. Various performances are constantly taking place on the open stage, and this beautiful picture is completed by a picturesque lake. In winter, when the lake freezes, it becomes the main skating place of the city. Colorful skaters who like to dress up here to attract attention will be the best addition to the winter Instagram session under the hashtag Tivoli Park Copenhagen.

9. Heads and Tails Program Copenhagen

park in copenhagen Even many of those who do not have a TV know and love this program. The experience of its presenters getting to Copenhagen is one of the most interesting issues. The presenters of "Heads and Tails", like me, are well aware that Copenhagen is a place where fairy tales come to life, and they were happy to visit here. Colorful houses from the pages of children's fairy tales, parks, and castles that descended into the real world. All this and much more was in a documentary called Heads and Tails Copenhagen. In a city where the most popular mode of transport is a bicycle, you can easily spend a day or more with a hundred dollars in your pocket. The hosts of the program, of course, are aware, and you can also walk around it in the same way, collecting all the places that flashed in this program and make them Instagrammable under the hashtag Heads and Tails Copenhagen.

10. Tuborg Tower

tuborg tower The list of "What to see in Copenhagen" has a lot of interesting things, but not all places are tourist attractions. Many Instagrammable places that will look good in your Instagram profile, you will not find in any tourist guide about the city. As an example, the Tuborg tower. Although the locals are famous for their healthy lifestyle, beer is considered a part of the culture and one of the national symbols of Denmark. In particular, the locals love Tuborg beer. They love it so much that they even put up a monument to a bottle of this elixir with a height of as much as 26 meters. This bottle is an interesting exhibit in itself, but you can go even further with this exhibit. Or more precisely, higher. A hydraulic elevator mounted in a bottle will take you to the traffic jam, where there is an observation deck with a view of Copenhagen. The bottle is a decent distance from the city center, but it's worth it.

11. Mirror house

mirror house There are many people who like to post most liked Instagram photos of the mirror, and not only on Instagram. For this purpose, there is even a whole house in Copenhagen – a mirror house. It is located in the central park of the city. And, of course, the house reflects the trees of the park, creating a picturesque landscape right in the mirror. This fits perfectly into the park's surroundings, complementing the atmosphere of the local flora.

12. Copenhagen Traditions

amalienborg castle Many cities and countries have their own strange Copenhagen traditions. As for Copenhagen, it's a reason for Instagram in general. Special mention should be made of baby teats suspended from bridges and park trees. This is a rite of farewell for three-year-olds from Copenhagen to their infancy. When children no longer need pacifiers, their parents hang up the last used products in special places. Like the Russian tradition of hanging locks on bridges, in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark it is done with women's nipples. It is worth walking around the city in search of such places – you will find a lot of them.

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