The best hiking trails in Egypt

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The best hiking trails in Egypt
African country in the northeastern part of the continent. The Nile River valley and delta, in Egypt's core, was home to one of the ancient Middle East's most important civilizations and, like Mesopotamia further east, one of the world's first urban and literary communities. Pharaonic Egypt flourished for over 3,000 years, surviving through a succession of native dynasties and brief periods of a foreign administration. Urban Egypt became a vital element of the Hellenistic civilization after Alexander the Great conquered the region in 323 BCE. The city of Alexandria grew into an advanced literary culture under the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty, but the Romans seized Egypt in 30 BCE. It was a part of the Roman Republic and Empire until it was conquered by Arab Muslim soldiers in 639–642 CE, and subsequently became part of Rome's successor state, the Byzantine Empire. Egypt is located within the North African desert region, hence its climate is characterized by low annual precipitation and a wide seasonal and diurnal (day) temperature variance, with sunshine throughout the year and lets it be awesome for hiking trails in Egypt. Cyclones in the desert cause sandstorms or dust storms known as khamsins (Arabic: "fifties," as they are said to occur 50 days per year), which are most common from March to June and are caused by tropical air from the south moving northward as a result of the Sudanese low-pressure system's extension northeastward. A khamsin is marked by a rapid rise in temperature from 14 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (8 to 11 degrees Celsius), a drop in relative humidity (frequently to 10%), and dense dust; winds can approach gale force. Now, it is time to delve into your question of how to find hiking trails in Egypt. It is easy with the guide of Pickvisa!

Which hiking trails are open?

hiking in sinai desert You may feel the desire to reconnect with yourself from time to time by contemplating nature's wonders and tuning out from the city's bustle. Hiking in Egypt is a wonderful approach to enjoy adventure while experiencing exotic nature if you're the type who appreciates both. You will find the best places for hiking in Egypt in our article. With all of Egypt's wonders, the hiking trails in Egypt are located in some of the most beautiful regions, making them well worth a visit. Inhale some fresh air and explore Egypt's most stunning hiking paths. Get ready for your hiking shoes in Egypt, we are almost there!

Mount Catherine trail, the highest mountain in Egypt

saint catherine If you ask yourself what are the best hiking trails near me, Mount Catherine trail is the most relevant answer. The Mount Catherine trek, one of the most popular hiking in Egypt, passes through many mountains, natural springs, and historic ruins. This trip, which can take up to five days to complete – except climbing Mount Catherine, of course – allows adventurous individuals to camp in the middle of the wilderness. Your journey should begin at Egypt's highest settlement, Saint Catherine, where you'll climb for six kilometres to Naga Mountain, where you'll be able to take in the breathtaking views from this 1,830-meter peak in Egypt valley hiking trails. After that, you'll have 25 kilometres of climbing to complete, passing by natural blue ponds amid mountains, Abbas Basha's castle remains on Mount Abbas, and eventually, Saint Catherine's Monastery, where you may purchase original gifts.

Mount Moses, the biblical mount of Moses

mount moses Which hiking trails are open? Mount Moses is! Mount Moses is a less demanding hike than Mount Catherine, Egypt's tallest peak, despite the fact that it is more of a trek due to its inclines and declines, so be sure you put on your hiking shoes in Egypt. Even so, it's not an easy task. Mount Moses, also known as Jebel Al Tur or Mount Sinai, is 2,285 meters high and is revered by many religions as the location where Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, received Allah's divine commandments. As a result, for many, it's more than just a hike; it's following in Moses' footsteps. Hikers can reach the summit at any time of day, whether it's sunrise or sunset. The scenery is breathtaking in both cases and well worth the sore feet. You can also pay it a visit and call it a day because it's close to Saint Catherine's Monastery.

Coloured Canyon, the natural wonder of Egypt

stones and textures of the colored canyon When you get your Egypt visa from Pickvisa, make sure Coloured Canyon is on your list. The Coloured Canyon is located in the Sinai Peninsula, where the nearest town is Nuweiba, and requires an 800-meter climb. The canyon, which is easily accessible by 4WD, offers a variety of colours and tones, hence its name. The canyon's colours are the consequence of the Red Sea's receding tides at the time when the canyon's stone walls were produced by sandstone, limestones, and granite. After admiring the canyon's various textures, travel to Basata Eco-Lodge, one of Egypt's best eco-lodges, for a Bedouin-cooked lunch while camping and stargazing.

Blue Lagoon, turquoise blue water

blue lagoon Dahab has one of Egypt's most rewarding hiking trails and the best answer for your searching about the best hiking trails near me, as well as being a top diving destination with its colourful coral reefs and unique fish. It's classified as a coastal hike because it takes you through the crystal blue waters and mountains of Sinai, where you'll be greeted by Bedouins along the way. Start your hike at the Blue Hole, a popular diving spot around the world, then take a break at Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate for an authentic lunch before continuing on to your final destination, the Blue Lagoon, one of Egypt's best kitesurfing spots. While you're there, learn some new kitesurfing skills or simply go for a swim in the lagoon and spend the night at one of the lagoon's camps.

Wadi Degla Protectorate, national reserve in Egypt

wadi degla protectorate When you travel to Egypt, make sure you visit Wadi Degla Protectorate. The Wadi Degla Protectorate, a hike that takes you away from Cairo's overcrowding, is a place where you can escape city life without crossing its borders. The Wadi Degla Protectorate is about 30 kilometers long and is located in the Maadi district. It is one of Egypt's easiest – and most enjoyable – hikes due to its length and flat surface. The valley contains limestone rocks with a height of about 50 meters, as well as rain-carved canyons. There are also a variety of animals, including deer, mountain rabbits, red foxes, and a variety of insect and reptile species. Aside from hiking, visitors can participate in a variety of activities such as biking, cycling, running, barbecuing, camping, and mountain climbing.

The Valley of the Whales

whale valley The Valley of the Whales, also known as Wadi El-Hitan in Arabic, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the easiest and the best places for hiking in Egypt due to its flat paths. The valley is a proven location in terms of the evolution of the whale from a land-based animal to an ocean-going mammal, according to UNESCO's World Heritage Centre. One of the reasons many visitors flock to the Valley of the Whales, located in the Fayoum Oasis, is to see the fossil remains of the now-extinct Archaeoceti suborder of whales, as well as a fossil museum. Camping, sandboarding, kayaking, stargazing, barbecuing, horseback riding, and history exploring are just a few of the activities available.

Sahara Desert Hiking

walk in the desert How to find hiking trails in Egypt? You already have lots of sights, thanks to Pickvisa. Nothing else on the planet Earth compares to the world's largest desert. The majority of this desert area is off-limits to visitors, but there are some western regions in Egypt that are suitable for desert hiking. Some Egyptian tour operators can arrange a hiking trip into the Sahara Desert to see the void desert towns in the Siwa area in the north. The Sahara Desert — a "land" of orange, black, and white sandhills, as well as rock etched to supremacy by the wind — is the setting for this desert trek. Various areas such as the White Desert, the Black Desert, and the Crystal Mountain will be explored during the desert hiking trip. Visit the Valley of the Whales, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to see a 40 million-year-old whale skeleton, various fossils, Luxor's Valley of the Kings, and Alexander the Great's tomb. This desert hike is best done from October to April or early May, and it can take up to 12 days to complete.

Jebel Serbal, the best mountain in the Sinai Peninsula

jebel serbal Copyright: @lydiakamiel If you got your Egypt visa from Pickvisa, add Jebel Serbal to your hiking place list. Many people consider Jebel Serbal to be the best mountain in the Sinai Peninsula, but it is also one of the most difficult to climb. Despite the fact that it is not as high as a couple of other mountains in the area, the surrounding region is low, so the trail's ascent is the longest, driving up in a particularly steep crevasse. The treks to this mountain are only allowed to be led by the Qararsha tribe of Wadi Feiran. Between the awesome pinnacles on the top, there are basins with greenery enclosures, wildlife, and water sources. On reaching the summit, the views down to the drift on one side are breathtaking. The views of the Gulf of Suez and Wadi Firaan from the Jebel Serbal route are also spectacular. It's a difficult trek that will take three days to complete and is well worth the money.

Giza Trail

giza trail When many people think of Egypt, the first image that comes to mind is of the Giza Pyramids surrounded by a courteous caravan of camels. Attempting such a moment is a romantic dream of many tourists in Egypt. For an Egyptologist, a camel ride is an ideal way to see the country. Many visitors to Giza reserve a camel trek around the Pyramids in Egypt. A better idea is to investigate the desert behind the Pyramids, which makes for a stunning backdrop. Try to arrive just before sunrise or sunset to get a good view of the Pyramids, as well as the magical and resonant Call to Prayer emanating from many mosques. After that, mount a camel and ride it through the desert to the Great Pyramid's heart. At the Giza Pyramids, you can take a 2-hour camel ride at sunrise or sunset.

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