The best hiking trails in Finland

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The best hiking trails in Finland
where is Finland? It is a Nordic country bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Helsinki, the capital, is situated on a peninsula with surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. The 18th-century coastal fortification known as Suomenlinna, the trendy Design District, and various museums can all be found in Helsinki. The Northern Lights can be viewed in the Arctic Lapland province of Finland, which is a large wilderness. So it is one of the main reasons why people travel to Finland. If after your trip your friends ask you, "wait, where is Finland again?" there is no reason to be surprised as Finland is still a relatively unknown European country because of its remote location from major tourist routes. Yet, the country's various cultural and historical attractions, combined with its unspoilt natural settings, make it a perfect vacation spot for adventure lovers. The Finnish lakes are mainly located to the western side of the country, and the huge expanse north of the Arctic Circle, northern lights, and some of Europe's best winter sports, lies in the north of Finland. A country is a place of lush green woods, stunning Baltic Sea islands, and countless turquoise lakes. Thousands of wild creatures and birds call these pristine and stunning settings home, many of which may be viewed on organized wildlife tours and hiking in Finland. The country has one UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, seven National Hiking Areas, ten Wilderness Areas, 40 National Parks, over two dozen Nature Sites, and hundreds of open Wilderness Huts and Lean-to Shelters open to all hikers, backpackers, and in general all the adventure lovers. We could go on and on about the wonders of Finland, but there are a few things to consider before travel to Finland, one of which is the Finland visa. We understand how time-consuming the visa application process may be, especially if you organize a family vacation. However, there is no need to be anxious because our team of specialists is always there to help you with any queries or problems during the Finland visa application process. In any case, if you want further information on the visa restrictions for your intended destination, go to the "Services" area of the website and select your country of origin and destination. Overall, we can easily say that Finland is the best place to visit if you love nature because it has the cleanest environment in the world and four magnificent seasons that offer a variety of opportunities for varied outdoor activities. However, as you can see in the title of our article today, our focus is a bit different, and our focus will be on the best hiking trails in Finland, but what does "hiking" even mean? To put it most simply, we can say that hiking is a long, strenuous trek in the countryside, usually on trails or pathways. During the seventeenth century, walking for pleasure became popular in Europe. Now that we have learned many facts about Finland and already have information about hiking, we can proceed with finding out hiking routes in Finland and answering questions such as "what websites are best for hiking trails?" and so on. Backpacking blogs, apps and websites abound on the internet these days. Advice is never more than a click or two away when combined with the numerous internet hiking forums. However, what websites are best for hiking trails? Personally, my favourite is website and app for hiking is AllTrails. AllTrails is a fitness and travel smartphone app that is used for outdoor enjoyment. Hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and snow sports are all popular outdoor activities that use AllTrails. The program provides users with access to a trail map database that includes user-generated evaluations and photographs. It makes it way easier to allocate just the best hiking trails in Finland and worldwide.

1. Seitseminen National Parks

seitseminen national park Let us start with my personal favourite among hiking trails in Finland, Seitseminen National Parks. Seitseminen National Park is located in Finland's Ikaalinen and Ylojarvi municipalities. In 1982, the National Park was formed, and in 1989, it was extended, which has resulted in a growth of 45.5 square kilometres in size. The Park comprises a typical combination of upland and lowland coniferous boreal woods from the Suomenselka watershed. From Paroonin Taival to Seitseminen National Park, the trail's first stretch is known as Paroonin Taival. About 10 kilometres from Parkano. One of the best hiking trails for summer is the 1.8 km Circle Route on the Aarnipolku trail, which is encouraged to take when there is no snow on the ground, however the trail is also frequently utilized in the winter season. During this one-hour travel time, it is highly recommended to stay on the marked trails.

2. Hiking with huskies in Finland

hiking with huskies Husky walk is one of the best types of hiking in Lapland Finland. Doing activities that the huskies enjoy is the best approach to feel friendship with them. Walking with a husky allows you to focus on the present moment and feel the natural world like the huskies do. Walking with huskies can be difficult; therefore you should be in good shape. An experienced guide will lead this hike. The hiking with huskies in Finland will be a highlight of your trip and will provide you with an amazing experience. For a time, forget about your daily routine and immerse yourself in Finland's environment. Walking through the magnificent woodland, taking in the fresh air, and seeing the natural beauty of Finland while getting to spend some time with the huskies is the best thing ever.

3. Hiking in Helsinki Finland

hiking in oulanka national park Public transportation can reach national parks in less than an hour, and some paths start right in the city. In Helsinki, the right to explore nature is even guaranteed by law. It is natural if you don't immediately realize that another world awaits you right in the centre of Helsinki, given the city's beautiful architecture and the noise and bustle of the nation's capital. Keskuspuisto, Helsinki's "Central Park," is located just north of the Toolonlahti harbour. As a part of your hiking in Helsinki Finland, you can access the Pornaistenniemi nature route from the Old Town Rapids and then stroll across the duckboards to Lammassaari, a protected island in Viikki. Also, interestingly enough, the dense woodland provides a plethora of hiding spots for different wildlife species. Squirrels and hares are the most prevalent residents; however, elks can also be seen in Keskuspuisto.

4. Hiking places in East Finland

forest pond By being one of the best hiking places in East Finland, Nuuksio National Park is one of the 40 national parks of Finland. The Park, established in 1994, covers an area of forests and lakes in Espoo, Kirkkonummi, and Vihti. It is the second-closest national Park to Helsinki, behind the recently constructed Sipoonkorpi National Park, and is located northwest of the capital. Nuuksio National Park in Espoo has 33 kilometres of defined hiking paths, lean-to shelters, and camping areas. You may also go fishing, cycling, swimming, horseback riding, climbing, picking berries and mushrooms, and skiing in the winter. The Haukkalampi nature hut is the starting point for the Park's most popular hiking paths. The primary loops are 2 to 7 kilometres long and encompass a variety of terrain.

5. Hiking in Lapland Finland

summer hiking in lapland The Metsahallitus, Finland's Forest Administration, maintains official hiking areas in northern regions of the county, making hiking in Lapland Finland even easier. The Arctic Circle Hiking Area and the Inari Hiking Area are two of them. The Arctic Circle Hiking Area is about a 15- to 20-minute drive north of Rovaniemi's city. The hills here are moderate, and the hiking trails to the summit often open up, allowing you to gaze out across Arctic Finland. The pine and birch forests, as well as the dazzling waters of lakes and rivers, stretch out in all directions. Saana is possibly the most well-known of all Finland's fells, making the area one of the most magnificent hiking routes in Finland. This majestic fell has a stunning, one-of-a-kind silhouette, and the view from the summit is unforgettable. To reach the summit of Saana, you must trek for 4 kilometres. Make sure you are not in a hurry: this climb requires patience and energy because it's a rocky path. Isokuru is a lovely place to visit in the summer and autumn. To get to the bottom of the gorge, you must descend a series of steep stairs. The wooden path then takes you through some breathtakingly stunning settings, complete with ponds and lush Lappish forests. Kivitunturi is a small fell near the settlement of Savukoski in eastern Lapland. The route is around 6 kilometres long, with plenty of sights to see, including an exhilarating suspension bridge.

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