The best hiking trails in Grenada

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The best hiking trails in Grenada
Grenada made them feel as if they were in tales. They say that: yes, the country is small, but it has many hidden gems for you.p One of the favourite activities of tourists is hiking in Grenada Caribbean. As it is a hot topic, we decided to talk about Grenada hiking trails in our blog. You will learn where is Grenada, which tracks are the best, and so on.

Grenada Visa

grenada visa application form Where is Grenada? Grenada is located in the Caribbean Sea, and it consists of Grenada, Petite Martinique, and Carriacou. Do I need a visa to travel to Grenada? Grenada is one of the favourite places for tourists, but visiting the country is free for everyone. Only the visa-waiver nationalities have a right to visit island countries without undergoing any visa application process. All other foreign tourists must obtain a proper visa type. What are the types of visas? In general, we can divide the visa types into four categories: • Visa on Arrival. It is the type of visa that you can get at the entry gate. However, you must obtain a letter of pre-clearance before arriving in the country. It has two types: single and multiple entries. Depending on the entry count and nationality, the visa fee may vary. Generally, it is 100 USD for single and 250 for multiple entry visas. • Visa Before Arrival. Nationalities who are not eligible for the visa type above can apply for Visa Before Arrival. Differ from the first type, and tourists must apply in visa application centres, embassies, or consulates. Also, you should make your application several months before the intended trip because the processing time lasts 15-60 working days. The visa charges are the same as the visa on arrival. • Diplomatic Visa. Diplomats, heads of state, government officials, and their family members who want to visit the country must have a Diplomatic Grenada visa. There is not any application charge for this type, but such as other kinds, processing lasts 15-60 working days. • Student Visa. Some people want to study in Grenada. Those people can realize it by getting a visa for students. First of all, those foreigners should receive an acceptance letter from one of the institutions. Application charge, duration of visa processing, and place for application are the same as previous kinds. Moreover, you will need to provide some documents and details. You can get more thorough information about the Grenada visa by getting to the services section of our website. • Application form • Passport • Health insurance • Photo • Evidence of financial means • Documents for children • Photocopies

How to find hiking trails?

alltrails app There are plenty of questions that people want to know, and 'how to find hiking trails' is one of them. Actually, there are several ways to find it. You can learn about them before or after arriving. After this blog, you will already know some of the best tracks, but you can check or other websites to find more. Apart from this, after travelling to the country, you can obtain hiking maps in Grenada. These maps will give you basics about the tracks, and you can choose which ones to add to your list.

Lake Grand Etang

grand etang lake The first stop on our list is Lake Grand Etang. It is one of the most popular examples of Grenada hiking trails. We should mention that Grenada is known as the greenest island in the Caribbean. So, during your voyage, you will have a chance to enjoy the charming nature and biodiversity around you. One of the richest trails with such kind features is Lake Grand Etang. Here, you will see hummingbirds, the broad-winged hawk, mona monkey, lizards, frogs, and so on. Moreover, some lucky adventurers can see a mongoose or an opossum. Besides the lake, there is a forest, and at the heart of it, you will find an extinct volcano. You can explore the area on your own or join some tours.

Lake Circle Trail

lake in grenada One of the places that you will see in hiking maps in Grenada is Lake Circle Trail. It is a 7.4 kilometres long trail which is suitable for almost everyone. The trail doesn't have a very hard route. We can say that it has a moderate level. So, new beginners, people who go hiking with family can add this track to the list. While enjoying the charming nature, you can listen to songs of birds and relax. When is the best time for hiking? Most previous visitors say to hike Lake Circle Trail between May and October. Furthermore, you can take your dogs with you if they have a leash.

Seven Sisters Trail

seven sisters waterfall Copyright: @sailingsonder While talking about Grenada a-12 hiking trails, we are obliged to mention the Seven Sisters Trail. The name of the track originated from seven old trees, but unfortunately, just three of them are still there. The other four fell because they were so old. The total length of the track is three km, and you can start your journey from Clear Creek Campground or Bay Campground. As the trail is not long, one or two hours will be enough to finish. After discovering the whole area and finishing the track, you can go to the picnic area. You will find that area next to the entrance. Such as Lake Circle Trail, which is a dog-friendly place. So, your little friend can accompany you. However, don't forget to take a leash for a canine friend. When can I visit? The trail is available year-round. So, you can hike here whenever you want.

Mount Qua Qua

mount qua qua Being suitable for all skill levels is one of the best things about hiking and walking in Grenada. Regardless of which Grenada a-12 hiking trails you choose, you will enjoy that trip. So, Mount Qua Qua near Saint George is one of them. The trail has 4.3 kilometers in length and has a moderate level. During the 2-4 hours that you will spend here, you will enjoy the natural life of animals, relax by the lake, reach the top of Mount Qua Qua, and so on. The mesmerizing nature that surrounds you will make you feel as in a movie. Also, such as in other examples, you can travel with your dog (they should be leashed). When is the best period of the year? The period between February and September will be the best time for hiking and walking in Grenada, Mount Qua Qua.

Concord Falls

concord falls Copyright: @jenniferlovas As the territory of the country is not vast, hiking tracks are close to each other. Several minutes walking distance from the Mount Qua Qua trail, you can experience one of the greatest hiking in Grenada Caribbean. After passing through the forest and over the hills, you will reach charming waterfalls. People who expect to find just one waterfall will be surprised because there are three of them. The first and the lowest one is more suitable for people who just swim. If you want more, you can go to the second one, which is twenty minutes away. More curious visitors who want to see the most top point can travel for another two hours. We advise you to see all three of them and enjoy their beauty. The area is open for guests 24 hours, and most people say that they spent at least four hours in Concord Falls.

Levera National Park

ocean view from ievera With a 1.82 square kilometres area, Levera National Park offers the most outstanding coastal scenery of Grenada. As there is a beach, it becomes so crowded at weekends, but there are more than the beach in Levera National Park. Most importantly, it is a favourite place for nature lovers who travel to Grenada. The lagoon that you will find here is home to various kinds of animal species. The area is well-known for bird species such as black-necked stilts, herons, waterfowl, etc. So, while walking and discovering the spot, you can see plenty of people with cameras. Furthermore, the beach of Levera National Park is a hatchery for sea turtles. It is a protected area between May to September. But, you can watch this beautiful moment. So, as you see, the trail is full of gems. That is why you must add this area to your list. Keep in mind to take some photos. The national park has an excellent atmosphere for the most-liked photos.

La Sagesse Nature Centre

island of grenada It is the last walking track that I want to mention in my list. This place is an adorable zone for bird watching and hiking. That is why bird lovers must hike here. Besides hiking and bird watching, you can enjoy other tourist activities that are available in the area. You will find three beaches next to La Sagesse Nature Centre. I must mention that area is famous as a snorkelling spot.

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