10 reasons why you should travel to Grenada right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Grenada right now

Arzu Rasulova05 September 20201909 views9 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Grenada right now

We are familiar with a situation when you are continually looking for a place to spend your holiday. As you already are reading our blog post, you have got an idea of where to go. Maybe Grenada? But, wait. Where is Grenada? Grenada is a country located in the Caribbean Sea - the southern Grenadines island chain. This heavenly place is ideal for spending your summer holiday. After reading our blog post, you will be willing to go to Grenada. Therefore, we are going to present you 10 reasons why you should visit Grenada right now via answering various questions, such as “How to travel to Grenada?”, “How safe is Grenada for travel?” and “Why travel to Grenada Island?”. All you need to do is to read our blog post and have an idea of where to go and why to travel to Grenada. Let’s go!

1. Resorts


Grenda is a place that is suitable for everyone’s pocket. The resorts are the apparent evidence of this. In Grenada, one can find places to stay, starting from five-star hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses. Luxury lovers will be delivered the service and quality they were seeking. Prize-winning resorts will make your travel to Grenada Island even more delightful. Everything here - in these resorts can be personalized according to the wishes of the visitors. Grenada resorts have a lot to offer, even for a cost-effective vacation. You do not need to worry about your budget if you are planning a trip to Grenada. All you need to do is to relish yourself!

One of the best resorts in Grenada is Sandals Grenada. Sandals Grenada will provide you with a heaven-like vacation. Sandals Grenada is making sure every visitor receives the three main features they offer, which are:

Eat and Drink. This includes an extensive amount of gourmet food and beverages.

Play. They provide everything for your entertainment - scuba diving, basketball, beach volleyball, tennis, kayaks, water sports, and even fitness centres.

No Worries. Roundtrip airport transfers, free WI-Fi, and more you can find on the website (sandals.com).

2. Diving

One of the reasons to travel to Grenada island can be diving. This island has a lot to offer for adventurous divers. The island is fascinating for its travellers with its underwater world. Here, you may ask if is it safe to travel to Grenada; our answer would be yes. No one needs to be afraid of diving in this beautiful country. Grenada’s coral reefs and underwater life has hundreds of options for amateur divers and professionals. If you are a professional diver, you already know what to do; just make sure of your safety. If you are an amateur, you should visit the world’s first underwater sculpture park - Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. 

3. Beaches

grand anse beach

What is better than a nice beach on a summer holiday? We know the answer - it is a nice beach on Grenada island. You may be asking, “Wait, where is Grenada?”, however, you already know the answer. It is on the Caribbean Islands with its charming beaches. There are over fifty breathtaking beaches. You may easily find a beach that suits you the best. You encounter every possible style in those more than fifty different beaches. Grand Anse Beach is the most famous beach on the island. Besides, there are Pink Gin, Black Bay, and Morne Rouge, which you may choose to dive into the warm waters of Grenada islands. If it is your first trip to Grenada, we recommend keeping away from the crowded beaches, which you can do just by visiting the beaches we have recommended.

4. Rainforest


We always have a section in which we mention extreme beauties that nature can offer. Grenada is full of natural items for nature lovers. This place is crammed with nature, from its rich history to its delicious cuisine, from its wonderful waterfalls to its remarkable rainforests. While you were wondering “How to travel to Grenada?” someone might already be enjoying his/her vacation in Grenada’s rainforests. What we suggest is not even think about whether is it safe to travel to Grenada Island, grab your ticket and fly to this astonishing country. You do not need a Grenada passport to see these phenomenal rainforests. One of the must-see rainforests is the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. The formerly active volcano - Lake Grand Etang is the core of this rainforest. This amazing tourist spot is extremely suitable for hiking. Grab your backpack and enjoy the hike with our beloved ones. Hopefully, after reading our article, you got an answer to your question of “How to travel to Grenada?”.

5. Waterfalls

annandale falls

Talking about hiking, another beautiful thing concerning it is stunning waterfalls. We can not imagine anything greater than watching a waterfall. You will not need a Grenada passport to come here and see those exceptional waterfalls. The best waterfalls in Grenada are Annandale Falls and Seven Sisters Waterfalls. As you already know the answer to the question of where is Grenada, it is time to answer where those beautiful waterfalls in Grenada are? Annadale Falls and Seven Sisters Waterfalls are located in Grand Etang National Park. On your visit to rainforests, you will see those gorgeous waterfalls.

6. Islands

view of petit martinique

One of the reasons to visit an island country is, for sure, the endless trips to various islands. Carriacou and Petite Martinique are well-known islands located near Grenada. Carriacou Island is known as “Land of the Reefs”. The reason behind this is the water on this island is very shallow and clear. Petite Martinique, on the other hand, is another beautiful island nearby Grenada. You can take a boat trip, and reach this stunning island, spend some quality time with your friends and family members. One fun fact about these islands is they are being called "The Sister Islands".

7. Cuisine

grenada cuisine

Food! Food! Food! One of the most pleasurable activities during the holidays. Let us first agree on that. Now, it is time to discover Grenada’s cuisine. One of the hearts of spicy food in the world. Certainly, you are going to have an amazing holiday if you are all about spicy food. Grenada is the second producer of nutmeg in the world. Apart from that, this island is full of herbs and organic vegetables. Therefore, Grenada’s cuisine is full of delicious meals; you can find savoury to sweet dishes here. There are too many national dishes of this amazing cuisine. One of the best dessert options for tourists is, for sure, the Nutmeg Ice Cream. You should give it a try.

8. Shopping

grand anse craft and spice market

Shopping is the of the most enjoyable parts of a holiday. Undoubtedly, it is one of the reasons to visit Grenada. It might sound a little funny, but that is true. This place, despite being an island, has a lot to offer for its visitors. The unique shops will offer you the most amazing handmade gifts, crafts, and souvenirs - all you need as a gift for your beloved ones. The Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market is the most visited shopping place in Grenada. Here, one can find anything regardless of their taste. Sellers are willing to sell spices, artsy things, cocoa, nutmeg themed goods, and many more unique items representing the island. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly in Grenada’s shops.

9. Festivals

grenada islandwoman dancing harbor

Do you know what is better than nature on vacation? Of course, you know the answer - festivals and carnivals! If you are a very outgoing and extroverted person who enjoys spending time on social activities as festivals and carnivals, this island is made for you. Grenada is the island of festivals. These splendid festivals are carefully and neatly designs for everyone. One of the most expected and visited festivals in Grenada is Spicemas. Spicemas is the festival where all your dreams came true. This festival is designed differently and surprising every single year. Grenada’s culture is represented in this festival. There are Jab Jabs, who are the dancers of the festival. Jab Jabs are wearing horned headwear, which is wrapped completely with black oil. The fun never ends at the festival. Of course, there is a lot to see, which can not be explained with words. One should have this festival as a strong reason to visit Grenada. During the festival, you will be experiencing tons of fun and surprising actions. Colourful and enjoyable bands will surely amaze you. You are there to feel the energy and cool vibes.

10. Chocolate

We suppose everyone loves chocolate. This reason is the best out of all the other nine reasons we have given to you. They call Grenada "Chocolate paradise”. After you visit Grenada, we are assured you will say the same. Grenada is one of the well-known cocoa producers in the world. The island has started to cocoa business in the late ’90s with the Grenada Chocolate Company alongside Belmont Estate and Diamond Chocolate Factory. These are not only factories but “museums” for tourists. The factories are open for tours where they show the cocoa production process. We are sure you will be amazed when you take a tour of a cocoa factory on your vacation to Grenada.

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