The best places in London for Chelsea FC fans

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The best places in London for Chelsea FC fans
Londinium" 2000 years ago, on the banks of the River Thames, which stretches across the city. London, which has always maintained its popularity, is now called the centre of the world as one of the world's most important business and financial centres. London, the capital of England, is a city where a different story is opened as you discover it with its cosmopolitan structure where 300 different languages are spoken, cultural diversity, museums that contain the most valuable treasures of the world, famous shows and musicals, red telephone booths and famous stores. Are you wondering where is Chelsea FC from? Well, Chelsea F.C. represents the city of London. Now let's discover the value and meaning of this football club for London!

Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea Football Club, or Chelsea for short, is one of England's most prominent teams. The club was founded in 1905 in Fulham. Chelsea FC, considered one of the 4 biggest teams in England, plays its matches in London's Stamford Bridge Stadium with a capacity of 41,837 seats. Although Chelsea was founded in 1905, the club achieved its first serious success on its foundation's 50th anniversary. Chelsea, which failed to win a big trophy or a league or national trophy for 50 years, succeeded in reaching its first championship and first cup in 1955 by finishing the England First League at the top. After the first league championship in 1955, the various cup championships achieved in the 1960s and 1990s were enough to make Chelsea one of England's major teams. However, even though Chelsea has won trophies from time to time until 1997, it has made a severe leap after this date and has gained 17 major trophies in total in the last 20 years and managed to become one of the 10 most important teams in Europe. In this period, Chelsea won the Premier League 5 times, the Federation Cup 7 times, the League Cup 5 times, and the FA Community Shields 4 times as the British Super Cup. They managed to be the most successful English team after Manchester United in this period on a national basis. Chelsea, which changed hands in 2003 and was bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, has blown like a storm in European cups as well as national achievements. The club, which started its debut in 1997, has succeeded in winning the UEFA Champions League once, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup once, after this date in Europe. According to the research of Forbes Magazine, Chelsea is the 6th richest club in the world. It is believed that the brand value of the club is approximately 600 million pounds.

Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is one of the best places to visit in London for Chelsea fans. Chelsea football club stadium Stamford Bridge is a complex of 42,000 people. After Augustus Mears bought the ground in 1905, Stamford Bridge had become the home of the Chelsea Football Club and decided to found a brand new football team to occupy it. Used initially as an athletics club, the stadium itself retained its function until about 1904. That was when the land was acquired by two brothers, Gus and Joseph Mears, and they decided they wanted to stage professional matches there. Stamford Bridge was the venue for international matches in England, FA Cup Finals, semi-finals of the FA Cup, and Charity Shield games. It has also hosted many other sports activities, including soccer, rugby union, speedway, greyhound racing, baseball, and American football. Stamford Bridge is home to all Chelsea fans worldwide. You can buy a tour ticket to explore this great stadium from A to Z.

Chelsea F.C. Museum

Chelsea FC museum is one of the best places to see in London for all the Chelsea fans. Club's history with trophies, legendary footballers' items, symbols, and photographs are displayed in this great museum. The stadium tour includes a tour of the museum.

Cobham Training Centre

Cobham Training Facility is Chelsea Football Club's training ground located in Stoke d'Abernon town near Cobham, Surrey. The Chelsea first team has been training at Stoke D'Abernon since 2005, but it was not opened formally until 2007. On this training ground, you can watch the training sessions of the team and football stars. The gate of the complex is always open to football fans and journalists.

Frankie's Sports Bar and Diner

Frankie's Sports Bar is one of the places to visit in London to watch Chelsea matches stream with fans. It's located at Stamford Bridge, and you can soak up the excitement of the entire match day to the extreme. Because of its prime place, Frankie's Sports Bar and Grill is the fans' number one place to go watching a Chelsea match in London.

Chelsea Potter

If you'd prefer a more traditional pub type, then head over to Chelsea Potter at the King's Road. It is also a great place for Chelsea fans to watch the team's matches together. Apply for a UK visa now and enjoy interesting football matches and football places.

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