The best places to celebrate New Year in the world

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The best places to celebrate New Year in the world

New Year's Eve is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events of the year, with everyone eager to ring in the new year with their loved ones. Everyone has something special planned to ring in the New Year, whether it's a glass of champagne, a countdown party, or an intimate dinner. So, what are the best places to go for New Year? Many of the best places to go for New Year host wild parties and events to bring people together and celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Nothing beats spending New Year's Eve with your loved ones in a luxurious setting, so if you haven't planned anything yet, take a look at this blog to learn about the good places to go for New Year with the advantage of Pickvisa experience!


rialto bridge and garnd canal

Italy is among the best places to go for New Year in Europe. We've compiled a list of places to go for New Year in Venice. Many tourists flock to Venice for a vacation because of its postcard-perfect canals and magnificent architecture. On New Year's Eve, spectacular parties are held for the people's entertainment. Witness an Italian-style New Year's Eve celebration that begins with a lavish dinner, and nothing compares to a true Venetian-style dinner retreat on a boat with scenic views. Another place in Venice where you can see a sweet and simple New Year's celebration in the form of concerts is the La Fenice Opera House. People who enjoy art and theatre will enjoy themselves here. Another great spot where many people gather at midnight to welcome the arrival of New Year is the Big Party in St Mark's Square, one of the best New Year parties in the world. Singers and artists perform here, and at 12:00 a.m., massive fireworks are launched.


fireworks on dubai marina seashore

Dubai - the capital of UAE, is one of the good places to go for New Year to spend time with family or friends. As the clock strikes twelve, many locations throughout Dubai put on a spectacular fireworks display that is incredibly enjoyable to watch. The Burj Khalifa's lavish shows and the Dubai Fountain's live water music. Many people gather at the Dubai Fountain's waterfront to witness the world's best New Year's celebration, which includes the Burj Khalifa's incredible light and sound show, as well as the Dubai Fountain's light and water show. You can also reserve a table at one of the restaurants along the waterfront to enjoy a z meal while taking in the breathtaking views. Head to Burj Plaza and book a table to enjoy dinner while taking in the uninterrupted views of the Downtown fireworks.

South Africa

cape town new year carnival

For cheap places to go for New Year, South Africa leads the way! By booking flights to South Africa, you can be enchanted by the city of Cape Town's lively and vibrant atmosphere. One of the best places to go for New Year is at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The beauty of this area, which is brimming with madding crowds ready to ring in the New Year, is enhanced by the presence of a live band, eateries, carnival characters, and much more. Cape Town is the best New Year destination in South Africa, with carnival-themed performances, boat cruises, stellar shows, and lavish dinners. If you want to avoid crowds, watch the best fireworks from Table Mountain or Signal Hill.


eiffel tower

One of the best places to go for New Year in Europe, especially for couples, is Paris, where spectacular fireworks are set off from the Eiffel Tower, creating a romantic atmosphere that is ideal for ringing in the new year with your partner. Countdown to the New Year's arrival at Paris' most iconic location, the Champs-Elysees, where thousands of locals gather to celebrate the New Year's arrival together. Cabaret shows are extremely popular in Paris, and what better time to see one than the New Year? Visit the Moulin Rouge to see a spectacular performance by a variety of artists, musicians, and vocalists. If you want to party all night on New Year's Eve, go to Rex Club, which is one of the most striking places to party all night. With so many things to do in Paris, it's one of the best places to go for New Year in 2021!


light trails at palolem beach

Goa, also known as India's party capital, is one of the best and cheap places to go for New Year. Goa is the ideal destination for a low-cost yet exciting New Year's Eve celebration, with stunning beach parties, clubs, casinos, and a variety of New Year's Eve events. If you're looking for a place to celebrate New Year's Eve in 2021, Goa should be a good choice, as it will be able to accommodate events and parties with limited seating capacity. On New Year's Eve, Goa is brimming with all things beautiful and thrilling, from intimate couples' parties to those with madding crowds. The beaches of Goa come alive with bonfires and barbecues, wild parties, and spectacular fireworks. In Goa, cruise parties are a thing, and you can book one for yourself to see some of the most spectacular Goa celebrations.


fireworks in amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the beautiful places to go for New Year, with the best parties taking place in public squares such as Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt, and Rembrandtplein. The best part about these squares is that they are completely free, allowing you to fully enjoy your New Year's celebrations. Live entertainment can also be found in beer tents. Amsterdam is one of the best places to spend New Year's Eve with family because there are many sophisticated parties. Head to the Amstel River for an out-of-the-box experience and run into the chilly water to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with thousands of other people. The Amsterdam Light Festival, which takes place every year from December to January, features canals and roads lit up with fairy lights, creating an enchanting atmosphere.



Another exciting New Year's destination is Vancouver, Canada, which comes alive on New Year's Eve. Booking a cruise and partying all night with great music, drinks, fireworks, and more is the best way to ring in the New Year in Vancouver. The two main New Year's Eve hotspots in Vancouver are Canada Place and the Vancouver Convention Center. Various annual events are also held here, allowing visitors to visit new places and attend diverse New Year's Eve parties.


england new year

London, where New Year's Eve is celebrated on a grand scale, is one of the best places to visit on New Year's Eve in the world. The most picturesque view is of the Thames River with the stunning backdrop of the New Year fireworks. The main staging area for the fireworks requires a fee, but free views can be enjoyed from Alexandra Palace, Primrose Hill, and Greenwich Park. Dine-in at London Skybar, where you can also enjoy a thrilling champagne party while admiring the stunning views from the top, is also a great way to celebrate New Year in London. At the Big Ben, London's iconic monument, the New Year is ushered in with a fascinating countdown party.


moscow christmas market

If you enjoy celebrating New Year's Eve during bitterly cold temperatures, Moscow could be the ideal location for you. The city looks absolutely stunning with mesmerizing fireworks displays visible from places like Red Square and the Kremlin. If you're looking for a free celebration, Moscow has a number of parks where free concerts and events are held in conjunction with the grand new year celebration. Arbat Street in Moscow is lined with bars and clubs where you can enjoy an exotic new year's party with drinks and snacks.


cruise ship at night time

Bangkok is one of the best places to go for New Year, with the Central World Square serving as the city's focal point on the main Eve, when a variety of people gather to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. The square is dotted with various bars and clubs that come to life as soon as the clock strikes 12 a.m., and there are fascinating fireworks that take place here. Take a lavish dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River, where you can enjoy an international and Thai buffet, as well as exotic drinks and seafood. For a soul-satisfying new year experience, take in the captivating skyline and fireworks. Meta Music Festival, White Party, Glitter & Glam, and Beam NYE are just a few of Bangkok's best New Year's Eve parties. Sky Bar at Lebua, Octave Rooftop Bar – Marriott at Hotel Sukhumvit, and Sirocco are just a few of the rooftop dining options available for a spectacular New Year's Eve celebration.


christmas tree in commerce square

Grand parties, eye-catching fireworks, and live music are all part of the New Year celebrations in Lisbon. If you want to ring in the New Year with a bang, then Lisbon should be on your list of places to visit. At Terreiro do Paco, performers will conduct live concerts and enjoy the best New Year's Eve events with the local residents. Various clubs on Pink Street and in Bairro Alto host a variety of exciting new year parties. If you prefer a more calm and peaceful New Year's Eve celebration, we recommend attending Fado, a Portuguese traditional singing style that is very soothing to the senses.


fireworks celebration

Tokyo, Japan, is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to celebrate New Year 2021. This location's New Year's celebrations begin on December 29th and last until January 4th. You get to participate in the festivities for a week, not just one day. Isn't it fascinating? Meiji Shrine, a popular tourist destination and important shrine in Tokyo, is one of the best places to celebrate the New Year in Tokyo. Zoji-ji Temple, where a monk rings the bell 108 times to signal the new year's arrival, is another great place to celebrate the new year in Tokyo. Many locals and tourists alike visit the temple because of its religious and cultural significance. If you enjoy crowds and a party atmosphere, attend the Shibuya Crossing countdown party, which is one of the best outdoor New Year's parties in the world.

New Zealand

auckland sky tower

If you're looking for a place to celebrate the New Year in 2021, Queenstown, New Zealand, is one of the best options. The city is known for hosting the world's first New Year's celebrations. Head to the lakefront for a free New Year's Eve celebration including fireworks, live music, and scenic views. It's a great place to spend New Year's Eve because it's full of positive energy, fun, and entertainment. There is, however, no alcohol available. There are also some bars and clubs in Queenstown where you can enjoy drinks and music with your friends. Head to Rhythm and Alps for some extra fun and entertainment, where famed musicians from New Zealand and other parts of the world perform.

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