The best time of the year to visit New Zealand

The best time of the year to visit New Zealand

Tamerlan Mehdiyev21 October 20211181 views7 min. read
The best time of the year to visit New Zealand
travel destinations. Maori culture was predominant until the first colonizers started to fill in around the 17th century. It became a colony and remained like that for centuries. The island became fully independent in 1947. Today majority of the population, around 5 million people, are of European descendent. Maoris are the biggest minority in the islands. Throughout centuries, locals and Europeans influenced each other and each other’s cultures, thereby forming a unique culture. You can see the local influence on New Zealand’s cuisine. Various local foods are still popular. Nowadays, New Zealand is a developed country with high quality of life and welfare. You can find many reasons to visit New Zealand. Your purpose of visit can be to travel, study, work, etc. However, what is settled is the regulations on entries to the country. Some people might need a New Zealand visa, while others do not. It simply depends on peoples’ nationalities. You might wonder about your visa status. You can check your visa status on New Zealand right away. To do that, go to our visa policy section, then choose New Zealand to see nationals of which countries need a New Zealand visa to travel to New Zealand. People often wonder about the best time to visit New Zealand. It is pretty normal to think about that. Because travels made in different periods can affect travel experiences, we decided to discuss when to visit New Zealand with these thoughts. What should we expect when we travel to New Zealand at different times? We will elaborate on that as well. Without further ado, let’s get started with our main objective.

Best time to visit New Zealand

beautiful landscape of wakatipu lake When is the best time to visit New Zealand? Although it mostly depends on what type of trip one is planning, arranging a trip for more favourable weather makes more sense. Therefore we need to have a look at the weather conditions year-round. The temperate climate type is the predominant climate type on the main island. It is characterized by cold winter and temperate summer. Since New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, the dates of seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere. Due to that, the summer season coincides with December, January, and February. The average temperature in summer is around 15 C in the far north of the main island. Southern areas see around 9 C temperature in summer. Temperature can rise as high as 25 C in some parts of the country. Precipitation is fairly abundant in the country; in winter, it gets wetter.

When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

queenstown skyline Considering the temperature and precipitation all around the year, it makes sense to answer summer. However, there are other things you might want to consider before rushing to answer the question. As we already mentioned, New Zealand is a popular travel destination. Millions of travellers visit New Zealand every year. It can get crowded during the peak of travel seasons. When is the peak of the tourism season in New Zealand? Summer (December to February) is the most crowded period in terms of tourism. If you want to travel to New Zealand with fewer people and ask yourself when to visit New Zealand, you might not want to travel in the summer. Travelling to New Zealand in winter is not a bad choice at all. People underestimate how fun it can be to travel to the country in winter. What can I do in New Zealand in winter? You can enjoy a diverse range of winter activities. One of the most entertaining and relaxing activities is hiking in New Zealand. New Zealand has rugged, mountainous landscapes. Many of them have excellent hiking trails. Skiing is another tourist favourite. There are some ski areas, winter resorts throughout the country, so anyone can enjoy such activities in these resorts. Queenstown winter festival is one of the most entertaining organizations held annually in the town of Queenstown. Every year around 40000 people participate in this festival. The festival usually goes on for 10 days, but the main part continues for 4 days. Spring is fairly quiet in New Zealand in terms of tourists visiting. The weather is not cold in this season, and it gets warmer and warmer day by day. In spring, nature awakens from the long winter. Trees blossom and change their colours of leaves. Thirteen penguin species have been seen in New Zealand. New Zealand is near Antarctica, the south pole where most of the penguins live. Watching these cute and rare creatures in their natural habitat is another exciting thing that tourists can do. You might ask, when is the best time of year to see penguins in New Zealand? Most of the penguins are constantly moving between the south pole and some islands around Antarctica and New Zealand. They remain in New Zealand in the breeding season, which includes a timeline between July and November. Therefore, the best time of year to see penguins in New Zealand is between July and November.

Best places to visit New Zealand

new zealand milford sound fjord What are the best places to visit New Zealand anyway? There are many tourist spots to enjoy your vacation in New Zealand. To start, we can count on a bay of islands comprised of more than 144 small islands. This spot is perfect for fishing, scuba diving, cruise trips, etc. If you are lucky enough and your timing is right, you can see whales and dolphins while sailing with a ship or boat. Milford sound is a place that no like exist. This place is formed by the glaciers that were solid during the Ice age. After the melting of the glaciers, it shaped one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. For such reasons, it is called the 8th wonders of the world. The area can be explored with a boat. It is full of waterfalls, hills and has the most picturesque view.  Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, that is why it is vibrant as popular metropolises like New York, London, Paris, etc. It has the nicest restaurants, bars, pubs and other entertainment. You can taste the most delicious foods in the region as well as international meals. It is one of the biggest air hubs in the region. Therefore you will see many people with different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. It has excellent museums where rare historical and art collections are exhibited. Alongside nature, cities, landscapes, you will find many other reasons to visit New Zealand.

How to visit New Zealand?

new zealand plane It is understandable for you to ask how to visit New Zealand. The geographical position of New Zealand limits our choices of travelling to that country. The only feasible option for nationals of many countries is to visit New Zealand via Airplanes. However, the more you are close to New Zealand, the more transport options you get. You might find cruise travels to New Zealand as well.

How much does it cost to visit New Zealand?

euro We have looked at the many aspects of travelling to New Zealand. Now it is time for us to answer the question, “how much does it cost to visit New Zealand?”. Travelling to New Zealand is a bit expensive. The optimal daily budget for a person to spend a day in New Zealand is 100 euros. Accommodation for a day, even in a budget type, costs around 50 euros. The monthly pass of transportation is around 90 euros. One way ticket to transportation is around 2 euros. For two persons to have a normal meal at a mid-range restaurant, around 60 euros will be needed. To sum up, with its pros and cons considered, travelling to New Zealand can be one of your most memorable travels. Do not be discouraged due to costs, every good thing comes with a price. Think about all the beauties you will see on this trip. About New Zealand visa? Do not worry about it. Just contact Pickvisa and let Pickvisa handle the work. With Pickvisa getting a visa has never been this easier.

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