The best time of year to visit Latvia

The best time of year to visit Latvia

Tamerlan Mehdiyev10 October 20211319 views7 min. read
The best time of year to visit Latvia
Latvia is one of the three Baltic states, which is located in northern Europe. It covers a total area of 64589 square kilometers, and its capital is Riga. The majority of the population is Latvians, and the official language in the country is Latvian. Latvia is a hidden gem of northern Europe. Not many people know and have visited the country, but Latvia has much to offer travelers. It is the world’s one of the greenest countries. Almost half of the country’s area remains untouched. It is mostly covered by vast forests where nature and wildlife remain intact. As we already mentioned, Latvia is not known to many people, thereby baffling the majority on where to visit in Latvia. To start, we can mention the capital city Riga. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The mixture of nouveau architecture and gothic-style buildings makes the city look unique. The country is also known as the Land of Blue Lakes. Why? Because of the Latgale, which is south-east Latvia boasts more than 1200 lakes. What are the best cities to visit in Latvia? Aside from the capital city Riga, there are many other cities you can enjoy visiting. They are Liepaja, Sigulda, Kuldiga, etc. In this article, we will look at these cities and other places worth visiting. However, our main objective will be to identify the best time to visit Latvia.

Best time to visit Latvia

long bridge in sunny day To travel to Latvia at the best time, we should look at the climate of the region or country. Latvia has a temperate seasonal climate. Wider and sudden changes in temperature characterize this climate type. It is hard to define every season with one weather type, but it is generally very cold in winter, mild, wet in summer, and has 4 seasons. June, July, and August are the warmest months in Latvia. The average temperature in these months is around 20 C. In autumn, the average temperature decreases and varies between 10 and 0 C. Weather in Latvia in November changes drastically. You can see the first snowfall in the late autumn (late November and early December). During the autumn, you can see trees covered in red and yellow. In winter, it gets colder. The average temperature is subzero. Temperature can greatly change from 5 C to -30 C. It mostly depends on the geographical location of the place. In western areas of Latvia, winter is milder, while in the east, where the continental climate is overwhelmingly felt, it gets colder. In summer, however, the east part is warmer than the west. Spring is the season that temperature begins to rise little by little. Another thing and maybe the first thing that we should consider when thinking about traveling to Latvia is our visa status. We should ask ourselves do I need visa for Latvia? According to Latvia’s visa regulations, you might need a Latvia visit visa to travel to Latvia. You can check your visa status on our website. Click on the ‘visa policy’ section, and it will open up a new page that contains the list of countries. You should choose Latvia to see its visa policy. After that, you will see lists of visa-free and visa-required countries. There you can learn whether you need a Latvia visit visa or not. If you are from one of the visa-required countries and your answer to ‘do i need visa for Latvia’ is yes, you will need to start your visa application. Visa procedures can be frustrating. You might feel like you need help. Pickvisa can handle all the work that refrains you from getting your visa. You can use our services and get your visa as quickest as possible. Check our ‘services’ section to get more information on the issue. schengen visa Once you know how to get your visa, then you can identify best time of year to visit Latvia based on your preferences. If you are afraid of the cold and want to explore the country on a relatively hot day, then best time of year to visit Latvia in summer, but there is a catch. In summer, Latvia gets the most rainfall. Even though the temperature will be higher, there will be frequent rains which can be annoying. Spring in Latvia can be a great season to visit Latvia. During spring, temperature changes around 1 and 10 C, and it is dried than in summer. What is the best month to visit Latvia? Well, it depends on your preferences. Latvians mostly prefer to travel in summer. Hence, it can get a bit crowded in summer. Most people opt traveling spring, which makes sense since fewer people will be around, causing a fall in accommodation prices. From weather and price perspectives best month to visit Latvia can be April or May. You can consider visiting Latvia in autumn as well. weather in Latvia in November is cold, but it is nothing like winter. The average temperature is around 2 C.

Best places to visit in Latvia

letonya ulusal opera You might want to know what are the best cities to visit in Latvia. The first city that comes into mind is the capital city Riga. This old city has all the facilities and amenities in west European cities like Paris, London, Amsterdam, etc. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find buildings constructed in as many as 500 architectural designs. Riga Cathedral and St Peter’s church are some of the most popular tourist destinations. Riga is also known for having Europe’s Largest Market. More than 3,000 vendors gathered and offered a diverse range of products. You can find most fresh ingredients such as meat, fish, dairy and vegetables, etc. In Riga, you can enjoy beaches as well. There are 30 kilometers long strips of available beaches. Riga’s central park, which is called Bastejkalna is a great place to relax. In this green park, there is plenty of space for you to take a stroll. Aside from Riga, where to visit in Latvia? Liepaja is another nice city worth visiting. It has more to offer than even Riga. The city is situated in the far west of the country. It has nice coast that expands for more than 8 kilometers and contains the finest beaches, tourism resorts, etc. Latvians prefer to spend their vacations in this city. Liepaja Olympic Centre is one of the tourists’ favorite. You can have a nice spa in this center and engage in different activities. Adventure Park Liepaja offers a wide range of extreme activities. Some restaurants serve some of the best local and international foods. It is also the only city in Europe that has a military museum. You can have a thrilling experience in this museum. You can explore ancient prisons and even enjoy the prison games like “Escape room”. Sigulda is a town situated 50 kilometers away from Riga. This town is an excellent place for history buffs. It is a medical town, and it has remainings of some of the medieval structures, castles, etc. The landscape area is mountainous and it soo look-alike Switzerland. For that reason, it is also referred to as “the Switzerland of Vidzeme” With its medieval castles, landscapes, and beautiful nature, greeneries it deserves to be visited. Views from the tops of the castles are worth visiting. As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to visit Latvia.

How to travel Latvia

riga international airport However, how can a person travel to Latvia? It is not hard at all. Many international airports in Latvia receive many international flights, and some of them are located in Riga. You can also border cross with a car or other transportation means. Might you wonder about the costs? How much do I need to stay in Latvia? What are the accommodation, transportation and restaurant prices? These are some relative questions that you might ask. Latvia is relatively cheaper if we compare it with other European countries. 50-100 euros a day should be enough to live in Riga a day. You can make it even cheaper by seeking more economic offers. The monthly pass of transportation is around 50 euros. Meals in a mid-range restaurant for two people cost around 40 euros. To sum up, there are many reasons to visit Latvia. Latvia is not as popular as some other European countries. But it has some beautiful places to rival those tourist destinations. One of the advantages of spending your vacation in Latvia is the low cost of traveling. Furthermore, it is not crowded at all. It is a great place to relax in all senses. Do not worry about getting a visa to Latvia. Contact Pickvisa and get your visa with a few clicks.

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