The best time of year to visit Lithuania

The best time of year to visit Lithuania

Tamerlan Mehdiyev15 October 20211382 views7 min. read
The best time of year to visit Lithuania
Lithuania is one of the Baltic countries. It covers a total area of 65300 square kilometres. It shares borders with Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Belarus. In general, the Baltic region is not as popular as other regions of Europe. However, it does not mean that it is not worth visiting. Indeed this region is one of the most beautiful, authentic, and greenest regions of Europe. Due to its soviet past, it remained hidden for a long time like many other soviet countries. Now that the country is independent, we see and hear from Lithuania more and more day by day. What are the best places to visit in Lithuania? What does Lithuania boast? Well, to start, we need to look at the geography of the country. Lithuania has many magnificent landscapes, flatlands, lush green forests, lakes, and marches. It has 262 kilometres long coastline which some of the best beaches are located. 98 kilometres of coastline consist of beautiful, unspoilt beaches. Lithuania has an ancient history. From the beginning of the 12th century, Lithuanians created their first states. Around this time, Lithuanians had the largest duchy in Europe. Lithuanian culture has mixed with many others such as Viking, Slavs, etc. Russian and Viking influence is evident in Lithuania, which makes the Lithuanian culture more unique. Lithuanian cuisine boasts a diverse range and delicious foods. Characteristic to the region, it contains warm meals, greens, mushrooms, etc. What are the best cities to visit in Lithuania? Lithuania has a soviet past, but it feels like being in the west. Some of the cities are Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Kernave, Siauliai, etc. There are many reasons to visit Lithuania but what confuses people most is the timeline. Since it is a country situated in the north, people often think it is better to visit it in summer. Well, it is not quite like that. In this article, we will try to identify the best time to visit Lithuania. Without further ado, let’s get started with our topic.

Best time to visit Lithuania

To find out when is the best time of year to visit Lithuania cities, we need to consider some factors such as weather and tourism seasons in the country. Climate is the main factor. The country’s climate is defined as semi-continental. However, it changes as you approach the Baltic sea. The weather in Lithuania in total neither is too cold nor hot. 4 seasons are experienced in a year. The coldest months are January and February. The hottest months are July and August. Summer starts around June. The average temperature in June is around 15 C. The weather in Lithuania is characterized by high precipitation. From the end of August to the end of the year, it rains relatively more than other times of the year. July and August are the hottest months, with the average temperature being around 18 C. The weather gets harsher as you go inner parts of the country. The Baltic sea has a milder effect on the country. You might ask, What is the best time of year to visit Lithuania cities? Well, firstly, it depends on where you are heading. Secondly, you should think about what kind of experience you want to get from your travel experience. However, it makes more sense to travel to Lithuania in the summer in a general sense. In summer, precipitation is relatively low, and the temperature is favourable to engage in open-air activities. To travel to Lithuania, one should consider whether he or she needs a visa to Lithuania or not. You can learn whether you are from visa-required countries or visa-free countries. To do that, you should click on our visa policy section. After that, you will see a list of countries. There click on Lithuania. It will open up a page where lists of countries are shown. Those are visa-free and visa-required countries. There you will be able to tell whether you will need a visa to Lithuania.

How to get Lithuania visa?

To get a visa to Lithuania, you will need to go through some procedures. They can take a long time to complete. You can get your visa via our website. By clicking the services section, you can see what Pickvisa offers. With Pickvisa, you will be able to get your visa with few clicks. Since we know how to get Lithuania visa, now let’s look at the best cities to visit in Lithuania.

Places to visit in Lithuania

cathedral square You will find many reasons to visit Lithuania. On top of that comes Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Lithuania has a rich culture. Its cuisine impresses travellers. Vilnius is the biggest city in Lithuania. More than five 500 000 people live in this city. The city is bustling with activity. You will find various architectural structures. Vilnius has some of the best restaurants, bars, pubs. People are welcoming, kind and hospitable. The old town of Vilnius is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city has so many different, colourful buildings. It is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. The cathedral square is one of the tourists’ favourites. In this old town square, you will find the marvellous Vilnius Cathedral. New Town and Gediminas Avenue is a must-go place in Vilnius. Gediminas Avenue starts around Cathedral Square and goes all the way down to the Lithuanian parliament. On this avenue, you will find many entertainment centres, shopping centres, theatres, etc. The best season to visit Vilnius in Spring. Around this time weather gets warmer and new facilities become available for tourists. Kaunas is the second biggest only to Vilnius in Lithuania. It accommodates around 300 000 people. The city is located at the intersection of two influential rivers of Lithuania, Neris and Nemunas. Ir is one of the greenest cities in Lithuania. It is most popularly known for Interwar architecture. The city is Europe’s one of the most student-friendly cities. It accommodates more than 30000 students. Every year various festivals and cultural, musical events take place in the city. The city is also chosen to be Capital of Culture 2022. Some places worth visiting in Kaunas are Old Town, the Kaunas Town Hall, New town, Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park, House of Perkūnas, Kaunas Cathedral, etc. The best to visit Kaunas is around July and August. Klaipeda is less known to travellers, but it is a promising land. It is the third biggest city with a total population of 152000 people. It is the only city in Lithuania that has an ice-free seaport. The city has some of the best beaches in the country. Like the other two biggest cities, it takes visitors’ breath away with its outstanding architecture and vibrant city life. Some of the most popular places in Klaipeda are The Harbor, Klaipeda Sea Museum and Dolphinarium, Theatre Square, etc. It is advised to visit the city in summer since it is a coastal city, you can have various options to enjoy in summer.

How to go to Lithuania

vilnius international airport Travelling Lithuania is not difficult at all. Major international airports are Vilnius international airport, Kaunas International airport, and Palanga international airport. These airports receive international flights from all over the world. You can also enter the country through border controls. What you need to be most precise about is the visa. It is advised to get a visa to the country well ahead of your travel schedule. You might feel weary of all the procedures. It is when Pickvisa can help you. Pickvisa, with its experienced team, can help you to get your visa. With Pickvisa, it has never been that easy to get a visa. You might wonder about the costs of visiting Lithuania. How much does it cost to stay in Lithuania? Is it expensive to have dinner in a restaurant in Lithuania? Travellers are so content with prices. Because here prices are relatively lower. You can stay for a day in Lithuania for as cheap as 20-25 euros. Average prices in restaurants are cheaper as well. You and your travel partner can have dinner in a mid-range restaurant for around 40 euros. Monthly pass of transportation costs around 30 euros. One way ticket for busses only costs 1 euro. As you can see, it is affordable to travel to Lithuania. To wrap up things, Lithuania, with its beautiful nature, landscapes, and magnificent cities, is a great travel destination. Furthermore, it is affordable, and people are hospitable. Since the country is less frequently travelled, it is easier to travel within the country. You will not need to queue up to see places. You can arrange your travels easily once you get your visa to the country. You can benefit from our services and get your visa as quickly as possible.

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