10 things I wish I knew before going to Bangladesh

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Bangladesh
Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny space you occupy in this world”. Travelling allows a person to broaden their thinking process and makes them realize how people with different cultures also lead a fulfilled and happy life. I have always been a huge fan of travelling and have been to many famous places all over the world. This time I decided to visit Bangladesh instead of opting for some famous tourist destination. Let me tell you that trip turned out to be a very amicable experience. I have penned down this article for people who are going to travel to Bangladesh.


bangladesh First and foremost, where is Bangladesh? Bangladesh is situated in South Asia with a population of more than 162 million people (the eight largest populations in the world). The country has a predominantly Muslim population while other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity are also practised there. Bengali is the most widely spoken and understood language in the country. Other languages such as Urdu, Persian, Arabic and English are also spoken and understood there to some extent. English can be counted as the second language of the country as it is taught in schools from the first grade onwards.

Some beautiful places in Bangladesh

ukhiya upazila
  1. Sundarbans: a huge mangrove forest which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is definitely worth a visit
  2. Cox’s Bazaar: a seaside city, home to the largest beach in the world, is a must-see. It has a lot to offer to the tourists, from ancient Buddhist manuscripts to tropical forests with waterfalls and beaches
  3. Dhaka: where to travel in Bangladesh? So, let’s start with the capital of Bangladesh is a beautiful mixture of modern and old Mughal architecture. It is equally enticing for people interested in history and the modern lifestyle of the Bengalis.
  4. Chattogram: another city in Bangladesh that has a port as well. There are many interesting sights there, such as Patenga Sea Beach, Foy’s Lake, Chittagong World War Cemetery and Zia Memorial Museum.
  5. Srimangal: for people who are tea lovers, this city/town is no less than heaven. It is a tea growers’ paradise and allows tourists to delve into the world of tea growing and processing.
These are just some of the many places to visit in Bangladesh the country has to offer to visitors. Compiled below is a list of points that I wish I had kept in mind before travelling to Bangladesh. I sincerely hope that these pointers will help you prepare accordingly if you are going to travel to Bangladesh.

1. Visa process

passport The visa process for Bangladesh is super easy. The country has given the option of visa on arrival or (VOA) for residents of Europe, Australia, the USA, Russia, some Asian countries and some other countries as well. Typically, a VOA costs around $50, while other types of visas cost around $150 or more. The visa making process is not long, and you can obtain your visa within ten days usually.

2. Safety

lake boat The most important question of all is: is it safe to travel to Bangladesh, and where is Bangladesh? Well, yes, absolutely. Except for the usual pickpockets and petty thieves, the environment for tourists in the country is safe, and they can travel around without worrying overmuch.
  • No tourist scams: since there are not a lot of foreign travellers in the country, no one has ever thought of scamming the unsuspecting tourists for money. Travellers don’t have to worry about con artists putting them into trouble.
  • Health concerns: considering the fact that Bangladesh is a third world country, there are many diseases there that can be easily caught by tourists. It is advised to contact a doctor and take up some shots before travelling to the country. Even though there are doctors available there, it is still better to be careful. Do not eat food from places that do not look clean and drink water only from clean places or bottled water.

3. Exchange rate/currency

money The official currency of the country is a Taka. One taka is equal to USD 0.012, which is fairly cheap. There are money exchange booths available at the major airports of the country, which makes it easier for foreign travellers to attain the local currency. There are many options available in the markets as well for money exchange. Tourists do not need to carry a lot of cash on hand because ATMs are widely available in big cities and towns. However, if they are travelling to villages, then it is advised to keep some cash in hand.

4. Transportation

bangladesh lake With the exception of heavy traffic in big cities like Dhaka, transport is not an issue for the citizens and tourists alike. Taxis, rickshaws, Air-conditioned buses, trains, air travel, hence all is available. However, transport may not be as easily available in villages and small towns. Uber is extremely cheap in Bangladesh and can be used as a primary source of transport by tourists. If you want a more profound experience of local transport, then opt for rickshaws or auto-rickshaws to travel to beautiful places in Bangladesh. They are also extremely economical and a great experience to enjoy a ride in.

5. Tropical places in Bangladesh

bangladesh forest Want to see some tropical places in Bangladesh? Where to travel in Bangladesh when the tropical places call for everyone. There is also a tropical island on the coast of the country which can be quite a pleasant experience for tourists. Bangladesh has the largest sandy beach in the world. Since the country is not a developed tourist destination, the tourist spots are clean, palm trees line the walks and absolutely beautiful to look at.

6. People of Bangladesh

bangladeshi woman The people of Bangladesh are called Bengalis. They are very friendly and genuinely interested, and helpful to tourists. Where is Bangladesh? It is where welcoming, friendly and hospitable people love to entertain their guests. They love to offer food and tea to visitors to make them feel welcome and at home. Dress code: despite being a Muslim majority state, there is a sizeable Hindu population in the country. This means that it is not necessary to dress according to the Islamic way of life. However, it is recommended to wear modest clothing and avoid revealing outfits.

7. Cuisine

rice meal Bangladesh is famous for its cuisine all over the world.
  • Savoury dishes: rice is the staple food of the people of the country, which is used in both savoury and sweet dishes. The rice combined with fish curry and lentils is preferred all over the country. Some famous dishes are Kachchi Biryani, Morog Pulao, bhuna and patal khichuri and many others.
  • Desserts: some worth trying sweet dishes preferred by tropical places in Bangladesh are Channar Kheer, Seviyan Kheer, bogurar doi, Chomchom and many others.
  • Since it is a Muslim majority country, pork is not available anywhere.
  • The street food in the country is a must-try as there are many variations of dishes to eat. Plus, the street food gives the tourists an insight into the culture and places to visit in Bangladesh.

8. Accommodation

bangladesh An accommodation receipt is necessary for a Bangladeshi tourist visa. There are three kinds of accommodations that can be gained easily, namely:
  • Hotels: There are all kinds of hotels available for tourists, from luxury hotels to cheaper versions. Whatever suits you the best according to your budget is up for grabs.
  • Hostels: Hostels are the preferred mode of accommodation for people who love going to Bangladesh. This is because they are cheaper, and they are easily accessible.
  • Guesthouses/rooms: guest rooms are a great option as well because the owners usually provide food along with the living. Plus they are a great opportunity to get in touch with local people.

9. Best time to travel to Bangladesh

  • Monsoon: the monsoon or rainy season is one of the best times to visit the country is going to Bangladesh because the rains make everything clean. The country is full of greenery, and the rivers and streams are full of water and present a beautiful view.
  • Months: the country has a subtropical climate, which means that the best time to travel to Bangladesh is in December when the temperature reaches a max of 25 C. another time of the year that is suitable for travelling in the country is between March and April as the weather during this time period is bearable and pleasant.

10. Shopping from Bangladesh 

market If you are going to Bangladesh, then be glad to know that it is an inexpensive country for foreign travellers. Is it safe to travel to Bangladesh? Yes, as the markets are full of beautiful and attractive artefacts that depict the cultural heritage of the country. The bazaars/markets are full of handloom fabrics, saris, silk, coconut masks, gold and silver ornaments, bamboo products and many other items that are native to the region. Bangladesh is a truly beautiful and enchanting place to visit. If you ever have the means and the option of going there, then give it a try without any hesitation. Travel to Bangladesh has taught me a lot and developed in me an appreciation of their culture and lifestyle. The number of beautiful places in Bangladesh will captivate your interest immediately. Happy Travelling!

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