10 things I wish I knew before going to Grenada

Aishwari Rout 24 January 2021 0 views 6 min. read

After a long time, at the end of December, we looked for the best time to spend with nature and wanted to explore some amazing places. We wanted a place with some catchy scenic beauty, a fluorescent atmosphere, and a blast of photographs that we could take. One of our members suggested a place named Grenada located in North America. We were being curious about visiting the place. Although we all were in a hurry, we somehow managed to make all bookings and finally landed in Grenada. Frankly, from the beginning, what we felt about this place was not so good. We had a bad experience because we had a lack of information that we needed to know before going to Grenada. I felt that I need to write about those 10 things I wish I knew before going to Grenada. We have visited this country and wanted to share a few notes to help you plan the trip. This article will cover a few facts and some important points like where Grenada, sandals Grenada, Grenada island, travel to Grenada, is it safe to travel to Grenada, how to travel to Grenada, things to know about Grenada, interesting facts about Grenada. So stay tuned with us till the end to know some mandatory facts about Grenada. colorful houses Grenada is one of the independent countries situated in the West Indies, this is the best place that you can ever plan to visit, but with some important information. Grenada is the southernmost area that lies in between the south-north part of lesser Antilles. The place is also named Island of Spices. Grenada attracts tourists with its scenic beauty, culture, people, and tradition, etc. So it’s time to explore more Grenada Island. Grenada island is a hidden gem that is unfurnished with lots of beautiful and spectacular surroundings. Grenada is popular for its beach, adventurous trek, risky dives, some special spots for couples, and many more hidden things that you can explore as much as you can. Grenada Island, the culture here is expressed in the form of dance, music, and poetry. The number of visitors count crosses a maximum number per year. On a massive amount of occasions, attractions are being found in Grenada. Grenada is one of the mixture spots; the mixture includes French, African, and British. Along with Grenada, two more islands are connected, forming a tri-island. All over Grenada Island has wonderful things that will make you feel amazing. Yeah!! We are done with the where is Grenada, ahead we will cover topics like travel to Grenada, is it safe to travel to Grenada, how to travel to Grenada, things to know about Grenada, interesting facts about Grenada. Before flying to Grenada, there is an amazing spot that you should visit; the place is called sandals Grenada. Sandals Grenada is the most charming and lovely spot to visit in Grenada. It’s a five-star hotel specially meant for couples. The money invested over here will be recovered once you visit this fantasy place. You can reach Sandal Grenada via cab and drive straight from the airport. The resort has 225 rooms, fitness centers, SPA, more than 10 restaurants, calm beaches, and many more exciting services. We had selected a beachfront view room, this was an advantage for us, and we enjoyed the activities. The main advantage of Sandal Grenada is that it is a luxurious, sophisticated five pools site, furnished modern rooms, and n number of activities for couples are carried here. Hence, make sure that you visit the place to gain this fantastic experience. green and brown rock As we have shared plenty of information and an overview of Grenada, let’s travel to Grenada. Grenada is the largest island where most of the people live. Also, the island is named as the spice of the island. Grenada falls on the southernmost part of the West Indies. St George is the capital city of Grenada. Grand Anse Bay is the main tourist area in Grenada. You can get to Grenada via plane or boat. Before traveling to any place, safety is essential. So the question is it safe to travel to Grenada must have struck your head. Hence we are here to answer your question. Grenada, one of the Caribbean gems has equal crime and safety risks. Grenada Island is safe for you until and unless you follow the rules for safety concerns. There is a high level of risk of Natural Hazards, Travel concerns, day to day crimes taking place, etc. It is essential to know about the local laws before traveling to Grenada. Also, be alert while using public transport in Grenada. You may also be infected with some dangerous disease to avoid that carry antibiotics or insect repellant to be safe from insects. Thus, we have mentioned some mandatory tips that will keep you safe. Here, we end with the safety tips and the travel part, till now we have covered where is Grenada, sandals Grenada, travel to Grenada, is it safe to travel to Grenada, how to travel to Grenada, so let’s read ahead about things to know about Grenada, interesting facts about Grenada.  Below is the list of those 10 things I wish I knew before going to Grenada:

1. Chocolate Production


Apart from being a chocolate lover, we wished we would know about this place before going to Grenada. The place is named the Belmont Estate as well as the House of Chocolate. House of Chocolate is located some distance away from the airport. At the House of Chocolate, you will learn the process of making chocolates, also swallow the dark chocolate which will feast your mood, and enjoy the smooth, melting hot chocolate.

2. Amazing Underwater Sculpture

underwater sculpture

Another spot we wish we knew before going to Grenada is the Underwater Sculpture Park located in St George. The capital city has an underwater park created for visitors to let them enjoy some Instagrammable places in Grenada. The sculptures are made from rebar and concrete; it acts as a protection for reel corals. It can be viewed while performing activities like swimming, diving, or snorkeling.

3. Annandale Waterfall

annandale waterfall

The island has a hidden interesting fact: the refreshing Waterfall, most people visit beaches and forget about the refreshing Waterfall. We visited the Waterfall which is located in the capital of Grenada, St George. The place is named Annandale Waterfall. The island has seven sisters of the Waterfall. Including Annandale waterfall, there are many other waterfalls located nearby the place. We were unable to enjoy the Waterfall due to a lack of extra clothes and shoes. We wish we knew it before going to this place. Hence you carry extra clothes and shoes if you don’t want to be wet. 

4. Spice: the real gem


Grenada Island is named Spice of Island; the name has a specific reason for the storage of spices in it. The island is referred to for its special spices. The spices include Nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, bay leaves, and turmeric are a few popular spices exported to many other countries. We recommend you visit Spice Isle to get the most pleasant aroma experience, which we missed.

5. Experience: History Of Island


You should experience the history of the island; you will get to experience it at Fort Frederick. This historical location has its beauty, it is heightened enough, and the view from top to bottom gives a unique experience. Epic things are still left for sightseeing like the ancient cannons, these epic things are liable for photographs. Do carry a proper camera, selfie sticks, and DSLRs for a perfect click. You should also give some time for the place to enjoy the deepness of the winds that we missed. 

6. Lush Gardens

garden in grenada

The lush greenery gardens have their unique attraction; the park is full of botanical plants like lily. Also, the garden has palm trees of over 25 species. Thus the garden is named Palm Tree Botanical Garden in St David’s. We alert you that the garden is opened every day except Sunday, so avoid moving to the place on Sundays. Apart from these huge trees, the garden has a greenhouse, ponds, natural view, and significance. We strongly suggest you visit the place except on Sundays.

7. Leatherback Turtle


If your motto behind visiting Grenada is turtle watching, then the place arrives here. You can watch the leatherback turtle at Levera Beach. Levera Beach has the largest reptiles dwelling population; you can have a photoshoot of this turtle and save it in your memories. It is one of the recommended places, do visit it.

8. Carnival Go

carnival go

Carnival is one of the cultural activities that has been celebrated in August most probably. If you are planning to fly to Grenada Island, then plan it in between July to August. These are the peak months of traveling to Grenada, where you can enjoy and experience a blast of activities like costumes, Soca and Calypso music and competitions, and of course dancing in the streets. It’s also a good opportunity to know the culture of Grenada people and make contacts. We wish we knew it before going to Grenada.

9. Experience the Rainforest


One of the greenest islands in the Caribbean is Grenada. The place is built, especially for tourists, to perform activities like trekking and get a wild experience in the Grenada forest. You can search for this location and get there to experience the rainforest. 

10. Scuba Diving

scuba diving

The Caribbean island is meant for scuba diving. Off to the coast, Grenada has amazing scuba diving spots; the count goes across around 30. While taking a scuba dive, you will get a thrilling experience beneath the water, also a small talk with aqua life. You will get to see the reef corals too. A click is a must, do carry underwater cameras, and experience life such an amazing experience.



In this article, we shared a spicy cover about the spice of Island Grenada. The island has an overall mind-blowing and fantastic experience. Also it caters to a lot many magnificent activities to do. We have covered where is Grenada, sandals Grenada, Grenada island, travel to Grenada, is it safe to travel to Grenada, how to travel to Grenada, things to know about Grenada, exciting facts about Grenada. Pack up your bags, carry the mandatory stuff, follow the article, and fly to Grenda Island.

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