10 things I wish I knew before going to Guam

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Guam
Guam is one of the tropical destinations which is not known by millions of travel enthusiasts. It is worth learning more about Guam island, which is a must-go vacation spot. Where is Guam? Guam is located in the western Micronesia part of the North Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Hawaii and the Philippines. Guam is part and territory of the United States. If you want to know how to travel to Guam, there are flights from Japan, the US, and the Philippines several times a week. Despite its remote geographical location, millions of tourists travel to Guam every year. Many devotees of travelling have shared their experience and knowledge about Guam that have inspired millions to arrange a nice summer vacation in the hidden Pacific paradise. Learning many fun facts about Guam would give you a real thrill about the extraordinary trip to faraway Pacific lands. In this blog, you will know many interesting facts about Guam that will make your travel more convenient.

1. Best time of the year to travel

guam Guam has a tropical climate, and the temperature is high throughout the whole year. The weather conditions may change, though. To be more precise, the weather can be wet and dry. The dry season in Guam starts in February and ends in July, the temperature being hot during this period. It is the best time of the year to travel to Guam. It rains a lot in Guam during the rest of the year, with the warm temperature. In October and November, Guam may experience fierce and ferocious storms. Therefore, it would be better and safer not to travel in October and November. During the dry season, wet and high temperatures are perfect for a tropical vacation. The warm water of the Pacific Ocean and the pristine white sand of Guam island will give you the pleasure of relaxing on a real tropical beach.

2. Cosy public transportation

guam bus Guam has a well-organized public transportation service. If you are a backpacker or a solo traveller, public transit will be convenient. Buses in Guam have access to all the villages, connecting all critical places. Also, bus fares are quite affordable for the ones who travel on a budget. In public buses, you will have a chance to talk to local people and learn more about Guam’s lifestyle. One of the interesting facts about Guam is that the buses are privatized by American-based companies and offer high-quality service. The buses are colourful and remind you of the American school buses. Guam's public transportation works on a schedule, and if you know English well, you will have absolutely no problems with getting around in Guam.

3. Chamorro, not Guamanian!

waterpark One of the fun facts about Guam is that tourists often call local people of Guam not correctly. They wrongly call local people Guamanians. The major ethnic group in Guam is Chamorro, and Chamorros are native local people of the country. Therefore, Guam is called The Land of the Chamorro! The local people of Guam are very tourist-friendly and kind. Chamorros have lived in Guam for thousands of years and built their own native country, welcoming many immigrants from other nations. Chamorros have their traditions, culture, rituals, music, language, etc. Thanks to the multicultural lifestyle in Guam, English is considered the primary language. Chamorro is also widely spoken among local people. Before you start your journey to Guam, it would be useful and fun to learn some essential words and phrases in the Chamorro language. Local people in Guam become stunned and cheerful when they see foreigners trying to speak their language.

4. Most beaches are free of charge!

guam beach As surprising as it sounds, you can enjoy relaxing on a tropical beach, walking on the pristine white sand, and swimming in the clean Pacific water for free! One of the lovely things about Guam is that high-quality beaches are offered free of charge. It is true that many hotels have privatized the beach area and require fees. However, the public beaches in Guam are available for free. You can also bring a tent and have a great camping experience on the Pacific Ocean’s shore. Sands are clean and safe; therefore, no need for a sleeping mat. You can feel the joy of sleeping and relax on the warm sand after long hours of swimming at night.

5. No tipping in restaurants

eggs benedict Although tipping is a rule in many parts of the US, it is not accepted as a cultural norm in Guam. The waiters do not expect tips from the visitors, whether they are tourists or locals. One of the fun facts about Guam is that many backpackers rate the services of cafes very high in online apps just because of this no-tipping rule. People who travel on a budget become incredibly happy when they learn this Chamorro cultural norm for the first time. The rule of no tipping will be one of your most favourite things about Guam.

6. Delicious Chamorro dishes

chamorro dish You are a lucky visitor if you happen to travel to Guam during Chamorros` traditional celebrations. Chamorros pay special attention to meals during the holidays and cultural events such as Mes Chamorro. Local people will invite you to the house and offer incredibly delicious potato salad or empanada. It is also fun to see and taste the dressing for pig, chicken, or turkey. Flour Titiyas and Riyenu for Fiesta are a must-have on special family days. Many travellers have shared their experience of tasting Chamorro-style fried rice that is top-notch in Guam. Fish in coconut milk is also an extraordinary dish that many foreigners try for the first time. If you are fond of sweets, pistachio cake is an ice choice for you.

7. Ritidian Point - where the thick tropical jungle meets the ocean

ritidian point Ritidian Point is a gorgeous beach just a few steps away from the wild tropical rainforests. Ritidian Point is located in the northernmost part of Guam. Lizards, exotic butterflies, and fruit bats are among the myriad wild species in the Chamorro jungles. In Ritidian Point, you will experience real tropical wildlife. The government of Guam protects the area, preserving its wild nature. For many travellers, Ritidian Point is the most spectacular spot on Guam island. One of the interesting facts about Guam is that you can come across some endemic Chamorro plants in the thick jungles near Ritidian Point.

8. Duty-free shopping heaven

shopping mall If you are fond of shopping, Guam is a perfect travelling spot for you. To begin with, prices are lower compared to the US and Europe. Guam is home to a lot of shops and shopping malls that feature dozens of luxury brands. In Guam, you can enjoy duty-free shopping at its best, as many shops are serving 24/7. Both cash and credit cards are convenient to use in stores. You can find high-quality clothing and other stuff, as many shops are branches of American and global luxury brands. You can find great shopping malls with exquisite designs alongside tropical beaches. To sum up, in Guam, you will have a quality shopping experience with American standards.

9. LGBT-friendly travel destination

lgbt flag For the first time in the United States, same-sex marriage is legally allowed in Guam territory. Both Guam laws and Chamorro society welcome the LGBT people positively. It is worth to note that Guam is home to an inclusive community that approaches well to people of all cultural orientations. Also, same-sex couples can come to Guam island to make their marriage vows. Besides, same-sex couples can arrange and organize wedding ceremonies in the halls of Chamorro hotels and restaurants. Many travellers say that local Chamorro people cheerfully invite LGBT couples to their home and serve them for their comfort. All in all, The Land of Chamorro is a perfect travel destination for LGBT people.

10. Safety tips and precautions for family and solo travellers

enter button with fag of guam It is worth noting some precautionary advice that you should take into account during your travel to Guam. Firstly, you should wear sporty clothes allowing you to move comfortably in rainforests. Moreover, you should not explore the tropical jungles and wild rainforests alone. Try to stick to group trips with an experienced tour guide. Moreover, according to Guam laws, you should not leave your kids alone during the trips. If you get lost, no worries. Almost all Chamorro people know English, and you can ask for directions. In times of trouble or emergency, you can call 911 that is available 24/7. You can also use many helpful apps on your phone. There are dozens of handy apps about lifestyle in Guam that will help you to get around conveniently.

A quick recap of this article

tumon beach All in all, in this blog, we have talked about the things that you need to be aware of before travelling to Guam. This blog will hopefully make your journey to Guam more adventurous and convenient. We firstly answered the following questions: Where is Guam? How to travel to Guam? Then, we discussed when the best time for visiting Guam, how to get around in Guam, etc. Guam's lifestyle, tourist attractions, social norms, traditional dishes, cultural and safety issues have also been the focus of this article. After you find out where is Guam and how to travel to Guam, you can start the adventure that you will remember in your whole lifetime.

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