10 things I wish I knew before going to Malaysia

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Malaysia
Malaysia. A partly island, partly peninsular country of South Asia, is quite a large South China Sea area between the two parts. Do you know where is Malaysia on the map? Malaysia on the map occupies a rather unusual area. Located a little south of the Indus Peninsula, it is an elongated stretch of not-quite-island land, making it possible to enjoy the changeable but still warm weather during trips on it. Attractions in Malaysia, tours to Malaysia, and the unusual terrain of places where is Malaysia. Below we will analyze in a little more detail the features of this colorful country.

1. Arrival in Malaysia, features of the mentality

malaysia capital Malaysia is a country where the culture of small ethnic groups is combined with modernity. Throughout its history, it has been visited by immigrants from different parts of the world, which has made Malaysia a colorful power with a rich culture. Its culture is a fusion of the peoples of the world. Quiet, secluded sandy beaches and bustling markets, traditional shrines, and skyscrapers of shopping and business centers-all this creates an unprecedented contrast to the true Malaysian life. Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. Nevertheless, it is unusually tolerant of representatives of other faiths. And in some regions, particularly in Sabah and Sarawak, some Christian holidays are even considered a day off. Religious tolerance, the contrast of life of Malaysians – this feature of the country can be proud of first of all, of course, thanks to its multiculturism. This is not only due to the emigrants but also due to the remaining tribal communities in Malaysia. In addition, the diversity of faiths allows local Malaysia people to unite religious Malaysia holidays. Malaysians do not see anything shameful in the fact that the whole country celebrates the holidays of different exercises. The place where the color is most visible is, of course, the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Most of the flights to Malaysia, one of which is likely to arrive in this country and you, pass through this city.

2. Capital and appearance of the country

kuala lumur Kuala Lumpur is a modern city of unprecedented contrast, in which the life of the metropolis, familiar to many Malaysia people, is well combined with traditions. Its expressways pass by numerous shrines of different peoples, some of which have become architectural monuments. And in the center of this contrast, the majestic skyscrapers – the Petronas twin Towers-rise. In its past, namely in the XVIII-XIX centuries, Kuala Lumpur was a Chinese working village. Here, tin was mined in large quantities for the British colonies. Neither the malaria epidemic nor the other swampy area problems bothered the hard workers and their superiors. Even more than that – at one time, a war broke out here for natural resources. The result – Kuala Lumpur was burned to the ground. A little later, the British sent the Chinese here to restore order. The city quickly grew and became an industrial trading city. As time went on, Kuala Lumpur went through several more wars and burning, but in the end, it began to look like what it looks like.

3. City attractions in Malaysia

malaysia For now, we will not go far from Kuala Lumpur. After all, here are the world's tallest twin towers- "Petronas," which, by the way, were once part-time the tallest buildings in the world. Here, in the center of the capital of Malaysia, tourists are constantly received. Guests of the city always like the towers' observation deck – a large glass bridge at an altitude of 170 meters. From here it is quite possible to see other sights that we will go to see immediately after the towers. The first of them is the Palace of Sultan Abdul-Samad. Experts in architecture will tell you that this palace is built incorrectly. The austere British style of the Victorian era, which occupies most of the structure, unexpectedly echoes the local patterned structure, so characteristic of Malaysia's indigenous inhabitants. But, nevertheless, the palace looks more than impressive and graceful. That's just where the Ministry of Culture is now. And this means that you will have to be content only with its external features. It is sad to exhale from the fact that the passage inside is closed and goes on. And to go further to the confluence of two rivers – Gombak and Keruing. Here, in one of the most picturesque places of the city, there is an equally picturesque creation of the architecture of the past – the Jamek mosque. As it has already become customary in our article, tourists are not allowed inside. But this is not so important if you look at the surroundings of the mosque. Located in the heart of the city, it occupies a very large area of nature and ancient architecture. As already mentioned, Kuala Lumpur is a wild mix of a modern, vibrant metropolis and an ancient city rich in history. This place is a great option for those who want to enjoy both sides of Malaysian life, of course after getting Malaysia tourist visa

4. Malaysia's vastness and ease of exploration

malaysia capital city As soon as you leave the city, you will see the incredible expanses of Malaysian beauty. The transport connection of the state-both by road and by rail surpasses most countries of the world, so you will not have any problems with visiting the Instagrammable country's best natural attractions. We have already talked about the main city tourist attractions, so it's time to get ready to go on the highways of the country. Even though they are laid out in all interesting places, they do not spoil nature's beauty. The local Malaysia people have taken good care to ensure that the Malaysian jungle has come down to our times in its pristine beauty. The dominance of Malaysia nature is visible everywhere here. Wherever you are in this state, you will always be surrounded by forest. Even in the crowded city of Kuala Lumpur, there are countless natural parks. What can we say about the hinterland of the country?

5. Best national parks in Malaysia

park in malaysia For a hiker to visit the nature of Malaysia will be a truly amazing event. In addition, many national parks have many tent camps. If you have everything you need for a hike, then you will find many specialized places for camping through the local, national parks. They are all equipped with many amenities such as showers, bathrooms, and cooking areas. The main national parks of the country: * Niah. A place on the island of Borneo, which is home to such rare fauna as rhinoceros birds, flying dragons, and long-tailed macaques. As well as live local delicacies – so-called salanganes bird * Bako. Rocks, coves, and fields. Not far from Kuching, there is a picturesque place where you can get by boat to see many local fauna representatives. brahminy kite eagle * Endau-Rompin. The only area in Malaysia with rhinos. Thickets of bamboo, palm trees, and other exotic plants are constantly visited by elephants and lynxes. * Taman Negara. The most popular nature reserve in the state. In addition to all the natural beauty, in this place, you should climb to the highest point of the Malaysian peninsula - Mount Gunung Tahan, with a height of 2150 meters. If this happens in the summer – immediately go down, and fish for all 200 species of marine life found here. * Batu. 13 kilometers from the capital of Malaysia, is a unique complex of caves – Batu. This is the most visited tourist destination in the country, so it is a must-visit if you are in the city of Kuala Lumpur. With a height of 122 meters and a length of 2 kilometers, these caves are a miracle of nature and an architectural monument of the ancient peoples who created their buildings here.

6. The nature of Malaysia

nature of malaysia Due to the fact that Malaysia occupies quite an interesting area on the map, one of the main reasons for the pride of the state is the world's oldest rainforests. The local government has worked very hard to both preserve its natural heritage and make it as accessible to tourists as possible. Once upon a time, certain forests could only be reached by river, now it can be done by expressways laid throughout the state. The soil is so diverse that each type of forest deserves special attention. * Mangrove forests. It is found mainly in swampy areas in the middle of a mixture of fresh and saltwater. There are also stunted palm trees. mangrove forests * Freshwater marshes. Where the fertile river layers pass, you can meet many representatives of the local wild fauna. They are attracted by the abundance of fruits that grow in such places. You can also find fig trees here. * Dipterocarp forests. The strange name comes from the type of fruit that forms wings at an altitude of 900 meters from ground level. * Heath forests. They can be found only on the soil of weak fertility. They are characterized by small trees with thick foliage. * Mountain forests. You can meet a rare phenomenon at the height of the Malaysian mountains – tall old trees are intertwined with lianas and shrubs.

7. Malaysia holidays

malaysia beach Of course, first of all, people come to Malaysia to relax. Another thing is that every person imagines a vacation in different ways. As in the case of the capital, in Malaysia, there are a lot of options for a completely different pastime. Malaysia is a country with a predominantly mountainous landscape covered with jungles. Several mountain ranges stretch along the peninsula. Where they are not – the Instagrammable beaches of Malaysia. From them, you can see a great many islands, which are also popular holiday destinations. Many people say that there is nothing to do in urban Malaysia – this is not quite true, but the local nature really overshadows all the city's tourist attractions. So, in the state of Malaysia, recreation is mostly natural beauty.

8. Entertainments

restaurant in malaysia As a tourist country, Malaysia simply had to attract the Western traveler with something other than its natural beauty and culture. Therefore, despite its cultural origin, there are numerous nightclubs and bars with live music in large cities. Local Malaysia musicians perform Western hits with amazing professionalism. But the most interesting thing here is the traditional Malaysian theater. Performances are most often held on the street and in daylight. The four-hundred-year-old dance performance of Mak Yong, the Shadow Theater of Wayang Kulit, is something that any connoisseur of theatrical art should visit. Also, do not forget about the annual Malaysia festivals held in the country. There are a lot of them, and depending on the time of year, you can see a lot of diverse activities here.

9. Malaysia resorts

malaysia And we smoothly flow into the places where most of the tourists who come to Malaysia stay. Here, in popular Malaysia resorts, there are many hotels and hotels of the international class, with appropriate service and prices. One of the main resorts in Malaysia is still its capital, even if many people underestimate it. If you are not interested in a beach holiday, but you want to enjoy the Asian flavor and the huge complex of Batu caves, welcome. In the state of Malaysia, most Malaysia resorts, of course, are located on the islands: * Langkawi. Famous for its beaches and clear sea, the island group of the Strait of Malacca. Most often, tourists with children or elderly parents come here. It is said that the mineral-rich local sand cures many diseases. Sports such as diving and snorkeling are very popular here. The islands are surrounded by nature reserves, plantations, and an oceanarium. And in the evenings, you can fully enjoy the view of gorgeous sunsets. * Penang. A small island, where guests are given unrestrained fun in local nightclubs and other places for recreation. This is an island for those who do not really care about their comfort but are not indifferent to the interesting history and culture of the Asian people – you can enjoy it here completely. The architecture of the times of colonization, national parks, high-rise buildings with interesting graffiti, and, of course, the color of the local Malaysia population. penang * Pangkor. Another small island that is more suitable for lovers of nature and privacy. The local beauty is mostly represented by jungles, untouched by civilization and wonderful coral reefs. * Borneo. The largest island in Asia, geographically divided between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. As the size of the island suggests, here you can find a haven for every taste and color. There are a lot of mountain parks, reefs, and beaches. Museums, galleries, and architectural monuments complete all this beauty. * Tioman. Another picturesque island with reefs and an unprecedented wonderful view of the sea. Its main advantage is that the island is one of the cleanest in the world. Here quite often visited by fans of water sports. This island is a natural area without city life, for the most part, captured by the Malaysia nature.

10. Tours to Malaysia

airplane And, finally, when you have already decided to fly to Malaysia and search on the map for where is Malaysia, you should pay attention to the most pleasant part for a Russian tourist: to arrive in the country for a period of up to one month, you only need to have a valid foreign passport for the next six months. As for flights, planes from Russia fly to many parts of the country. Most of it goes through Kuala Lumpur. And even if for you this holiday is only Malaysia nature and beaches, it is worth flying just like this, making the capital your transit stop.

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