Things I wish I knew before going to Trinidad and Tobago

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Things I wish I knew before going to Trinidad and Tobago
Instagrammable and even glamorous places. Accumulating comfy and sparkle memories are their main aim. But some people love to discover the world and find the hidden beauty in the countries. They are the ones who feel deeply every moment of travel. Today we will write about Trinidad and Tobago. It’s for those who want to discover the world. A trip to Trinidad and Tobago will be more accessible for you after this blog. As usual, we will start with the famous questions, where is Trinidad and Tobago, and what is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

Where is Trinidad and Tobago?

trinidad and tobago The country office is called the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of 2 large islands and some small islands. The main islands are Trinidad and Tobago. Grenada, Barbados, and Venezuela are the neighbours of the country. Republic Trinidad and Tobago are known for their fossil fuel. The Caribbean countries are known for the tourism sector, but this country is known for gas, fossil fuel, oil, and oil industry.

What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago?

trinidad and tobago The city of Port of Spain has been the capital of Trinidad and Tobago since 1757. It is the centre of exporting agricultural products and foods. Port of Spain is the most extensive stock of exchange. 2 largest banks of the Caribbean are located in this city. 

Travel to Trinidad and Tobago

tobago beach Let’s talk about visas after an answer to “What is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago?” Permits are not required for most countries for any stays shorter than 90 days. Be sure that your passport is a valid minimum for six months. For easier travel to Trinidad and Tobago, you should also know about weather conditions. As you know, its climate is tropical, and it’s hot during the year. But there are two seasons for visiting: the first is the dry season, the second is the wet season. The dry season is from January to May, and the wet season is from June to December. If you want to take great pictures for your Instagram, you should take to account the seasons. The currency in Trinidad and Tobago is the US Dollar. There are too many ATMs in this country. It is a prospective city for finance issues. Travel insurance is recommended for travellers. It is not only to save money in disease conditions; it also covers theft and loss of valuable things. 

Flights going to Trinidad and Tobago 

flag of trinidad and tobago Let’s start with airports for flights going to Trinidad and Tobago. The most famous airport in this country is Piarco International Airport, which is located in Port of Spain. The second airport is A.N.R. Robinson International Airport. It is located in Crown Point. The third is Camden Base. Caribbean Airlines, JetBlue, Turkish Airlines, Fly All Ways, United, LIAT offer direct flights going to Trinidad and Tobago. The cheapest season for aviation is in November. 

Is it safe to travel to Trinidad and Tobago? 

north coast of trinidad and tobago Firstly, we should say that Trinidad and Tobago, absolutely worth seeing and travel. However, there are some facts about Trinidad and Tobago. This country is a combination of two cultures. Trinidad Island is larger and suitable for nightlife, sightseeing lovers. Tobago is a carrier of old Caribbean culture, in contrast. The first rule is to carry a phone with you. It is better to buy a local sim. There are some most dangerous areas that you should be away from, especially if you are a woman. These locations can be dangerous: Sea Lots, Morvant, Laventille, South Belmont. For not to be a target of theft’s attack, do not walk alone on the weekday in Queen's Park Savannah. The park is the largest one in the capital, so they can catch you alone. But on the weekends, the park is safe for tourists. Englishman’s Bay, Las Cuevas Bay, King Peter’s Bay are not recommendable, especially at nights. statue Trinidad’s ways are good, but some of them can be dangerous. It is common in Trinidad and Tobago, smash and car grabs. Do not leave your valuable things in the parked cars. Be careful in the ATM. Avoid drugs, and do not wear camouflage wears because they are illegal there. If you want to rent a villa, you should know that: be sure that your villa has 24-hour security guards, security lighting outdoor, be sure that every window and door can be locked, burglar bars on the window. Now you know, is it safe to travel to Trinidad and Tobago or not.

The hottest pepper

pepper Trinidad and Tobago is home to the hottest pepper in the world. It is the Moruga Scorpion pepper. Do not try to eat it unconsciously. It could cause him to be hospitalized.

The brain coral

brain coral The largest brain coral is located in Tobago, Speyside. You can see it during sea dive tours. Interesting, isn't it? 


chocolate The best cocoa flavour is Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa.

The Greatest Show on Earth

carnival Trinidad and Tobago are one of ten carnival countries. Even its carnival is “the Greatest Show on Earth.” It takes part 2 days, usually in February or early March. If you are lucky, your next adventure may be this carnival for you.

Fauna of Trinidad and Tobago

ibis bird Fauna lovers will love Trinidad and Tobago. There is a rare leatherback turtle nesting ground. The leatherback turtle is the largest type of all of the turtles in the world. Usually, between April and July is a season of the nesting season of the leather turtles. Matura Beach is the best beach to watch them and their nesting time.

Interesting facts about Trinidad and Tobago

radix point road In this part, we want to share some interesting facts about Trinidad and Tobago. It’s great to know about the country where you want to travel: ● The largest habitat of the Scarlet Ibis is in Trinidad, and along with Cocrico, they are the national birds of Tobago. ● The only acoustic musical instrument that was invited in the 20th century is the steelpan. The birthplace of the instrument is Trinidad and Tobago. This instrument is also the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. ● This country is the happiest in the Caribbean. ● First Black Miss Universe Queen (1977) was Trinidadian. ● The Limbo dance is a dance of Trinidadians. ● The national motto of Trinidad and Tobago is: “Together we aspire, together we achieve.” movie ● The second-largest Hanuman Murti statue is in this country. ● Swiss Family Robinson movie was filmed in the country. ● Tobago’s name comes from Tobacco pipes. ● One of the interesting facts about Trinidad and Tobago is the county being the largest oil country in the Caribbean.

Some destinations in Trinidad and Tobago

beach ● Maracas Bay. Maracas Bay is one of the famous beaches of Trinidad. If you want to see this beauty, you should drive through the green forests 40 minutes far from Port of Spain. Even all the way, the beauty of nature will break your breath. The incredible way will take you to another beautiful pearl of Trinidad and Tobago. Bay’s water is deep-blue, sand is golden. Lush hillsides surround this beauty. If you want a more comfortable holiday, do not forget about umbrellas and chairs. Do not worry; there is some shower for your salty skin. Richard’s Bake & Shark is a favourite place for tourists. ● Another destination is the paradise of birds. It is Asa Wright Nature Center & Lodge. It is a 1500 acres area in the Arima and Aripo Valleys. It was old cocoa, coffee, and citrus plantation. There are too many types of birds, pygmy owls, woodcreepers, trogons, hummingbirds, and other rare birds. If you are interested in hummingbirds, you can see several types of hummingbirds. Even you can sign up for the birding tour. Do not forget about the reservation. The entry price includes a presentation, a chance to take pictures, and a light snack. Tropical gardens will make great and amazing memories in your mind. bird ● We talked about deep blue water and golden sandy beaches, but there is another beach version with a breathtaking view. It is at Pigeon Point Heritage Park. White coral-sandy beach, warm air, crystal clear blue water is a slice of paradise. You will feel the tropical atmosphere by heart. There are too many bars, change rooms, and you can also rent a lounger.  ● Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Main Ridge Forest Reserve is in Tobago. This forest is officially the oldest forest of the Western Hemisphere.  ● You should know the most interesting fact about Trinidad and Tobago. It is La Brea Pitch Lake. The lake is the largest natural resource of natural asphalt. It is a semi-liquid lake that you can walk on the surface. Your next destination can be La Brea Pitch Lake. Its asphalt looks very similar to the hydrocarbon of the Moon of Saturn. We think you should go there.

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