8 Countries with Freelance Visas for Digital Nomads

Nargiz Shiraliyeva20 April 20212987 views4 min. read
8 Countries with Freelance Visas for Digital Nomads
coronavirus pandemic has proved this again and accelerated the process, so more companies allow their employees to work distantly. If you are reading this blog, it means you also consider moving abroad to combine vacation and work. However, there is a major difference between being employed and working as a freelancer, as their legal conditions vary.

Who are Digital Nomads?

macbook Working in any country and getting income there means that you need to pay taxes and stay there legally. So, how not get into trouble and make a legal income while working abroad? There are some countries out there supporting digital nomads and implementing freelance visas for freelancers. We gathered a list of the countries issuing freelance visas, but don`t worry if your dream country is not in the list! The actual number of countries with freelance visas increases day by day as the freelance lifestyle is getting more popular. So, let`s start!


red passport Estonia can be considered as one of the best options for digital nomads. The country aims to be among the world’s leading digital countries, and it definitely shows in the solutions they implement. Estonia issues a Digital Nomad visa with a few requirements. Getting a contract with a company outside of Estonia or operating your own company registered elsewhere are some of these conditions. The visa process itself is quite easy and quick. The visa fees are as following: Short term visa up to 90 days costs 80 euros, and the long term visa (up to 365 days) costs 100 euros. Additionally, this visa allows travelling to other Schengen countries for a determined number of days.


man sign Germany has always been among the top business beautiful destinations. In the last years, Germany launched several visa types available for all nationalities. However, you need to take into account that their system loves bureaucracy. So, you need to be ready for a long detailed checklist to apply for any visa type. They offer to obtain a visa for self-employment and a freelancer visa for business owners, which is easier to get. Both of these visas can take around 6 weeks to get and cost 100 euros.

The Netherlands

red passport The Netherlands has always been a dream destination for many people, and for the adventure-loving nomads out there, there is good news. The Netherlands offers visas for freelancers around the world. The visa requirements include proof of funding, insurance, and many more. Also, the Netherlands offers a visa in case you have Dutch clients. 


buffer and passport There is a self-employed Residence permit for those dreaming of working from one of the beautiful destinations in Spain. The procedure to get this permit is quite common and not very difficult. The applicant needs to prove to have funds available to sustain a living and intended business activity. The process takes around 45 days, and the permit is usually given for a year


passport and ticket Georgia is a small country in the Caucasus region, and one of those countries suggesting many options and easy conditions for travellers. The country releases a new program, “Remotely from Georgia”, for freelancers around the world. All you need is a valid passport, insurance, proof of employment contract, and proof of the income shown by the bank statements of the last months. The visa application takes about 10 days


travel preparation Mexico suggests Temporary Resident Visa for foreigners interested in staying there for 180 days - 4 years. The main requirement is financial status. You must show that you earned about 18 000 euros last year and worked with a tax-free salary of at least 1000 EUR in the previous six months.


blue passport Bermuda is a paradise island, and many professionals are interested in staying there for up to 1 year for remote work. As a result of the depleted economy during pandemics, the local government decided to give access to a more significant number of internationals and released a Digital Nomad visa. The visa is easy to get and costs about 263 USD.

Costa Rica

document Our last destination is a beautiful country in Latin America - Costa Rica. This is a perfect location for exotic weather and coffee lovers. The country is open to freelancers around the world. You can receive a freelance visa for 2 years and extend it later as well.

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