Top 10 local foods to try in Uzbekistan

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Top 10 local foods to try in Uzbekistan

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Uzbek cuisine / Uzbekistan food recipes

various uzbek food

The settlement of Uzbekistan on the Silk Road had a great impact on its cuisine. The food in this country seems to be a mixture of Western and Eastern dishes. There are different dishes in this country, which has a great food history among Central Asian countries. We can say that the most important indicator of the culture of this country is food. Uzbek cuisine is rich in delicious dishes. You can search for Uzbekistan food recipes from different places. We would not be wrong if we said that food is the way of life of the people of Uzbekistan. In general, the Uzbek people are known as very hospitable people. At the same time, while they are welcoming guests from another country, they take them home and prepare food for the guest. Uzbeks enjoy being careful when preparing food and gladly cook. Uzbeks, who especially like to prepare cauldron dishes, offer local dishes to their guests.

Animal foods, especially mutton and lamb, are common in the northern region of Uzbekistan. Camel meat and horse meat are also used to prepare the country's favorite dishes. Fish meat is very common in some parts of the country.

If we want to taste delicious food when we travel to Uzbekistan, we should find an answer to what is a major food in Uzbekistan. At the same time, we should research the foods that the local people like and seek an answer to the question of what food do they eat in Uzbekistan. The cost of food in Uzbekistan can be cheap and expensive.

1. Plov

real traditional street plov

Plov is a dish of great importance for the people of Uzbekistan. This food is known as typical food in Uzbekistan. This dish, which means rice, is known as rice. In Uzbekistan, they cook this dish with fatty meat, onions, and carrots. At the same time, materials such as salt, garlic, and apricots are also used. Plov is a common dish not only in Uzbekistan but also in many Central Asian countries.

Plov restaurants operate in Uzbekistan. You can see this dish, known as one of the most common dishes in the country, in almost all restaurants. The types of rice served in these restaurants vary. Plov is an indispensable product on the tables of Uzbekistan. This dish is one of Uzbekistan traditional food.

2. Shashlik


This dish can be one of the best answers to the question of what is a major food in Uzbekistan. Shashlik is a type of kebab that is cooked ethically and served. This dish, which became widespread in Central Asia with the influence of Russia, is one of the most popular dishes of Uzbekistan. There are different types of this dish available. Shashlik, which is not only prepared from lamb or mutton, is also prepared from chicken meat. Shashlik can also be prepared from pork. However, if we consider that most Uzbekistan is Muslim, we will see that they will not choose this type. In most Central Asian countries, you can see shashlik prepared from horse meat. In Uzbekistan, you have the opportunity to eat kebabs from horse meat. Non-meat eaters can taste tomato, pepper, or potato kebabs.

3. Lagman

assorted uzbek food

The Lagman dish is one of the most popular dishes in Uzbekistan. This soup, which is a type of soup, is prepared with products such as lamb, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes. Products such as garlic, cumin, and parsley can be added to the dish to make it taste even more delicious. This dish, which is preferred to be eaten in cold weather, is indispensable for the people of Uzbekistan.

4. Manti


One of the popular foods in Uzbekistan is Mantı (Ravioli). Mantı looks like a meatball and is stuffed with meat. Ravioli are sometimes prepared very oily. The high amount of oil increases its taste. However, you should not think that everyone can eat excessively greasy food. Ravioli can be even more delicious with yogurt. You can add a nice flavor to your food by pouring and spreading the yogurt on it. Sometimes potatoes can be added to this dish.

5. Fried Chuchvara

traditional uzbek cuisine

A smaller version of ravioli is the Churchvara dish. This dish is generally included in soups. There are different types of this dish, which is very popular in Uzbekistan. Another variant of it is the fried version. Fried Chuchvara, which you can often see in Uzbekistan restaurants, is mostly eaten with hands by people. Rather than restaurants, this dish is also served at Uzbekistani weddings. Fried Churchvara, which is used with different spices, is even more delicious with yogurt. It is one of the most loved among Uzbekistan culture food.

6. Samsa

samosa samsa

Meatballs are very popular in Uzbekistan. One of them is Samsa. Samsa is known as a typical food in Uzbekistan. Samsa is very similar to Mantı. Lamb meat is required for its preparation. You can also benefit from beef according to your mouth's taste. Baked Samsa is prepared with dough. Uzbeks love to drink tea with Samsa in the morning. You can also use onions and potatoes to change the taste of the dish. Thus, you will have created a delicious Uzbekistani dish.

7. Dolma

pilaf and dolma

One of the most common types of food in Uzbekistan is Dolma. Dolma is popular in Uzbekistan and all of Central Asia, the South Caucasus, and the Mediterranean region. For the preparation of Dolma, you generally need minced meat. You can also prepare Dolma using rice. In Uzbekistan, stuffed peppers are preferred as well as stuffed with rice or minced meat. You will also need cabbage leaves to prepare the Dolma. This dish, which is popular in many regions, is also one of the popular dishes in Uzbekistan. This dish is one of the most preferred among Uzbekistan traditional food.

8. Shivit Oshi

shivit oshi

CopyrightI @_creatima

Shivit Oshi is among the popular dishes in Uzbekistan. One of the main features of this dish is its outward appearance. This delicious dish, prepared with green noodles, attracts the attention of food lovers with its colorful appearance. Shvit Oshi, used with yogurt, is prepared with meat, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes. If you want to increase the color of the dish, you can also use carrots at this time. One of the important features of this dish is that it is not popular in all regions of Uzbekistan. This dish is famous in the Khiva region. You cannot find Shivit Oshi food in every region of Uzbekistan. When someone asks you what food do they eat in Uzbekistan, you can say the name of this dish.

9. Uzbek bread

uzbekistan bread

Uzbek bread is one of the indispensable foods on the table for Uzbeks. This dish is known as Uzbekistan culture food. Homemade Uzbek bread is sold all over the country. People can prepare and sell this bread in their own homes. This bread, which looks like a big bagel, is served in every restaurant in Uzbekistan. It has become a tradition to eat Uzbek bread with any meal.

One of the main features of this bread is the patterns on it. The people who prepare this bread create differences in its appearance by drawing patterns on the bread. When you travel to Uzbekistan, you should try Uzbek bread.

10. Halva

central asian natural halva

In Uzbekistan, there are different types of desserts as well as dishes. It is very important to have dessert with tea in Uzbekistan. Uzbeks love to use baklava, figs, and almond sugar with tea. Halva has another importance for them. Halva is a dessert that is used not only in Uzbekistan but also in many Central Asian countries. There are different types of Halva. In general, materials such as sunflower oil, vanilla, and chocolate are used for their preparation.

You can find this dessert almost everywhere in Uzbekistan. It will be very easy to find it, especially in Samarkand and the capital Tashkent. The cost of food in Uzbekistan may vary. Halva prices are also different. Therefore, when you buy Halva from Uzbekistan markets, do not forget to check the prices.

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