Top 10 Travel Log Apps Every Traveler Should Download

Tamerlan Mehdiyev28 September 202120095 views7 min. read
Top 10 Travel Log Apps Every Traveler Should Download

Traveling gives us memories that live for a lifetime. Most of the time, the memories are so pleased that you do not want to forget them easily. Besides, these memories are also good travel experiences. Keeping records of your travels teach you how to get a better travelling experience so that next time you travel cheaper and make fewer mistakes regarding choosing accommodation, transportation, etc. Some people are aware of that and travel log whenever they travel. The concept of travel logging is nothing new. However, methods to accomplish that is getting improved day by day. Advances in technology have been proved to be useful for travelling. Different types of apps can be used while travelling, and among them, there are Travel log apps. Travel log apps are getting more and more popular day by day. They indeed enhance the quality of travel. They help you to keep your memories from your journeys fresh. Considering the advantages of such apps, we decided to have a close look at travel log applications. In this article, we will try to answer the question of what are the best travel log apps. Without further ado, let’s get familiarise with the best apps for travel log.


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We started our best apps for travel log with a widely popular app. Have you ever felt disorganized? Evernote offers you notes, to-do lists, schedules to increase your chance to accomplish anything. Evernote is a very versatile app. It can be used for different reasons, and travelling is among them. Sometimes, you can feel like you have a brilliant idea, note, but just because you have not to jot things down, you lost it. Evernote makes sure that you capture your ideas and ensure that you use them when they are needed. It helps you organize your notes and even lets you prioritize them. You can use various functions that Evernote contains, including reminders. You can customize these functions according to your likes.

Polarsteps - Travel Planner and Tracker


Polarsteps - Travel Planner and Tracker app are some of the best travel log map apps for iPhone and Android devices. What can I do with Polarsteps? You can fit all your memories in your pocket. Your travel route, travel stats, your photos, thoughts, reviews can be stored on this map. It essentially alters the traditional travel journey since such methods are almost obsolete. Polarsteps saves you a ton of time and makes it much more convenient to track your travels. Its interactive interface motivates users to engage with the app. Furthermore, it allows you to share your ideas, reviews, and memories with other travellers.


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This one is quite popular as well. It is one of the travel log apps for android and ios. It has an easy-to-use interface that appeals to users, not frighten them like some complex apps. With the help of this app, you can create albums, attached your thoughts, reviews, and other notes that you think are important. You can write a blog on a place if you want people to get more insights about the place. You can also sync your website using the URL of your website or social network profile. You can install this app free of charge.


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With Journi creating your moments have never been easier. Aside from being a versatile app, it has a structure like social network sites where you can stay connected with other people. The main difference is that the niche of this app is tourism. Another great thing about this map is that you can syndicate your posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts. You can adjust to which groups you want to share your experience with. You can have a private group to whom you want to address your posts. For these reasons, this app is one of the best travel log map apps for iPhone. The major disadvantage of this app is that it is only available to IOS devices.


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Minube is another useful app that you can use during your travel. If you are asking yourself, “what are the best travel apps?”, then you might want to give Minube a try. Minube is an app that has so many functions. It is easy to use, thereby welcoming new users. Depending on your likes and dislikes, you can use it as a travel organizer or a whole travel app. Using this app, anyone can book a hotel, keep track of places that the person has visited, and last but not least important is that you can see photos and notes attached to every location you have been and pinned. Minube is indeed one of the best travel log apps for android, and it is available to both android and ios devices.


Tripcast is a bit unusual app. It is like Instagram, but it is for travellers. You want your folks to see your travel photos and places you have been, then use Tripcast. Like private Instagram apps, it will only show your photos, videos, posts to your friends, but you will not get random friend requests. It will be only people that you have invited. It is also a great way to network with your fellow travellers. It can be especially handy if you are in a volunteering project or working with a group of people. You can create a group and share your posts. If you are asking, what are the best travel apps? Then Tripcast is a great answer.


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This app has google’s “best travel log application” stamp, and it is naturally one of the best travel log application. It is widely popular among travellers, millions of users benefit from the app. A journey is a travel diary that helps you maintain records of your travel, thereby keeping your travel memories alive. Using this application, one can post his or her thoughts, photos, and videos. You can share your posts with other people to inform them about the place. Furthermore, to keep your memories as authentic as the first day, it allows you to add weather information for that day. If you want to view your travel log out of the app, you can export them with PDF and DOCX files.


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Some of you might prefer travelling by train rather than other transportation means. For these travellers, train travel log apps can be useful. It is where Trainline comes in handy. This app gathers data on trains and buses all over Europe. Using this app, you can get any train and bus-related information. You can also compare the prices, timeliness, quality, etc. For such traits, Trainline is one of the best train travel log apps. You can get it for android and ios devices. You can use it on the internet without downloading the app. All you need to do to enter the web address.


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It is another app that is available to android and ios devices. What it does essentially is to create diaries in a calendar shape. There, you can add and attach your photos, audio files, stories, and locations to a particular day. The functions of the app are not restricted to that. You can get information on the weather for the upcoming days.

Furthermore, it will allow you the upcoming events in a particular place. If you want to export your data, you can easily choose DOCX and HTML formats. Diarium deserves to be one of the best 10 travel log apps that travellers should be aware of with various functions.


Imagine an app that combines all travelling opportunities. We are talking about Driftr. This app comes in handy in many situations due to its versatility. Its primary purpose is planning, booking, keeping records of your travels, and sharing your memories. It is designed like a social network platform. Everyone has a profile, and they can share their travel adventures with fellow travellers. They can share their reviews and advice about a particular place. With this function, many people already know what to expect from those places. Although it connects people online, it has a function that can be very useful when there is a limited signal. You can use the app offline to note your experiences, moments and schedule your plans.

To wrap up things, we tried to show you what are the best travel log apps. You should know that it was only our conjecture. Therefore, you might find other useful travel log apps. In both cases, you might need a visa to travel, whether with a travel log app or not. It is where you might want to check our “services” section out. Pickvisa has a professional team that can help you get your visa to most world countries as quickest as possible.

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