Top places in Pitcairn

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Top places in Pitcairn
Pitcairn Islands. It is tough to find them on the world map. However, after the movie's release about the mutiny on the ship "Bounty"; they became world-famous.

A bit of historical information

ship In 1787, Britain sent a cargo ship to Tahiti. The purpose of the voyage was a breadfruit tree, the fruits of which, being cheap and nutritious food, were planned to be fed to the slaves working on the cane plantations. The mutiny that broke out on the ship led to the fact that the ship, captured by a group of sailors led by the assistant captain, sailed the expanses of the ocean for four months in search of refuge from retribution for what he had done. After landing on the coast of Pitcairn, the rebels established a colony here and burned the ship, depriving themselves of the opportunity to return to civilization. Then, back in 1790, 27 Pitcairn island people descended to earth. According to various sources, the Pitcairn island population is 48-50 people, which defines it as the most sparsely populated on the planet.

Where is Pitcairn island?

pitcairn Do you know where are the Pitcairn islands on the world map? On the border with French Polynesia in the South Pacific, five islands are belonging to Great Britain: Henderson, Ducie, Sandy, Oeno, and Pitcairn. By the way, only the last one is inhabited. Pitcairn is of volcanic origin, but the volcanoes here are inactive. The island's relief is full of many hills and depressions, which serve as a natural reservoir for collecting rainwater because there are no rivers. If you look at the Pitcairn Islands on the world map, you can see a very rugged coastline, making it much more difficult to access them from the outside. The waters near the islands were declared a marine reserve. After studying the coral reefs, scientists have identified a unique indicator of the Pitcairn ecosystem's biological value, which has preserved its original appearance. And the variety of ocean inhabitants here will amaze the imagination of even the most sophisticated diver. The Pitcairn Islands are unique, first of all, for their unspoiled and picturesque nature: clear water, white sand, lush vegetation, rare birds and animals. And secondly, its isolation. However, they are also attractive for tourists who prefer an exotic trip. This article will look at the most interesting places of this small archipelago and highlight whether immigration to the Pitcairn Islands is possible.

Henderson Island

henderson island The largest of the island group is eight times larger than the inhabited Pitcairn area. Henderson is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Rare bird species are found here. Besides, given the Pitcairn Islands' location, it is not surprising that Henderson Island is an atoll, the ecology of which remains untouched by man to this day. There are about ten unique varieties of plants and rare flora representatives, which can only be seen with the Island Council's permission.

Ducie Island

ducie island It was opened by the Bounty captain, who, along with the other sailors, was put into a boat and sent away. To the delight of the hidden rebels, the captain did not reach Pitcairn but named the discovered island "Ducie" (in memory of his patron). The island itself is a coral atoll with a small lagoon located in the middle. Trees don't grow here. Several types of shrubs represent all vegetation. However, the animal world is very diverse: lizards, Polynesian rats, terns, sea pigeons. Ducie Island is very dirty – it throws a lot of garbage on its shores, which is explained by the local currents' specifics. That is why Pitcairn residents often visit Ducie in the hope of finding something interesting. Rare tourists can visit the island by hiring a yacht or going on a boat with the locals.

The Oeno Island

oeno island Oeno is called the "father of shipwrecks". For a long time, many ships have crashed on its shores. The island is an important ornithological area, home to one of the world's largest colonies of petrels, numbering 12.5 thousand pairs. The diameter of Oeno is about five kilometers. Inside the island, there is a lagoon, and on the edges, there are two large and three small islands. This atoll serves as a place of solitude for a few islanders. The main tourist attraction is the presence of beaches that do not exist on Pitcairn.

Museum of the Pitcairn Islands

museum The only museum of the inhabited island was located in the school for many years. Now it has a new building assigned to it. There are several books and newspapers on the history of the local islands, wreckage, and objects from the death of the "Bounty", ancient tools of the Polynesians.

Bounty bay

bounty bay "Gate of the island" got its name thanks to the ship of the same name, which was burned by the rebels after it docked on the island. His remains can still be found at a depth of about five meters near the bay if you dive with scuba diving. From the bay to the island's only town-town, Adamstown, there is a mountain road named Hill of Difficulty, which offers breathtaking views from its height. Adamstown is the capital of the Pitcairn islands.

John Adams' Grave

grave John Adams is the last survivor of the rebels. John Adam's, his wife's, and daughter's grave are set apart, not in a typical cemetery but the woods on the opposite side of Adamstown. By the way, the city was named in honor of this man.

Christian's cave

cave According to legend, the Bounty's mate Fletcher Christian was the prominent leader of the ship's rebellion. In the first years after settling on Pitcairn Island, Christian chose a natural cave in the rock that was not visible from the sea. It served as an observation post, from which it was convenient to keep an eye on passing ships. Here, too, he hid from the other settlers when he wanted to be alone.

The Central square of Adamstown

central square of adamstown The main square of the town has no unique name and is called "The Square." It is located in the center of the island on a hill. A roof has been built over the square, giving it the appearance of a summer cafe. The square is surrounded by a Seventh-day Adventist church, a police station, a courthouse, a clubhouse, and a post office. Here, in Adamstown Square, several small bells tell residents about a significant event a certain number of times (death, birth, movie show, approaching ship). In front of the club entrance, where visitors gather for a communal dinner, concert, or to watch a movie, there is a cannon and an anchor-all that remains of the famous ship "Bounty". Visiting the buildings located here, you realize that the fruits of civilization have reached even here – in the most remote place of the planet. Now the life of the locals resembles the usual rural way of life in underdeveloped countries. It is noteworthy that all the island buildings (and even public toilets) are equipped with a system for collecting rainwater. Also nearby are huge containers for its storage. The population of Pitcairn Island uses this water in times of drought for cooking and hygiene.


prison Yes, yes, don't be surprised! For less than fifty residents of the island, there is one prison building. It was built in the early 2000s after a "sex scandal", which the locals talk about with great reluctance. It was then that the British government became aware of some facts of some citizens of Pitcairn's particular behavior. Among other things, cases of child molestation have surfaced. After that, more than ten people (including the mayor of Adamstown, the capital of the Pitcairn Islands) were sentenced to different imprisonment terms. The prison building was built for them, and a police officer was sent to Pitcairn every six months on a shift basis. The prison is currently empty.

Ruins of a house Friday, October Christian

cross This place is loved and revered by the locals because Fletcher Christian's son, whose name was Thursday, October Christian, lived here. It is known that after changing the calendar to Gregorian in 1814, he changed his name to Friday, October. As it turned out, this man did nothing remarkable. It's just that the Pitcairn island people have great respect and reverence for their ancestors.

Down Isaak

underwater Having an idea of where is Pitcairn island, be prepared for the difficulties that may arise if you want to swim in the ocean. Down Isaak-these are natural pools formed in the rocky shores of the island due to erosion. Thanks to the waves, they are filled with water, which warms up in the sun and becomes warm, like fresh milk. One of them is home to pink sea urchins, another to yellow vegetation, and a third to corals. On the other side of the island is Saint Paul's Pool – the most picturesque tidal pool, with two twenty-meter cliffs on both sides. The water enters through here if it is designed for this purpose, the channel is a crystal clear natural place for the adoption of water procedures.

Miss T.

turtle While visiting the Pitcairns, take a look at Miss T.-this is a huge Galapagos turtle. She and the male were brought here by a passing yacht in 1930. However, only Miss T. survived. They say that he was not on the island if he did not take a picture with her.

Taro Ground

taro ground It is the most extensive plain on the island, where the radio station used to be. Now this place is called the amateur radio club. There is also a primitive weather station.


flatland Another area in the upper part of Pitcairn Island, where the locals spend their leisure time. A picnic area, a volleyball court, and a tennis court – what else do you need for a varied pastime on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean? The Pitcairn Islands are a real burden to the British government. Several attempts were made to move the islanders to more civilized interesting places. However, the ancestors' spirit and the desire for the usual isolated way of life invariably brought the descendants of the rebels back. The problem is that there is no population growth on the island: out of 50 residents, only seven have not reached the age of forty. For young people, the romance of isolated life here does not seem so attractive. When they study in Australia or New Zealand, the natives of Pitcairn no longer return to their homeland. To prevent a small but persistent community's disappearance, a unique program was approved to increase the Pitcairn island population. Immigration to the Pitcairn Islands is possible in the following way: you must apply to move to Adamstown, which costs NZ $ 500 and is considered by the Island Council. If a favorable decision is made, it is required to confirm an amount of at least 30 thousand dollars on the accounts. house After the first six months, in the absence of offenses on the applicant's part, he is granted free and indefinite use of a plot for housing construction.    The good news was the agreement to build a hotel on Pitcairn for travelers and a small airfield for communication with the island. If immigration to the Pitcairn Islands was your secret desire, hurry up – it is quite possible that soon this place will no longer be so mysterious and little-known. The Pitcairn Islands are almost invisible on the world map. Nevertheless, they attract fans of long and difficult trips, isolation, and Pitcairn Islands history, in which a wild desire for pleasure and a fierce desire to hide from the whole world are mixed.

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