How to spend a summer holiday in Spain

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How to spend a summer holiday in Spain
Spain visas ready and travel to spend the summer in Spain. Depending on their expectations and priorities, people choose different cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Mallorca to spend their vacations. Last year the number of visitors was more than 80 million. Considering that there are more than those visitors who plan to go to Spain in summer, in this blog, we will give information about summer festivals in Spain, the weather in Spain in summer, when is summer in Spain, and more.

When is summer in Spain and how is the weather in Spain in summer?

mallorca Spain becomes much more beautiful during the summer. When is summer in Spain? Summer months in Spain are June, July, August, and mid-September. During the summer months in Spain, weather changes between 30-35 degrees. So, take many shirts, t-shirts, deodorants, hats, sunglasses, sun blockers, and other things which you can need. Besides, don't forget to take the water bottle with you, because tap water is not usable in some cities, and during your travel, you will be obliged to drink a lot of water.

The Wine Battle Festival

wine battle As you know, Spain is popular with its wine worldwide. It is not surprising that they have a festival called the Wine Battle (La Batalla del Vino en Haro). If you like to savor Spanish wines and enjoy one of the most exciting summer festivals in Spain, you can visit the town of Haro in June. Every year between the 27 and 30th of June, residents come together to celebrate this festival in the main square of Plaza de la Pa. During this festival, citizens dress in white clothes with a red handkerchief tied around their necks and choose weapons such as buckets and water-sprays, and after that, they begin splashing liters of red wine at each other. La Batalla del Vino ends with an extensive food fair, where you can try delicious meals and wines. The Wine Battle is an excellent possibility to have memorable days in summer in Spain.


ibiza Undoubtedly, Ibiza is one of the most attractive spots in Spain. Although the population of Ibiza is just 150,000, more than 6 million vacationists visit Ibiza to spend the summer in Spain per year. The destination is full of tourist activities: nightclubs, old city, beaches, restaurants, various games, etc. Nights are especially attractive in this city. Clubs open between 11 pm- 6.30 am and don't think that Ibiza clubs are just for the young; everyone has a right to enjoy life. Where can we stay? You will effortlessly find a place to stay. As it is a very famous touristic destination, there are plenty of hotels, hostels, rental houses, apartments, and villas. What to eat in Ibiza? Spain's cuisine is so rich, and we recommend you to try these meals: Croquetas, Tortilla Espanola, Gazpacho, Pulpo a la Gallega, fabada, Paella, and more. During your vacation, don't forget to try the Spanish wines, but remember it is forbidden to drink in the streets. Is it expensive in Ibiza? Unfortunately, Ibiza is quite costly, and probably you will need more than 1000 EURO. What is the best time to travel to Ibiza? If you want to enjoy beaches and clubs, the summer months in Spain is a perfect time.

La Tomatina in Bunol

la tomatina festival Can you imagine a place where thousands of people throw tomatoes at each other? I know that it sounds insane, but it is true. Spain was the country that brought the tomato to Europe, and it is not unexpected that they have such a tradition. The Tomato battle is the last event of a long celebration to honor saints Luis Bertran and the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats. This fight lasts for an hour and takes place at Plaza del Pueblo on the last Wednesday of August. Firstly, trucks full of tomatoes come to the square, and after the firing of water cannons, the tomato fight begins. If you want to be in Spain in summer and enjoy this festival, you should hurry up, because tickets are limited to 20,000.

Festa Major de Gracia

street decoration One of the fascinating summer festivals in Spain is Fiesta Major de Gracia in Barcelona. Every year more than 19 million people fly to Barcelona. Each of those travelers has various purposes for visiting the city. Some of them want to see the beautiful architecture of the town, others desire to watch football competitions, and many people move here to participate in Fiesta Major de Gracia. From 12th to 21st August, people cover the narrow streets with colorful handmade paper lanterns in various shapes. Spain in summer during this festival is an excellent place for the family because of a lot of family-friendly activities, feats, and more. The best time to enjoy that celebration is the evening.


boloencierro festival Copyright: aytocercedilla Spain has many iconic festivals, and the most well-known among them is the festival of running from bulls. Boloencierro festival is an alternative version of that festival. It takes part annually in Madrid since 2011. Firstly, the town mayor wanted to cancel this carnival, but he changed his mind and turned the bull run into a ball run. It helped the government to save money, but also they didn't lose any income from the festival. Nowadays, in August in 50 km northwest of Madrid in Mataelpino, residents come together to run from giant balls that weigh over 150 kg. This one is not as dangerous as the bull run, but still, some people get injured while running from balls. If you are afraid to take part in this celebration, you can watch it from vantage points in the village. The weather in Spain in summer is spectacular, so take your bags and go to enjoy the crazy celebration.

Camping Aquarius

camping aquarius When summer begins, camping time begins, too. There are many magnificent summer camps in Spain. One of them is Camping Aquarius in Catalonia. As we mentioned above, the Catalonia region (Barcelona) is an example of the favorite destinations of vacationists. Camping Aquarius is located in Sant Pere Pescador, and it has marvelous nature. You will be surrounded by pure seawater, a sandy beach, and plenty of trees and flowers. Even imagining is enough to have goosebumps. Also, you will have a chance to participate in various activities. You can swim in the sea, play different games, and hike around. Here you will find not only beautiful nature but also cultural and historical places, for example, Greek-Roman ruins on the plains of Emporda. When you walk there, you will see plenty of ruins where pirates lived before. You will recognize some places from the paintings of the great Salvador Dali. After finishing your exploration, you can relax and enjoy the meal in restaurants and cafes.


carboneras Carboneras is in Almeria, southeast Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Carboneras is popular with its beach, which is encircled by a tremendous nature preserve. Furthermore, there are plenty of hotels and hostels next to the beach, and you can enjoy the magnificence of nature all time. Going to walk under the moonlight in Carboneras will make you forget all problems for a while. Also, this city and beach are popular with restaurants and meals. As it is located at the seaside, they have delicious fish and other kinds of seafood.

Camping Los Escullos

summer resort Another instance of summer camps in Spain is Camping Los Escullos in Andalusia. Locating at the heart of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, Camping Los Escullos offers an unforgettable vacation to you and your family. Many activities, such as hiking, swimming, cycling, diving, and more, are waiting for you. Also, plenty of markets, restaurants, cafes will be under your serve. The camping area has many advantages for visitors, especially for those who travel with large groups. They have special prices for large groups and for people who will stay long. Furthermore, if you have a pet, you can bring it, too. The price starts from 23,90 EURO, but such as in other areas in the high season price go up(36 EURO). 

Camping Playa Brava

beach One of the best summer camps in Spain is Camping Playa Brava in Catalonia. This family campsite is in the Baix Emporda region, 6 km away from the medieval village of Pals. The most attractive side of the camping area is the direct access to the beach of Platja de Pals, which is one of the longest beaches in the Costa Brava, with more than 3.5 km. Here you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Medes Islands, crystal clear water, and beautiful nature. Furthermore, they offer many exciting activities for you, such as swimming, surfing, cycling, diving, golf, hiking, and sailing. You will have some discounts for activities if you stay here, for example, there are up to 50% discounts on Golf Platja de Pals. Camping Playa Brava is a suitable spot for families with children, travelers with tents, couples, and young groups. Moreover, you will have to explore the cultural and historical sites, for instance, the medieval village of Pals.

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