Top 10 must go restaurants in Berlin

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Top 10 must go restaurants in Berlin
Germany visa and travel there? Several reasons make us travel around the world, and one of them is tasting new flavors. Some tourists prefer to try new cuisines in luxury restaurants, and other groups of people love to taste them in rural areas. Today, we will talk about the first group of people. There are plenty of restaurants around the globe, and we cannot mention all of them in one topic. Today, we will travel to Berlin and talk about the top 10 best restaurants in Berlin.

1. Hoffgarten

wine The first restaurant in our top restaurants in Berlin list is Hoffgarten. It is one of the best German restaurants in Berlin to try various flavors from the Baltic Sea to the Alps. The restaurant has a small but delicious menu. Also, every week you can see new meals on the list. The owner of the restaurant, Christian Wemhoff, does this to keep the menu alive and exciting for visitors. Christian Wemhoff does not look alike to other owners. He is always part of the daily work and has a good palatal delight about wines. Christian Wemhoff personally chose the 20 best wines out of the top 120 wines of Germany. That is why he got a nickname: walking wine card. Where is Hoffgarten? The address is Hoffgarten Schloßstraße 60, 14059 Berlin-Charlottenburg. Working hours are from Wednesday till Monday 09:00-17.00. 

2. Anouki Brasserie

meal During your travel to Berlin do not forget to visit the French-style restaurant Anouki. Master chef Sascha Lissowsky and his sous chef Christian Hoffmann have plenty of surprises for you. They work from morning till night to mesmerize you with delicious flavors. Mornings begin with a variety of canapes, omelets, and croissants and followed by nutritious drinks and smoothies. For lunch we recommend you to try the steak with various sous kinds such as tartare and ratatouille. At dinner, you will have a much wider selection. Some of the best ones are the boulettes a la Dijon, the boeuf bourguignon, the chickpea bowl, the loup de mer ceviche, and more. Delicious local and French wines are other qualities that make Anouki one of the famous restaurants in Berlin. Besides the tasteful menu, the internal design of the restaurant will help you to have a good appetite. The address is Gervinusstraße 43, 10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg, and working hours are Monday till Saturday 08-22:00

3. The Noname

noname restaurant The Noname in Oranienburger Straße 32, 10117 is one of the best German restaurants in Berlin. Such as other famous restaurants in Berlin, Noname has a wide range of wine selections. Noname restaurant gathers recommended, and most demanded wines in one place for your fun. But do not think that there is not an option for people who do not prefer alcoholic drinks. They offer five non-alcoholic drinks featuring vegetables, fruit, oils, and essences. The restaurant team serves food in the dining room, which is five-meter-high with stucco walls and ancient parquet floors. Also, the dining room is framed with curtains that add extra beauty to the internal design. The sous chef Vincenzo Broszio and his team will make your travel to Germany unforgettable. Moreover, they have specials for vegetarians. The working hours are Tuesday till Saturday 18-23.30. 

4. Villa Kellermann

villa kellermann The main feature of the previous three places that we mentioned in our list of top restaurants in Berlin was wine, but Villa Kellermann is different. Of course, such as other examples, it has delicious wines, but the main characteristic that attracts people who travel to Germany is the interior style. The designer designed rooms (there are three rooms) in totally different ways. The names of the salons are The Elephant Room, Alter Fritz, and Grune (Green) Salon. You will have to think a lot about which one to choose. Also, garden scenery, wallpapers, paintings, accessories create a charming atmosphere for unforgettable meals. Top chef Tim Raue and his team combine traditional and modern techniques to create the perfect taste. The most preferred meals of the restaurant include Eisbein, Königsberger Klopse, and black pudding. They use elegant and antique plates for serving. If you want to have a wonderful time in one of the best restaurants in Berlin, go to Villa Kellermann Mangerstraße 34, 14467 Potsdam. The working hours are Wednesday till Friday 18.00-21.30, Saturday and Sunday 12.00-14.00 + 18.00-21.30. 

5. Kreuz and Kummel

kreuz and kummel Do you want to travel to a small India during your travel to Berlin? If your answer is yes, I recommend you to go to Kreuz and Kummel. When you entered the restaurant, it will make you feel as you are in an Indian tale or a Bollywood movie. Of course, when we talk about Indian cuisine, one of the first things that we should mention is spices. All meals on the menu are tasteful, and almost all of them are spicy. Most guests of the Kreuz and Kummel say that their favorite was Angus beef that cooked for roughly 12 hours. The words are insufficient to describe this delicious meal, and you should try it on your own. Other bests from Indian cuisine are Masala Chai, Saag Paneer, Rogan Josh, Aloo Gobi, Gajar Ka Halwa, and more. Where are Kreuz and Kummel? It is in Auguststraße 82, 10117 Berlin-Mitte and working hours are Tuesday till Saturday 17.00-24.00.

6. Beef 45

beef The next restaurant is our list of the top restaurants in Berlin is Beef 45. As you can see from the name, the professionality of the restaurant is beef. In comparison with other examples in our list, it has such a limited menu with only three starters and three mains. The flank steak is the most admired one among the mains, and the other ones are Charolais beef and Simmental calf cheeks. All of them can be ordered in two portions (150 to 220 or 220 to 330 grams). How do they cook the beef? First of all, the process starts with 24 hours of marinating and is followed by sous wide (key event). The baking method includes vacuum-sealing the beef and then cooking it in a water bath (temperature-controlled). Also, the restaurant has an excellent modern internal design that is suitable for taking photos to share on social media. The address for people who will travel to Germany is Budapester Straße 45, 10787 Berlin-Charlottenburg. Beef 45 is open for clients every day between 18.00-22.00.

7. Nobelhart & Schmutzig

nobelhart and schmutzig The next restaurant on our list is Nobelhart & Schmutzig (Friedrichstraße 218, 10969). Undoubtedly, it will be the favorite place of 80’s lovers because of its internal design. Also, we should mention the owner Billy Wagner. Billy Wagner is a multi-time winner of Germany's top sommelier honors, and he is the person behind all success of Nobelhart & Schmutzig. He converted his Nobelhart & Schmutzig into "a communicative base for good food" (as he said) probably, unlike anything else found in Berlin and perhaps really anywhere.

8. Bristol Grill

bristol grill The old generation had unforgettable memories in Bristol Grill (previous Kempinski Grill) at Kurfürstendamm. For many years it has been one of the best German restaurants in Berlin for high society. The restaurant has great experience and a broad menu. The most well-known meal of the restaurant is lamb chops. After tasting the lamb chops, do not forget to try delicious cocktails and desserts. The address of the restaurant is Kurfurstendamm 27, 10719, and it works every day till 17:00. 

9. Bruderherz

spaghetti If you want to eat the best pasta in Berlin, go to Bruderherz. Master chief Tomek Sokolowski worked for eight years in Schwarzenraben and learned all the mysterious facts of Italian cuisine. If you spend more than one month in Berlin, you will notice a complete change in the menu every month (lasagne, buffalo mozzarella, and Neuland-salsiccia are exceptions). The restaurant is open from Monday till Saturday (Monday till Friday 17.00-24.00 and 14.00-24.00 on Saturdays). The address of the restaurant is Leonhardtstraße 6, 14057. 

10. Bob & Thoms

bob and thoms When we compare it with other spots in our best restaurants in Berlin list, we can say it is so new. Do not worry; the restaurant is new, but the team is experienced. The head chef Felix Thoms and hospitality expert Oliver Körber worked many years together, and they have 30 years of experience in the field. That is why it is not surprising that Bob & Thoms have had an increasing client number since the first day. These two guys make Bob & Thoms one of the most famous restaurants in Berlin. It is a small place that has a handful of tables (only 12-15 people may have dinner together). Bob & Thoms is well-known for its delicious French cuisine, and some of the French meals that I can recommend are Boeuf Bourguignon, Croque Monsieur, Croque Madame, Jambon-Beurre Concombre a la Menthe, Cherry Clafoutis, etc. The address is Welserstraße 10–12, 10777 Berlin-Schoneberg, and the working hours are 09:00-18:00 (Tuesday till Saturday).

Additional facts

luftbildaufnahmen What is the best time to travel to Germany? Most people agree that period between May and September is the best time to travel to Germany because of the warm weather. Which places to visit? Such as meals, must-see places are crucial for tourists, too. Some of them are Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Tower Berlin, Reichstag building, Berliner Dom, Holocaust Memorial, Tiergarten park, Botanical garden, Charlottenburg Palace, etc.

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