Top sights in Anguilla

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Top sights in Anguilla
Where is Anguilla? As a British Overseas Territory, Anguilla is located in the Caribbean Sea, bordering Saint Martin, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The capital of Anguilla is the Valley district. How to get to Anguilla? Are there direct flights to Anguilla from European or American airports? Well, it is difficult to find direct flights to Anguilla. Therefore, you need to fly to the Princess Juliana International Airport located in neighboring Saint Martin. It is easy to get a ferry from Saint Martin to Anguilla. You need to consult the embassies or related organizations' visa issues because the island has a special status as an overseas territory. As we have learned some basic facts about Anguilla, it is time to talk about why travel to Anguilla is a great idea. The population of Anguilla is as small as almost 18 thousand people. Therefore, you will feel the calm, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere in the country. Many visitors of the island say that Anguilla beaches are the most alluring tourist attraction of the country. Beaches are highly praised for beaming blue seas, pristine white sands, great water clarity, and hot weather throughout the day. Museums, water parks, diving sites, hiking trails, and charming buildings are the best sights and the most entertaining places to visit in Anguilla. In this blog post, we'll talk about the top sights and things to do in Anguilla.

Shoal Bay Village

shoal bay village What to do in Anguilla? Visiting a nice tropical village home to the greatest Caribbean beaches would be a great idea. Thanks to the tall palm trees, radiant white sand, ablaze turquoise ocean, and luxurious villas, Shoal Bay Village is among the top sights in Anguilla. The village is home to alluring scenic views with fascinating landscapes. Coral reef gardens near the island will amaze you with their extraordinary shapes. The water is awesome for swimming and diving. The temperature of the water is fine for most of the day, perfect for swimming. Also, the sea is safe as there are no strong winds in the village. Anguilla resorts offer the best beaches with great services, such as delicious beverages, night parties, and clean showers. The shores of Shoal Bay Village feature great diving sites. Scuba diving is among the fascinating things to do in Anguilla. While diving, you will observe unique tropical fish species that have alluring beaming colors. Some Anguilla resorts feature diving lessons perfect for both amateurs and professionals. You can enjoy many water sport activities during your holiday in the village. The village has luxurious residential areas such as Villas. Many tourists say that Shoal Bay Villas offer the best places to stay in Anguilla. The location of Shoal Bay Village is also great. It is not far from the Anguilla airport and the Valley district bay.

Maundays Bay Beach

maundays bay Beaches are the most picturesque places to visit in Anguilla. Maundays Bay Beach has a length of a kilometer and a half, making it exceptional among Anguilla beaches. The soft white sand of the beach features a mix of coral reefs and powdery volcanic rocks. Walking on the shores feels great because of the soft surface of the sand. During evening walks, dappled shells will amaze you with their vivid beaming colors. The shores of Maundays Bay Beach are well known for mild winds. Due to the weather conditions, windsurfing and sailing are the most entertaining things to do in Anguilla Maundays Beach. When the weather is calm, swimming and snorkeling are also good activities that you can enjoy. You can see an exotic view of Saint Martin from the beach. Due to its special atmosphere, many foreigners have had wedding parties and ceremonies on this beach. Most importantly, Maundays Bay Beach is home to one of the best places to stay in Anguilla. Luxurious Cap Juluca resort is an excellent residential area with high-quality room services and restaurants. Thanks to music festivals and live evening concerts, Cap Juluca holds a special place among Anguilla resorts.

Island Harbour

island harbour What to do in Anguilla? Fishing on old-school boats is a great idea! Also known as the village of fishermen, Island Harbour is one of the best sights located in northeastern Anguilla. On the Island Harbour shores of the Caribbean Sea, you will see many brightly painted fishing boats. Anguilla villagers will welcome you to join them on a fishing tour. Thanks to a great time with local fishermen, the Island Harbour trip will be an unforgettable part of your travel to Anguilla. Furthermore, the top sights of the Island Harbour are worth visiting during your time in the district. Big Spring National Park is a natural reserve that is home to an ancient cave. You can dive into Anguilla's history, which dates back to the 9th century, by observing the ancient handwritings on the volcanic rocks. During your time in Big Spring National Park, you can also explore the endemic Caribbean flora and fauna. Anguilla National Trust is a local organization that arranges tours to the Big Spring natural reserve. If you travel to Anguilla in the late spring, Festival Del Mar is waiting for you in Island Harbour. You can attend water sports competitions, live musical concerts, and funny fishing challenges during the Festival Del Mar.

Enchanting capital Valley

anguilla The Valley is a cultural, commercial, and historical center of Anguilla. The best sights of Anguilla are located in the capital city. To begin with, you can attend Anguilla Heritage Tours to see the historical buildings of the capital city. Historical landmarks, such as St. Gerard's Roman Catholic Church, Bethel Methodist Church, and Wallblake House, are must-see. During the Heritage Tours, the guides will give you a lot of interesting information about the landmarks' architectural history. Furthermore, the Valley is home to art galleries that you can see a lot during your time in Anguilla. The most exquisite paintings are for sale that could be the perfect gift for your friends. While shopping, you can also get colorful handicrafts and souvenirs. If you are traveling with the kids, Anguilla Watersports is a perfect entertainment park. As the largest inflatable aqua park in the whole Caribbean, Anguilla Watersports will amaze your family members with funny water sports and bright colors all around. Aquapark is one of the most entertaining places to visit in the Anguilla capital. You can also join kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding lessons. During windy days, sailing and kitesurfing are the best activities in Anguilla beaches located in the capital. Wallblake House, built in the 1780s, will astound you with its history dating back to the colonial era. The house belonged to a slave who worked in sugar plantations. Sleeping rooms, the kitchen, and some personal items have survived, which gives us a lot of information about the slave lives. Wallblake House, as a museum, is open for tourists who want to explore the lifestyles in the colonial era. In addition to historical sites, the capital Valley is also home to charming modern buildings. The Caribbean Central Bank is a pretty significant economic center of Anguilla. Moreover, there are alluring shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes in the capital. The awesome restaurants and cafes are located in the Bay area, where you can taste super delicious Caribbean dishes. The capital Valley has luxurious hotels that are the best places to stay in Anguilla. You will wake up with a scenic view of the turquoise ocean as the hotels are located on the shores of the Caribbean. Many hotels have a great location as they are near Anguilla airport. The Anguilla airport, which receives all the flights to Anguilla, is not far from the center of the Valley.

Fountain Cavern National Park

fountain cavern national park This National Park is the most significant archaeological site of Anguilla. Caves and freshwater pools look astonishing. Exploring ancient Anguilla caves is a very exciting and special tourist attraction. Local cultural tourism agencies organize educational and adventure tours to the Fountain Cavern National Park. During the tours, you'll learn a lot about Anguilla's ancient history and the Caribbean islands. The caves of the National Park were the pilgrimage site and worship center of the Amerindians, who were indigenous Anguilla population.

A quick recap of this blog

view sandy beach This blog article lists the best sightseeings and most famous sights in Anguilla, an excellent tourist destination located in the Caribbean region. We have also answered questions such as the following: Where is Anguilla? How to get to Anguilla? What to do in Anguilla? This blog has hopefully given you a lot of useful information about the well-known sightseeings in Anguilla. As you have found out where is Anguilla and how to get to Anguilla, you can now arrange an exciting tropical vacation that you and your family members will always remember.

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