Top tips for business travel for Frequent Corporate Travelers

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Top tips for business travel for Frequent Corporate Travelers

Are you searching for business travel tips? You are in the right place because we know that when travelling for business, you have to spend some time before planning it; that is why we will share some tips and advice to make your business trip a success.

Whether you must attend a fair, exhibition, seminar, sales closing or search for new contacts, these trips open up a world of possibilities for your company's growth. The tips for business travel should be taken into account but keep in mind that you can always visit the "Services" section of this website by selecting your country of origin and the country you will travel to.

The best tips for frequent business travellers

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For your next, or first, business trip to be an achievement, you have to follow these business travel tips that, as a result, will give you productive business by gaining the trust of your boss.

Packing tips for business travel


Wondering what are the business travel tips for packing? First, consider the destination and the weather conditions, observing its evolution in the previous days. Then, make a list of the activities carried out on the trip: meetings, dinners or lunches, cocktails, etc. Once this is done, put the possible styles for each activity on the bed, thus seeing the different combinations and the garments that can be more versatile. With this, you can see how much to carry and what suitcase to choose.

After planning, check the next packing tips for business travel:

Navy blue suits are the most usable due to their ease of combining with different shirts and blouses (white or light blue) always in neutral colours, avoiding patterns or stripes. You should also avoid linen and silk garments because they wrinkle easily.

In the case of men, it is advisable to wear black lace-up shoes, and medium-heeled stilettos for women, also black, are sure assets when combined with everything.

Complex items to store, such as suits, jackets or coats, are best worn on or by hand when starting the trip. If, due to the degree of formality, is necessary to wear another suit, you have to use a suit bag.

Put the garments in the suitcase following order is another of the tips for business travel: first place the shoes in a cloth bag. The second is the toiletry bag, if possible, laminated. If it isn't, put it in a plastic bag to avoid possible liquid spills. Now, store what is most susceptible to wrinkling: shirts and blouses.

It is advisable not to roll the belts, as they can become cracked, but to keep them as stretched as possible.

Another important packing tips for business travel is how to fold shirts. Shirts and blouses should be folded without making multiple folds:

1. The first step, stretch the garment on the bed or other smooth surface, with its front part resting on it.

2. Fold the sleeves in so that the shirt or blouse is in the shape of a rectangle. Once this is done, turns it over and put it inside the suitcase. The excess part is not folded but is inserted between the rest of the elements under the shirt and the suitcase edge.

3. If there are wrinkles left, and you do not want to resort to the hotel's laundry service, you will have to resort to the home method: put the shirts on hangers, hang them in the bathroom and fill the bathtub with hot water. The steam generated will help smooth them.

If there is room in the suitcase, for women, keep a black cocktail dress and a flat hand bag as a complement. For men, an additional suit or jacket.

I hope your question about what are the business travel tips for packing has been answered.

Travel safety tips for business travelers

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The next business travel safety tips will help you a lot!

Avoid discussing your travel itinerary in detail with unfamiliar people.

You do not need to travel in formal dress. Avoid doing it to get attention.

Be careful with your papers and documents; put them all together in the same bag and separate by folios if necessary.

Carry your cash in discreet places and carry only what is necessary.

Never lose sight of your bags when arriving and leaving the airport.

If you are going to travel by taxis, make sure it is a licensed driver and vehicle.

Once you get to your hotel room, never leave without securing the windows first.

Here you have more travel safety tips for business travelers: it is always good to know where the emergency stairs are in the hotel.

If you are dressed very formally in the street, sometimes that draws the attention of thieves who approach to ask for information.

Walking with a briefcase on the street at night is not a good idea, especially if the streets do not have good lighting.

These business travel safety tips could save your life.

The best travel accessories for business travelers

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If you need tips for frequent business travelers, take into account the next useful accessories:

Cable organizer

For someone who travels with different equipment such as cameras, laptops, mobiles and tablets, it is necessary to have an organizer where you can locate all the cables and connectors of these devices.

These organizers have different compartments or mesh pockets where everything will fit very easily and are made of very resistant materials that will protect everything that is inside.

Travel pillow

Maybe this is one of the best travel accessories for business travelers because the pillow supports your neck, whether you travel by plane or by car, especially if the trip is long.

Scale for suitcases

You will no longer have to leave home worried that your suitcase is overweight, since you will be able to know how many kilos it weighs thanks to this practical, ergonomic and very easy-to-use scale, indicating them very precisely.

This scale is not only highly functional; it is also portable and weighs almost nothing.

Protective sleeve for laptops

For those who travel from one place to another with their laptop, they must have a good cover to protect the equipment.

These covers are usually a suitable size to carry in the backpack because they are very thin, allowing them to be stored in different bags, even if they are travel bags. In addition, they usually allow you to store different models of laptops.

This accessory is also one of the travel safety tips for business travelers because it will protect your laptop.

Weekly pillbox

For people who have to take a certain amount of medication, it is possible that things get a bit complicated by not having everything organized when going on a trip. For this reason, this weekly pillbox is perfect for carrying inside what you need for a week.

It has an extremely secure closure design, with which you will not have to worry about the pills remaining inside your bag, and it is made of materials suitable for food use.

External battery

This is another of the best travel accessories for business travelers because it will help you power your mobile devices anywhere. The charger is compatible with most Smartphones and any other USB compatible equipment.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and Power Bank

With this accessory, you don't have to worry about foreign SIM cards or roaming charges when travelling for business to another country.

Generally, this ingenious connectivity gadget offers unlimited 4G LTE service. Others are two in one, i. e., they can also function as a portable charger for your phone or tablet while on the go, thanks to its power bank integrated.

Compact steam iron

I already told you above about one of the tips for frequent business travelers: leaving wrinkled clothes hanging in the steam room. Well, here you have another option, and that is to carry your compact steam iron.

Don't worry, this iron is usually the size of a computer mouse and can be extremely useful for your business trips to remove the inevitable wrinkles from clothes.

Wireless headphones

They may not seem necessary, but headphones are great for long calls without your hands busy with the cell phone.

Many headphones typically have 5 hours of battery life and are optimized with high-quality microphones. And as a plus, they are compatible with virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri.

Business travel apps

A successful trip requires a large organization. Luckily, you can install applications on your cell phone, which will make it easier to organize them in different ways.

Some will help you create a travel plan with meeting times, with each confirmation email in your email, just find one that fulfils that function.

Today, business trips are very common, but if you follow these tips for business travel, everything will be much easier.

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