7 super lifehacks for airplanes. Those with fear of flying wouldn't want to miss out!

7 super lifehacks for airplanes. Those with fear of flying wouldn't want to miss out!

Punhan Shukurov15 October 20202026 views8 min. read
7 super lifehacks for airplanes. Those with fear of flying wouldn't want to miss out!
international flights. Sometimes, spending time on aircraft for a very long time can be very tiring. Also, some people fear getting on a plane and participating in a long flight. Safety concerns, fear of enclosed spaces, and the fear of heights can be major reasons people do not like travelling via airplane. However, avoiding flights is not an option. We cannot just give up flying on planes for several irrational fears. We have to find some hacks or ways to defeat our phobias and make our life much more comfortable during flights. Hacks for passing time at airport and flight hacks for cheap flights would eliminate our stress and be extremely useful. In this blog, we will list and elaborate on the hacks for airplanes that you would not want to miss during your travels.

1. Choose a seat over the wing

Airplane Usually, the airline companies offer us to choose places before the flight. The best place on the airplane would be over the wing, where you would feel more comfortable. The reason is that over the branch, you experience turbulence in its weakest form. Many travellers worry about turbulence, and they think that it is dangerous. However, turbulence is pretty standard, and they keep the smoothness of the flight. Turbulence is inevitable, but you can minimize its adverse effects by choosing a good seat on an airplane. Let's say you have selected the middle over the wing. During the turbulence, you look from the window and see the stable branch of the plane. As the wing seems trustworthy, you immediately get comfortable as the situation appears perfectly safe. Also, the seats near the attachment do not shake during turbulence. Overall, choosing a seat over the wing will decrease the turbulence effect both physically and mentally.

2. Exercise before the flight

sport Exercise is always good for our health. Simple body, hand, and foot movements heat up our mind and soul and decrease our stress. We still feel great and motivated after some exercise moves. Many people feel stressed and excited before flights. Stressed people need some activity to relieve the tension and have a smooth flight with a great mood. Hitting the gym several hours before the flight is an excellent idea. Without tiring yourself very much, you can enjoy heating your body with some exercise. Moreover, exercising will balance your blood pressure. As you may know, flights usually increase or decrease blood pressure. Exercise will prevent blood pressure fluctuations and make you feel better. Many doctors recommend exercising before flights, as well. One of the most useful hacks for passing time at airport is physical activity, such as walking or exercising. Physical activities will increase your mood and eliminate your attention away from the fear of flight.

3. Bring an empty mug with you

Flight As you may know, security does not let any water or beverage into the airplane. It is also worth noting that drinks are a little expensive on the plane. In other words, water, tea, coffee, coke, and other beverages can be overpriced. You may be very thirsty during the flight, and a little cup of water may not help. One of the most outstanding flight hacks for cheap flights is that you bring a big and empty mug into the plane. When you feel thirsty during the flight, you just take the mug to the bathroom, fill it with perfectly clean water, and drink as much as you want. You can save 5-10 dollars by bringing a mug or empty bottle with you to the plane. Also, you will stay perfectly hydrated with this great hack. Keep in mind that you will not be offered free beverages on most cheap or low-cost flights. This useful airplane hack will eliminate the problem of paying for overpriced water during the flight.

4. Prefer morning flights

Another great way to minimize the negative effects of turbulence is by choosing morning flights. This hack has geographical explanations. In the morning, the hot air flows do not rise to the high levels of the atmosphere. Around the afternoon, the sun waves heat the Earth's surface and increase the air temperature. The air flows rise above in the afternoon, generating winds and storms. Clashing air flows cause air storms and turbulences. If you do not like turbulence and get really anxious, you can choose morning flights. Turbulence often does not happen in the morning. Therefore, morning flights are more quiet and safe for people who fear turbulence. Morning flights will also save you a lot of time, and you will begin your day much earlier. One of the clever airport hacks for men and women is that you will not get into trouble of waiting in long queues in the morning. Airports are much less crowded in the early hours of the day. Getting up early in the morning and attending a smooth flight without any turbulence will make your day excellent at the travel destination.

5. Always take off your shoes

Sport Shoes Whether you are on a short flight or a long flight, taking off your shoes is always a great idea. One of the best airport hacks for men and women is bringing comfy slippers to the airplane. It is better to take off the shoes and wear the slippers before the flight begins. Wearing slippers during flights is great for your health. Flying on an airplane increases blood pressure substantially. Therefore, the blood circulates on feet and blood vessels at a very fast pace. The shoes pressure our feet, preventing the smoothness of blood movement. This may cause huge discomfort during flights. Therefore, we should take off the shoes to ensure comfort while flying. Also, you will feel like you are at home while wearing very cosy slippers. You can conveniently walk around, char, and have fun without any discomfort. Wearing slippers will also let you sleep more comfortably. Taking off shoes will decrease psychological tension and minimize the fear of being in an enclosed space.

6. Learn how the flight works

Plane Do you know the fact that airplanes are the safest among transportation means? Flights confidently guarantee security for passengers because the chance of a plane crash is extremely low. Planes fly according to map coordinates that never get mixed up. Also, the pilots work extremely punctually. The airline companies choose only the best pilots to run the vehicle. Therefore, the probability of air incidents is low. People who fear flying should once again consider the great safety of airplanes. Moreover, there is a fear of enclosed spaces that make people avoid flying. The fear of enclosed spaces can be easily defeated with proper mental preparation. When we get on the plane, we should feel like it is our home or office. We take off our clothes, shoes, wear comfy slippers, take a sip of the delicious beverage, and relax. We can also chat with other passengers and make friends during long flights. Overall, airplane flights are safe and work with the perfect mechanism.

7. Avoid alcohol

Drinking water One of the most useful hacks for airplanes is avoiding alcoholic beverages during the flight. Alcohol may indeed make you feel more relaxed. However, you need to be mentally awake while flying. There can be many unexpected situations on an airplane that you may have to deal with a clear mind. Moreover, drinking alcohol may increase your blood pressure and heat your body. High body temperature and blood pressure may result in negative consequences during flights. You need to keep your body's normal condition to avoid discomfort. Also, alcoholic drinks are often mixed with ice cubes made in the water tank of the airplane. Water tanks are not clean because the airplane staff does not usually pay attention to such minor details. Moreover, alcoholic beverages can be overpriced on the airplane. You may end up paying a lot of money for having little alcoholic drinks. Also, it would be better to avoid carbonated beverages such as coke while flying. With increasing blood pressure, carbonated beverages would be harmful to your stomach. The best option for a drink is water during the flight. Drinking a lot of water is important during long flights because it needs enough water to stay hydrated, considering the rising pressure.

A quick recap of this article

Airplane toy In this article, we listed and elaborated on the hacks for airplanes that would help people eliminate their fear of flight and fear of being in an enclosed space. We also talked about flight hacks for cheap flights and airport hacks for men and women. To have a smooth flight, you need to have a great time at the airport before boarding. Therefore, we mentioned some hacks for passing time at airport. This blog will help you to minimize the fear and stress during airplane travels. International flights are a very important part of our lives, and we should enjoy travelling with minimal anxiety and stress. Using airplane hacks will be great fun that will motivate you to travel more. By flying a lot, airplane travel will be one of your favourite activities.

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