Travel tips to visit Guernsey

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Travel tips to visit Guernsey

The coastlines of the UK are known to be unique and consist of many different types of rocky, jagged, rock-like areas. There is also much interesting wildlife that inhabits these shores, along with many incredible small atmospheric fishing villages. Perfect for a relaxing break - be sure to visit the North Norfolk Coast, Fife, the White Cliffs of Dover, and of course gorgeous Guernsey Island!

But where is Guernsey? How to travel to Guernsey? How is the weather in Guernsey? What are the best travel tips what to pack when you travel to Guernsey? What are the interesting facts about Guernsey? What do you know about the Guernsey flag? Are there any nice places to stay in Guernsey? When you first hear the name of a place, it is understandable to have so many questions. But you will find answers to absolutely all your questions, and this blog will be your best Guernsey travel tip.

Where is Guernsey?

guersney flag

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Guernsey Island is located in the English Channel, 48 kilometers west of the Normandy coast. Islanders live their lives with tax-reduced offshore banking, insurance, tourism, and agriculture. The island is only 65 square kilometers.

The Guernsey Flag is the crown domain flag of the British Crown of Guernsey. The Guernsey flag was adopted in 1985. It represents the flag of England, with the yellow cross of William the Conqueror inside the red cross.

What about the weather in Guernsey?


If you are going to travel to Guernsey, you should know the weather and climate here. The truly sunny island of Guernsey, subordinate to the British royalty, has mild winters and hot summers. From coastal sleepers to waterskiing, from windsurfing to flavor seekers, all outdoor enthusiasts will love to tour this magnificent Canal Island. Explore the Neolithic sites, Castle Cornet, Candie Gardens, and the ancient Le Creux es Faies cemeteries, formerly thought to be a gateway to the land of magic fairies.

The weather in Guernsey is generally good from April to September. Avoid July and August for the lowest priced flight tickets and accommodation. Overall, Guernsey Island's climate is mild, with comfortable spring temperatures and warm sunny summers. If the weather conditions are suitable, it is possible to travel around the island with a small plane.

How to travel to Guernsey?


Three airlines offer daily flights from several UK airports to Guernsey Island. Flights from England take as little as 30 minutes. Direct flights are from Dinard in Brittany and from other European destinations via Jersey. Condor Ferries offers fast (2.5 hours) and overnight sailing from various south coast ports.

What about places to stay in Guernsey? This is the most important question when you travel to Guernsey! The main town St Peter Port offers visitors the best activities and its seaside location makes it suitable for day trips, water activities, tax-free shops, and restaurants. Visitors staying at St Peter's Harbor have the advantage of not needing a car to be reckoned with because of Guernsey's narrow roads and special rules.

The best places to stay in Guernsey for 3 days or more are the self -catering apartments, which offer flexibility in cooking and relaxing in spacious suites. They are generally less expensive than a hotel room. Accommodation to prepare your own meals is available all over the island and has been rated by tourism.

Airbnb offers more than a hundred locations on Guernsey Island, including tiny homes, private homes, and rooms.

St. Pierre Park Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, Best Western Hotel De Havelet, La Fregate Hotel, La Barbarie Hotel, The Farmhouse Hotel and Restaurant, Le Friquet Hotel, Grange Lodge Hotel, Les Douvres Hotel, Duke Of Normandie are just some of the fascinating hotels in Guernsey.

What and where to eat during your trip to Guernsey Island? Guernsey has a variety of restaurants to suit every pocket and every taste. They have so many restaurants that are suitable for even vegetarians and vegans. Fat Rascal, Le Nautique, The Conservatory at Moores Hotel, The Old Quarter Restaurant, Village East, La Reunion, La Fregate, Bella Luce, Old Government House Brasserie are some of them.

How about interesting festivals and holidays in Guernsey?

guernsey is one of the channel islands

On May 9th they celebrate Liberation Day (from Nazi Germany). One of the most important periods in Guernsey's history was the five-year occupation of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Walls and bunkers along Guernsey's coastline still prove the German occupation of the island. Housed in an air-conditioned tunnel complex built by German forces, the German Occupation Museum and the Underground Military Museum take a look at the hardships of life under Nazi rule. Every year, the islanders celebrate Independence Day for a week with festivals and activities. This is one of the most important holidays in Guernsey.

Religious holidays do not have a fixed date, as they are tied to the lunar calendar.

In 2021, they will also celebrate:

  1. New Year's Day - January 1
  2. Good Friday - April 2
  3. Easter Monday - April 5
  4. May Day Bank Holiday - May 3
  5. Spring Bank Holiday - May 31
  6. Summer Bank Holiday - August 30
  7. Christmas Day - December 27
  8. Boxing Day - December 28

From May to September, the main city of Peter Port comes alive with food festivals, town carnivals, farmer's markets, and summer shows and events. Some of those:

guernsey channel island
  1. La Viaer Marchi (Guernésiais for the Old Old Market)
  2. St Peter Port Music Festival and Town Carnival
  3. Rocquaine Regatta
  4. North, West, and South Agriculture and Gardening Shows
  5. Guernsey International Food Festival 18-27 September
  6. Walking Festival Weeks (Spring Walk Festival 2 - 16 May; Autumn Walking Festival 5 - 19 September)

Must-know facts about Guernsey:

peter port
  1. Island cheese is very good. Especially, the cheese varieties made from goat's milk are amazing. Taste it!
  2. The island is clean, safe, and has all shades of green.
  3. The people of the peaceful island live long. The average life expectancy is 80 years for men and 85 years for women. Older people speak in a dialect often referred to as Norman French.
  4. The population is around 67 thousand. New settlements and construction are not easily allowed. The effort to protect nature is at the top level. A stress-free environment. The people are wealthy and happy.
  5. Courtesy and respect prevail on the island. People thank everyone at every opportunity.
  6. Young people often go to the United Kingdom for higher education.
  7. No land hunting is allowed on the island. We can say with certainty that it is a beautiful and sensitive law.
  8. An average of 180 cruise ships arrive in Guernsey a year.
  9. Guernsey is Britain's little model. Every political event in the UK affects the island.
  10. And finally, one of the most important facts about Guernsey for literature lovers: The Hauteville house always looks particularly impressive when you drive past the popular but compact capital of Guernsey, Saint Peter Port. The building with two symmetrical trees in front of it is not far from Saint Peter's center. It was the home of the famous romantic writer Victor Hugo, who lived here for 15 years during his forced exile from France, but at the same time was inspired enough to write some of his most famous works, including, of course, the iconic "Les Miserables". His house today is a museum. It is also used as the French Consulate. The house and gardens are open to visitors and little has changed since Victor Hugo lived there. 
saint peter port guernsey

If you are going to travel so far to another island, what are the top travel tips for this exciting trip? What are the best travel tips what to pack?

  • Check the required documents. Keep a copy of all your documents in an accessible place on the way - This is undoubtedly one of the most important travel packing tips!
  • Download the offline map before traveling. In case you do not have Internet access, this is one of the most important and top travel tips for any destination!
  • Do your research about the place you are going to visit, but do not read too much, let this place surprise you!
  • Pack your clothes by folding them to save a lot of space in your luggage and take all cosmetics and toiletries on a trip in small volumes. This is definitely one of the best travel tips what to pack, especially for families.
  • If you want to sleep peacefully, take earplugs and a sleep mask.
la forêt guernsey
  • Put a set of changeable clothing in your carry-on baggage in case your baggage is delayed or lost. Believe me, this travel tip will save your life!
  • Use suitcase organizers, they will help you to save so much place. This is one of the modern travel packing tips.
  • Put your valuable and most important items in your carry-on baggage.
  • Rename important phone contacts (parents, friends) to English. You will not read this tip everywhere, but trust me, this is one of the top travel tips that matters a lot! Since English is an international language, if something bad happened, that would be a life-saving travel tip!
  • We are finishing with vital travel packing tips - Collect a small but good tourist first aid kit! Choose quality health insurance suitable for your holiday.

I am pretty sure you will know the answers to more than just questions like "Where is Guernsey?" or "How to travel to Guernsey?", as well as holidays in Guernsey, exciting facts about Guernsey and much more.

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