Travel tips to visit Macau

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Travel tips to visit Macau
Macau. This region is worthy of visiting because of numerous interesting things to do in Macau and beautiful places to visit in Macau. In this article, I will try to provide readers with tips to visit Macau. We will talk about the weather in Macau, the best time to visit Macau, Macau flag, Macau hotels, Macau Visa, "what to do in Macau", Macau currency and especially, all people's common discomfort, Macau coronavirus. Ok, before, let's clarify a little "where is Macau?" Macau is a city and special administrative region of Chine on the southern coast. It is situated on the Pearl (Zhu) River estuary (at the head of which is the port of Guangzhou) and stands opposite the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. macau On the other hand, Macau is the Peninsula connected to the island area by bridges. Macau flag is light green with a lotus flower and water in white, beneath an arc of five golden five-pointed stars. A lotus flower in the Macau flag is the emblem of the region. Briefly, if you try an experience of travel to Macau, you will not regret it. So, after a little introduction "where is Macau?", let's review some of the little but important and interesting tips about the visit to Macau.

Beautiful places in Macau

macau view In my opinion, brief, correct, and appropriate information about the outstanding and wonderful places to visit in Macau people would be interesting for people who plan to visit Macau. As I mention above, there are a lot of beautiful points which admire visitors. One of them is the Ruins of St. Paulo Cathedral. Perhaps it is one of the most unforgettable detail during Macau tourism. It is an interesting museum dedicated to the Christian faith with many details about the church and its design. Another stunning example of the places to visit in Macau is Jardim Luis de Camoes, which is a shady park with several trees, ferns. You can visit there the grotto constructed for Luis de Camoes, the Old Protestant Cemetery. If you get a chance to be in Macau, you should visit Guia Hill. This park is home to the 17th century Guia Fortress. Also, Guia Hill has a Chinese Christian chapel where you can see some beautiful paintings. Cota is another destination that is full of mudflats, reeds, and sea lines. You will meet the Venetian resort complex with a life scale reproduction of St Mark's Square and the world's largest casino. We can enlarge the list of the places to visit in Macau with Senado Square, Macau Tower, Venetian Parisian Macau, and others. So, you will have a beautiful time in Macau


different visa types Another essential question which is one of the concerns of the visitors is about Macau visa. People from 76 countries such as Albania, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Canada, France, Germany, Moldova, and others are not required visas and can stay there for 30 days. If you are from the country mentioned in this list, you only need to present your passport at the Macau border checkpoint upon entry. However, if you are not from one of the countries on this list you have to obtain a Macau visa. There are three types of Macau visas. They are individual (for the individual visitor for a single stay), family (for couples, husband traveling with wife and or children who are under 12 years of age), and group (for groups of 10 or more and children aged 12 or under). Visitors can get visas from the Macau Immigration Services through Embassies Consulates of the PRC in your own country. 

Macau hotels

macau centre The next thing which can be interesting for visitors is Macau hotels during the travel to Macau. I would like to represent the more popular and iconic hotels of this destination. The place where you decide to stay depends on the attraction of the area that you want you to see. Suppose you want to visit Macau tourism's most outstanding parts, such as the Ruins of St Pauls and Senado Square. In that case, you should choose hotels like the Venetian, City of Dreams, Studio City, Galaxy, Hard Rock, which are located in the Cotai area. On the other hand, if you are looking for cheaper and comfortable places among the Macau hotels like Hotel Sintra, Golden Dragon Hotel, and Metropole Hotel Macau. 

Macau currency

macau currency Macau currency is one of the topics which is important for tourists. This region has its currency, which is called Macanese Patacas. Pataca is the Portuguese name for dollars. It is not required to change patacas because Hong Kong Dollars is the more widely used currency. You can use the Hong Kong dollar as a Macau currency almost for everything – hotels, meals, taxis, ferry tickets, shops, museums. There are banks and ATMs which are located on virtually every street in Macau. 

Weather in Macau

macau sunset People should get relevant information about the climate during the travel to Macau. Weather in Macau is often hot and humid, so visitors need to consider their trip to avoid suffering from temperature and humility. So, the best time for Macau tourism is very important. The best time to visit Macau is from October to April. The temperature in this period is more comfortable for walking in the open air. Temperatures fall below 14°C during this period and humidity is relatively low, in other words, properties of weather in Macau are more suitable. If you can arrange the best time to visit Macau, you can have a very fantastic holiday.

How to get to Macau

sea travel One of the important questions about the trip to this region is "how to get there?". The most suitable way of reaching Macau is using a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau. This ferry journey takes one hour. And this travel from Hong Kong to Macau has two options. There are Ferry Operator TurboJet and Cotai Jet. So, a ferry journey from Hong Kong to Macau would be a more appropriate choice for visitors.

Things to do in Macau

fountain If you are looking for a fun time in Macau, you should add watching the world's largest water show. It is the House of Dancing Water, which is the biggest water extravaganza. People interested in culture and history should include visiting the museum to the list of "what to do in Macau?". This museum is Museu de Macau. This place would take you on an incredible journey of the history, culture, and traditions in Macau. Also, there are things to do in Macau for art lovers. One of them is going to the Macau Museum of Art. You can find various permanent exhibitions that represent artworks by local and international artists. Besides, tasting delicious Macau kitchen samples, like an edible icon, trying the world's highest Bungy Jump, participation in the Music Association, the underground music venue in this region, and others to the list of "what to do in Macau?". 


doctor As for each part of the world, Macau tourism cannot be thought of without the issues about the coronavirus pandemic. Macau coronavirus also affects the movements within the region. For instance, people can travel for only urgent reasons such as work, health, or education. Travel between Macau and Hong Kong is allowed only via the Hong Kong – Zhuhai, Macau Bridge due to transportation restrictions in Hong Kong. Also, there are domestic restrictions about the Macau coronavirus. There are requirements about the social distance and wearing protective face coverings. 


book Also, the language spoken in the region is among the essential things about the visit Macau. There are two official languages in Macau. They are Cantonese and Portuguese. Cantonese is the most spoken among the locals. Besides, English is also understood by most people, especially in tourist areas. However, if you want to use a taxi, you should look up the Chinese address of a place on Google. 


macau transport Probably each tourist is interested in the transport of the place where he\she travels. In Macau issue with it is more convenient for visitors. For instance, taxis are cheap here. Also, most of the Macau hotels offer a free shuttle from the airport. You do not need to be a hotel guest to use bua shuttle because no one will ask you about this if you use their services. If you have to stay in a hotel that does not offer free transport services, lookup for a hotel near yours with free busses. You can also use the free shuttles at the Macau airport, Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal, Macau's Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, and Gongbei Border Gate.  In conclusion, I would like to say that I hope my article is helpful for you for planning trip to Macau. Learn "where is Macau?" and travel!

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