Turkey- first holiday destination for some nations after lockdown

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"This is an amazing country!" usually becomes the first shared words of someone travelling to this truly amazing place for the first time. More than that, people who have had a chance to sunbathe on the white sand beaches of Turkey make it their vacation destination forever. The others, whenever they hear the word Turkey, warm-heartedly want to show their amicable attitude towards this beautiful land and nation. And now, this admirable country is among the first opening its borders for many travellers after months of lockdown. As one of those eager travellers whose eyes shine with excitement at hearing this same news, let's dive into the turquoise Turkish seas while discovering its natural beauty and charm on the way and find out the best holidays destinations in Turkey and answer “how safe is it to travel to Turkey?”.

Turkey - the cradle of ancient culture

hagia sophia

Turkey is a country where ancient civilization culture intersects with modernity and doubles with the high quality of service, are what makes a vacation in Turkey unforgettable and makes tourist travel to Turkey once more. Turkey was sung and praised by many poets and historians since time immemorial, and there are such a high number of ancient monuments and architectural sights in this country that Turkey can rightly be called an open-air museum. Indeed, Turkey has a long history; the cultural and historical events of many nations have been intertwined in this marvellous place from ancient times. Thus, modern cities steeped in history, amazing beaches, and serene and beautiful countryside define Turkey. You can meet many amazing sites, from the remnants of a colossal amphitheatre, narrow streets, and green gardens to cutting-edge technology and business centres. Turkish cities do not resemble any other cities in the world. Tourism is one of the most dynamic industries of the country and makes Turkey holiday destination an important one for the people of Europe, Russia, Asia and many other countries in the world. Turkey has calm, slow, and peaceful neighbourhoods and fast-speed metropolitans that appeal to all visitors. It is a charming country.

Discover the beauty of Istanbul


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, where Asia meets Europe, making it the only city in the world spanning two continents. So, a lot of people, millions, in fact, change continents every day. The first impression of seeing the city makes you utter "Wow". It is lovely to wander around Istanbul streets. You can go for a stroll in the Balat, an artistic corner of Istanbul with coloured steps and buildings. Trams give the city a special beauty and make Istanbul streets very photogenic. Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, at the heart of the city and within walking distance from each other, are among the city's most-visited landmarks. Outside, the Blue Mosque looks magnificent; inside, the building is beautiful, and you should follow a strict dress code. Long pants and sleeve shirts are mandatory, and the women have to wear a headscarf that can get there. We all scream for ice cream! Getting one in Turkey will cost you a lot of effort as Turkish people love making fun before selling you one. Turkish ice cream is special; it is delicious and comes with many different kinds and tastes, and is definitely fun! The culmination of your trip to Istanbul will be when you pay a visit to Dolmabahce Palace. A wonderful palace charms every visitor with its beauty, and the luxurious architectural wonder does not leave the memory of a beholder for a long time. It was built along the Bosphorus coastline in the 19th-century using 14 tons of gold leaf. Although not a top tourist spot, we would recommend walking to Gulhane Park, some corners of which are covered in colourful flowers. The famous Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet always sang the Gulhane Park's beauty, not forgetting to include its name in many poems. Turkish baths or hammams are also known by name; travellers recommend them 100%, you can go and check one yourself when you travel to Turkey. End the day observing the sunset at the Galata Tower. The Galata Tower offers you a great view of the city at 219 feet high.

ANTALYA - vacation with BIG LETTERS

antalyaWhere to go in Turkey

? Where is the best holiday destination in Turkey? Antalya! Because it's a favourite place for returning visitors to Turkey. Who doesn't love the seaside holiday, especially the one you'll find on the beaches of Antalya. Antalya is a vibrant city offering luxury beach resorts and lush green mountains and a famous Turkey holiday destination. Usually, many people give preference to a beach holiday, and even those loving to spend their holiday actively wish to lounge and soak up the sun and enjoy a refreshing swim at least once a year. Turkey is one of the best countries for a beach vacation for numerous reasons. But more importantly, Turkey tourism industry has all necessities for a perfect vacation - convenient airports, long sandy beaches, many hotels of all classes, natural and architectural attractions, and unique national character. And all of these, one finds in Antalya - the reason that makes this city the best Turkey holiday destination. About 15 million tourists come here every year for coastal tourism without wondering, “Is turkey a safe holiday destination?”. Apart from swimming in the crystal-clear sea and getting a tan, you have a chance to try Turkish coffee, join entertainment programs such as free sports activities, dance, or yoga lessons. You'll meet various people from around the world playing beach volleyball, golf. Aqua fantasy, swimming pools, live music, nightlife, circus acrobatics are among many different activities for the visitors to this travel destination. The vibrant city on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya, attracts people from all over the world. This seaside resort city isn’t all about the sea though, Antalya offers something for everyone. You may want to explore history and culture when you travel to Turkey, Antalya: well-preserved intriguing ruins, Roman Gates, the Temple of Apollo, Ancient city of Perge, still operating Aspendos Theatre with seats for 15000 people, and many other sights will captivate even the most jaded traveller. Is it safe to travel to Turkey nowadays? We will focus on this issue more at the end, but for now, we can say that Antalya creates opportunities and is doing its best to welcome visitors to a safe environment with high hygiene standards.

Reasons why you need to visit Cappadocia


is one of the best holiday destinations in Turkey. The land of a myriad of colourful balloons floating in the air, this glorious city of Turkey promises an enchanted vacation. Many hotels cater to tourists, and their balconies open a great view of the fairytale landscape of Cappadocia. Cappadocia also gets more beautiful at sunset and night. Do not forget to include this city on your must-see list for a hot air balloon flight - the reason some people consider Cappadocia as the best holiday destination in Turkey. Travellers like to explore countless underground houses in Cappadocia that had been built 4000 years ago; Derinkuyu Underground City is how they are called. The caves are long, like a tunnel; 20000 people lived there once during history. When you head downtown, a shop full of hanging lights will draw your attention, and we are sure, later on, appear among your Instagram photos.

Other sights you wouldn't want to miss out

You can take a few days more and visit a few more Turkish cities, such as Pamukkale. Pamukkale means "cotton castle". Known for its white terraces, which the place derived its name from, it welcomes thousands of travellers who go for the pools and hot springs there. Konya is another city, in fact, one of the oldest cities in the world, once prospering as a capital city under the rule of the Seljuk Dynasty in the 12th-13th centuries. Aladdin Mosque and the ruins of the Seljuk Palace are among the prominent and charming old buildings you can visit during your trip. Konya was also home to Sufi mystic Rumi, known to the world with his wise sayings and lyrics that widely influenced mystical thought and, of course, literature. There is a Mevlana Rumi’s mausoleum, also called Mevlana Museum in Konya. Are famous Whirling Dervishes that spin around and around wearing white gowns familiar to you? Yes, Konya is considered the birthplace of this dance, as the followers of Rumi founded this religious dance. Dance of Love towards the Truth.

Turkish food deserves a whole paragraph

chicken food

While unbelievably delicious Turkish doner tops the list, the other delicacies make people return and look for them in entire Turkey. The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira, and kebab costs TL10 depending on the restaurant. Turkey is a heaven for food lovers. Other traditional Turkish foods that include lahmacun, pide-a kind of Turkish pizza, commonly accompanied by ayran (salted yoghurt drink), are hard to avoid. You will be happy to try them. Have you heard about raw meatballs? Because of all the garlic, many kinds of pepper, cig kofte actually gives you an impression of a cooked one. Then, there is juicy and packed with flavour Turkey tacos; but they are cooked and look and taste amazing, and everybody loves them. Turkish people like eating cheese and olives for breakfast. We'd recommend you to try simit as well; it is a tasty ring-shaped sesame bagel and can be eaten quickly on the go. Better to eat fresh and hot, you can easily find simit from street vendors or at a famous chain of bakeries called "Simit Sarayi (Simit Palace)" where you can grab some hot snacks like borek, another great experience. We haven’t forgotten sweet lovers, of course; Turkish baklava, lokum, kunefe, kaymakli kayisi are among the most famous and loved Turkish sweets.

What should you expect from travel nowadays? 


One blog or even a book isn’t enough to describe the beauty of Turkey. As Turkey decided to reignite its tourism industry, there are some important points that visitors should follow. These are some points to remember before you embark on an unforgettable journey. Is it safe to travel to Turkey now? Is turkey a safe holiday destination? We would say, Yes. Turkey launched a so-called Healthy Tourism Program to reduce risks to a minimum by setting definite criteria for health and hygiene in airports, planes, touristic destinations, beaches, restaurants, and cafes to make travellers' stay a pleasant one this year. Hotel owners abide by government rules and do everything to make hotels safe. They give masks, and customers can disinfect their hands everywhere; recreation centres have a temperature check schedule every day. Everything is done so that travellers can choose Turkey without wondering too much about is it safe to travel to Turkey this summer? Requirements are very strict, and customers are expected to follow the rules too.  We wish you a safe and pleasant journey! We are sure you will love Turkey as millions of travellers, and we do.

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