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Turkey Work Visa requirements Best Guide

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Turkey Work Visa requirements Best Guide

Turkey is one of the most unique countries in the world. Why? Well, there is so much to say about Turkey. Most of them have stemmed from Turkey's highly strategic geographic position. Turkey plays a role of a bridge between Europa and Asia both literally and figuratively. The contrast between Asia and Europe increases as you move from the east towards the west. It is mostly populated by Turks; however, the influence of other nations is also prominent. It is the best place to experience the middle east without getting too close to the danger of being in the middle east. Historically speaking, it is one of the most astonishing countries. History lovers will find an endless number of artificial artifacts, monuments, buildings, etc. The remainings of old ruins time travel you to the ancient roman empire. Aphrodisias, Antalya museum, and Aizanoi are some of the best examples of ancient sites. However, none of them is as famous as Hagia Sophia. It is considered to be a landmark of Istanbul.

Turkey's economy has witnessed a tourism boom recently. It has moved to sixth place in the rank of most visited countries globally. If you wish to see Turkey with your bare eyes, you may need a visa for turkey. You can raise a question about how to get one. There can be several ways to get one. However, they all have some conditions and sets of requirements. We will walk you through how to apply for a visa for Turkey. Pickvisa is your best partner in this mission. If you are interested in getting a visa for Turkey, you can take advantage of our services. Using our services, you can get your visa with a few clicks and as soon as possible. To learn more on that, go to our services section at the top of our webpage.

Turkey is considered to be a vacation paradise. It has a long stretched coast across the Mediterranean sea, and it houses some of the best beaches. Adding highly developed tourism infrastructure to these pristine beaches, we get world fines tourist resorts. Turkey has much to offer in terms of careers as well. The country is especially in need of talented workers in the tourism sector who can speak several languages. Those who want to earn a great deal in a quick timeline can consider Turkey as a lucrative option. Those who do not come from a visa-exempt country will need to apply for a work visa in Turkey. If you too consider this option, then you are in luck, my friend. Because for this article, we will elaborate on a work visa and show you how to get a work visa for Turkey. Before that let us briefly look at the visa policy of the country.

Turkish Visa Policy

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According to legislation set by Turkey, you are either from visa-exempt countries or visa-required countries. Nationals of some visa-required countries are eligible to apply for a visa through an online platform. There are many different types of visas for Turkey. They are primarily short-term and long-term visas. Short-term visas include tourist visas, Turkey business/congress/trade fair visit visas, Turkey cultural, scientific, sports events visas, short-term study visas, and work visas. Long-term visas are employment visas, study visas (long term), and family reunion visas. Some people may confuse this visa type with an employment visa. These two are different mostly because a work visa is a short-term visa while an employment visa is vice versa. A Turkey visa will allow you to remain and work in Turkey for a short period of time. Most seasonal workers use this visa type.

How to get a work visa for Turkey?

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There are two ways to apply for work visa in Turkey. The first one is the most convenient way, which includes contacting an embassy or consulate of the Turkish republic. As much traditional as it sounds, there are some difficulties with that. First of all the procedure can be frustrating. You will need to attend the embassy several times. You will make an appointment and be there before the scheduled time. You might go through the interview as well. Second of all, you may wait for a prolonged visa processing time as the workflow of the embassy can be unpredictable. E visa is rather an unusual way, nevertheless, it has its own ups and downs. The most restrictive thing about e visa is that not all people are eligible for applying for e visa.

Turkey visa requirements

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Whether you apply for a visa for Turkey through the embassy, or online, there are certain requirements for you to meet. You will find Turkey visa requirements for a work visa in the following paragraph:

You should fill out the visa application form. You should date it and sign it in English as well.

You should present your passport that is issued in the last ten years and has a remaining validity (starting from the date you leave Turkey) of a minimum of two months. Your passport should possess two pages for the intentional visa and bear your signature.

You should present two of your recently taken (last 6 months) photos. In the photo, your face should be seen clearly and take up 70-80 percent of the whole photo size. The size of the photo should be equal to 3x4 cm.

You should present your national ID card, which is valid for the time being.

In case you apply from a country that you are not a legal citizen of, then you will be asked to present a residence permit or visa.

You should present some of the vital photocopies which include the main page of your passport, and previously granted visas.

You should present your travel itinerary. It should consist of flight reservations and accommodation proof which can be a hotel booking, etc.

You should prove that you are financially capable of living in Turkey for a determined time. You can prove this by presenting credit card, cash, bank statement, payslips, etc.

You should present a letter provided to you by your local employer or sponsor. In this letter name, and address of the employer/sponsor should be noted along with details of your work position.

If your travel is sponsored then 3 months' current account bank statement of a sponsor is needed.

Aside from these documents, you may be asked to provide additional.

How long does it take to get a work visa for Turkey?


Getting a visa is not so easy. It may feel overwhelming and time-consuming. As a potential applicant, it is normal to ask how long does it take to get a work visa for Turkey. Truth be told, there is no precise time for the visa processing time. It can vary from embassy to embassy. There are a few factors that determine the processing time. However, all things come to the workflow of the particular embassy. Generally, you get your visa from an embassy in 3 to 20 days. If that does not suit you, you can try e visa, which will take less processing time. The best thing about e visa is that it takes a few minutes to complete the procedure and you can get your visa even within a day if you pay more.

Turkey work visa fee


How much does it cost to get a work visa? I can imagine most of you asking this question. There are certain tariffs on visa fees. They change from type to type. Furthermore, they can change from country to country. Nationals of some countries may be asked for cheaper or expensive fee prices. Turkey work visa fee is not an exception in this sense. Nevertheless, it only changes within the short range. The visa fee prices vary between 25 and 80 USD.

To conclude today's topic, we can assure you that Turkey is a great choice for traveling. The country has appealing beauty and offers so much to see. You may think to travel to Turkey again and again once you get there. For most people, it is cost-effective too. Compare to other Mediterranean countries it is relatively affordable. Turkey is also an emerging economy. Its economy growing fast. There is a great need for highly skilled workers. If you are looking for living and working in an astonishing country, then Turkey should be one of the first choices. Tourism and textile are some of the sectors that are a priority for the country. If you think you have the capabilities to work in these or other sectors, you are welcome to apply for a visa for Turkey. If you are worried about the visa, then do not be as Picvkisa is there to help you. We offer the best services that assure you to get a visa as soon as possible.

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