Ultimate Guide to get UAE tourist visa

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Ultimate Guide to get UAE tourist visa
vacation in UAE. The city of Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. It has been estimated that 10 million tourists visit the city. However, to visit the country, a tourist visa UAE is a necessity. In this article, we will learn about the following: • Tourist visa UAE • UAE tourist visa fee • How to extend a tourist visa in UAE? • UAE tourist visa extension • UAE tourist visa extension fee

Tourist Visa UAE

uae visa To visit UAE, one has to obtain a tourist visa UAE. It needs to be present on the visitor along with the passport. However, most of the nationalities of other countries, namely, those from Europe, the United States of America, and the Schengen countries, were allowed to obtain a visa on arrival. It is also applicable to those from the GCC countries. It is pertinent to remember that a tourist visa UAE is an e-visa and easy to obtain. Tourist visa UAE requirements Obtaining a tourist visa in UAE is quite a different experience than obtaining the same for some other country. UAE asks the visitor to look for a sponsor. It is generally the airlines or the hotel, or the travel agency which assists in providing the visa to the individual. They apply for the visa on behalf of the individual to the issuing authority of the country. The entire mode of application is online. The method of applying for a visa is simple: • Choose the method of application. Whoever is chosen needs to be reputed • Determine the type of visa • Obtain the necessary documents related to the type of visa selected • Fill in the application form on the airline's website or the travel agency's website • Upload the necessary documents to the online portals • Pay the Visa fee online • Submit the application UAE tourist visa fee Entry Purpose Stay Duration Validity Fees (in $) Single entry normal Tourist 90 days 58 days 100 USD Single entry express Transit 4 days 58 days 65 USD  Multiple entries normal Tourist 90 days 58 days 650 USD There is always the possibility of a change of the visa fee, and the individual has to be vigilant about these changes. It is better to keep visiting the UAE Visa portal to look out for any changes in the fare. The Foreign Ministry of UAE and the Passport issuance authority do not take any responsibility for any consequences after that. The tourist visa processing time in UAE is anywhere between 3 to 5 working days. However, in circumstances of difficulties, the period may vary. Hence, there should be ample time at the hand of the individual before applying for the visa. There are unseen complications that may arise too. Certain countries provide an advantage to their nationals while they obtain a tourist visa for UAE. Passport holders from the Schengen Countries, United States of America, United Kingdom, et al. have their visas processed faster. It may further speed up if the visit is on behalf of an invitation from a family who are residents of the country.

UAE Tourist Visa Extension

uae visa stamp There is a provision for an extension of the visa in the event the time limit is complete. However, some rules and regulations bind the same. However, before we delve into the extension of visas, we know the difference between a tourist visa and a visit visa in UAE.

What is the difference between Tourist Visa and Visit Visa in UAE?

uae visa A tourist visa is only for tourism and leisure and cannot be used for any other activities. A Visit visa is generally used to attend conferences and other business-related purposes. Both these visas are not interchangeable, and anyone found to do the same would be prosecuted. A tourist visa is generally valid for 14 to 30 days and extendable up to 40 days, whilst a visit visa is valid for up to 90 days. There is pertinent information that needs to be remembered. A tourist visa cannot be transformed into any other visa, while a visit visa can be converted into an employment visa. It is also important to know how to extend a tourist visa in UAE. A tourist visa is valid for 2 months, while the visit visa is valid for up to 6 months. One of the major differences between a tourist visa and the visit visa is related to the sponsor. For the former, it can be anyone. A friend, the airline company, travel agency, or even the local hotel can sponsor the individual. However, the sponsor of the visit visa has to be a citizen of the country. Now that we have got to know the tourist visa UAE requirements and how to apply for a UAE tourist visa, let us delve further. 90 days tourist visa UAE While being the sponsor of the 90 days tourist visa UAE, the host will also have to submit his or her passport, proof of residence, and an invitation letter. UAE tourist visa extension fee The UAE tourist visa extension fee has to be paid to the travel agent through which the original visas were applied. The fee for every 30 days' extension amounts to AED 600. This fee may be increased or decreased, the information of which may be obtained from the relevant portals.

How to apply for a UAE Tourist Visa?

holding passport The documents that are required for a UAE tourist visa are as follows: • A valid passport shall remain valid for 6 months after the arrival of the individual in the UAE • Photocopies of the first and the last pages of the passport, in color • Proof of the round trip ticket • 2 colored photographs • Proof of employment One of the primary reasons for rejection is that the documents submitted are not in order. It is important that once the application form has been filled, a thorough revision be undertaken. Even the smallest of errors will lead to the rejection of the application. One may always appeal for a re-look, but it usually is to no avail. The proof of round trip tickets and employment is for the authorities to be convinced that the individual shall not stay in the country illegally.

Can tourist visa be converted to Employment Visa in UAE?

meeting As has been mentioned previously, a tourist visa cannot be converted into any other visa. A visit visa can be converted into an employment visa in UAE. A tourist visa is strictly for tourism purposes and nothing else. So the correct answer to can tourist visa is converted to an employment visa in UAE is a resounding No. After the submission of the visa application form, the following updates will be provided by email. If it has been approved, then a permit will be sent via email in the form of an e-visa. Certain nationalities have to send this to the airline's company, after which they will reply with an "OK to Board." This is permission for the individual to board the aircraft and travel to the UAE. Applying for a tourist visa in the UAE is one of the easiest in the world. There are also enough mechanisms to track the application. Travel agencies also provide the same facility. If the visa has been applied through an airline, then they too provide the same facility.

Where to apply for a Tourist Visa in UAE?

uae embassy The correct place to apply for a tourist visa UAE is at the embassy of the UAE or the consulate. If you think that's a hassle, then there are many other methods to apply and arrange the visa. One can apply through the many airline companies, travel agencies, and hotels. However, the important thing to remember here is that one has to book the tickets or the room reservation with the same company they have booked their visas through. For example, if one has booked the visa through Etihad Airways, they would have to buy a ticket with Etihad. The airlines may land in Abu Dhabi, but the visa allows the individual to travel the whole country. The same principle applies if the visa is booked through a hotel. One has to book reservations of rooms through them during their stay in the country.


indoor airline UAE is one of the favored destinations in the Middle East. With cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is a tourist destination and a business hub. The infrastructure coupled with the international potpourri, UAE, is the desert's centerfold, both mysterious and mesmerizing. Now that we know plenty of ways to apply for a tourist visa to the UAE, let's go.

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