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For all foreigners planning to do a business visit in Vietnam, you need to get a Vietnam business visa to venture into Vietnam as a business traveller. The business visa is usually based under DN. It is a short-stay visa that allows the holder to stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 12 months to conduct business activities in Vietnam. As the least expensive international country, there is a lot to do and see in Vietnam. Previously Vietnam business visas required a lot of complicated paperwork, but this day is easy and convenient. First, understanding the various types of Vietnam visa is essential.

Types of Vietnam visa

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Before deciding your destination, you must be aware of the visa types you are going to come across. Vietnam tourist visa is efficient for the immigration process for all travellers to the country depending on an applicant's purpose its usually valid for 15-30 days. Vietnam business visa. This type of visa is categorized under DN2 and DN1 given to foreigners working with legal organizations and businesses in Vietnam with a validity of one year. The student visa is issued to international students who wish to continue with higher studies in Vietnam; these visas are easily accessible to students who have admissions in Vietnam. A working visa is issued when someone wants to work in Vietnam. An investor visa is needed when a foreign investor wants to invest in the country, and the list goes on. As we are talking about one specific type, here is an illustration of a Vietnam business visa that you require for your business entry into Vietnam.

How to get a business visa to Vietnam?

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There are two forms of applying for the Vietnam business visa you may decide to use; a Vietnam business visa on arrival or a visa at the Vietnamese embassy. Visa on arrival; this type of visa does not require any sponsorship letter; You only need to complete the secure online form with some information relating to personal and travel details. Visa at the Vietnamese embassy will require presenting your sponsorship letter from your partner in Vietnam, and also, you will have to contact and make a trip to the embassy or consular which you will submit the required documents.

Vietnam business visa cost


The Vietnam business visa fees depend on the method of application you choose. The fee varies depending on the visa type, times of entry, staycation period, and the embassy you apply to; before any payments, contact the embassy for guidelines and the specific business visa. For a Vietnam business visa on arrival, you will need to make two separate payments; application fee and stamping fee. The Vietnam business visa fee for a 1-month single entry is USD 25 (may vary depending on your country and nationality). However, it can change depending on entries and validity. In addition, you may also need to pay other administrative fees, such as visa application centre fees, courier service fees, etc., depending on the country and region where your documents are submitted. 

Vietnam business visa processing time


Each visa has its own processing time. The Vietnam business visa processing time goes from 1 to 20 calendar days, excluding public holidays. Visa at the embassy does not have an exact processing duration; you are advised to contact the embassy to inquire about the period in this situation. Before processing the visa, you must pay, and paying does not guarantee to obtain a visa. Once the visa is successfully processed, you will receive an approval email. By any chance they detect crime details or conducting illegal business in the country, your visa will not be processed or approved. If you also fail to submit the required documents, you will not receive your visa. So before applying or doing anything else, carefully read the visa instructions.

Vietnam business visa requirements


To attain a successful business visa in Vietnam, make sure you adhere to Vietnam business visa requirements rules from the embassy. It would be best if you have two 4x6 size photos. Also, you must fill the Vietnam business visa application formPassport with at least two months validity beyond the date of departure from Vietnam and two blank pages. An invitation letter or sponsorship letter from the inviting company operating in Vietnam if you apply for your business visa through the embassy in your country. Other documents may be required depending on your purpose of visit.

Vietnam business visa extension

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In any case, if you extend your stay in Vietnam past the agreed date in the documents, you are free to apply for a Vietnam business visa extension. You can only extend your visa up to a maximum of three months. The extended period will begin from the expiration of the original visa. If you decide to conduct business in Vietnam for an extended period, you will be forced to apply for a temporary residence card. Vietnam required documents of extension The mandatory documents needed for Vietnam business visa extension include; Your original business visa. The company's legal entity files. Original copy of the passport. It would help if you also had your passport with a minimum of six months of validity. Visa extension form. A well-written explanation document of the visa extension. A sponsorship letter from the inviting company in Vietnam. A seal registration certificate and tax code registration certificate, if applicable. Original copy of residential registration certificate in Vietnam certified the local police station where the foreigner is staying.

Pandemic restriction travel into Vietnam

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Due to the worldwide pandemic, the country has improvised entry restrictions for all foreigners till further notice. The restrictions have not interfered with business managers, high skilled workers, foreign investors, officials, and diplomats. Suppose you are in the class mentioned above and you desire to conduct any legal business in Vietnam at the moment. In that case, you need to inform the inviting organizations to support you in performing the visa procedures. Keeping in mind that all international foreigners must strictly abide by the 14- day quarantine measure improvised by the health organizations, failure to this will endure serious charges.


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Vietnam is one of the countries in South East Asia that shows positive business growth. A significant percentage of people worldwide prefer to visit Vietnam for some business purposes. Statistics reflect that Vietnam's primary business is electronics, vehicle industry, machinery, textile, and food processing. Vietnam indicates a high growth ratio in the business, and they are very open on social hold. Any individual planning a business trip to Vietnam must follow the above guides to attain the entry key to Vietnam.

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